The 16 Best Hidden Features in Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and 10+

Become a Samsung Note 10 or 10+ Power User

With the Samsung Note 10 and Note 10+, Samsung once again managed to pack more power than anyone ever dreamed possible into a handheld device. With the larger screen and the S Pen, the Note and Note 10+ are powerhouses of productivity. Here's a look at some of the advanced features available.

Bend the Samsung Note 10 and Note 10+ Display to Your Will

Screenshots of dark mode settings, app split screen, and transparent pop outs in Galaxy Note 10 & 10+.

The Note 10 and Note 10+ included some features which weren't previously available to let you really get control of your devices display. Now, you can adjust it to make it work the way you need it to.

  1. Use Dark Mode to Protect Your Eyes: To switch over to dark mode on your Samsung Note 10 or Note 10+, all you need to do is navigate to Settings > Display and tap Dark to switch to Dark Mode.
  2. View Your Apps in Split Screen View: To view two apps in split screen on your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ you'll need to open one of the two apps you want to use, then select the App Switcher icon and tap the app icon at the top of the thumbnail. When the menu opens, select Open in split screen view and navigate to the second app you want to use in Split Screen view. The two apps will open in Split Screen view and you can drag the middle dividing bar to change their size, or drag it all the way to the top or bottom to close one of the apps.
  3. View Your Apps in Pop-Up View: Just as split screen can be helpful, viewing your apps in Pop-Up View can also be useful. To do that, follow the same instructions for opening in Split Screen view, but choose Open in pop-up view instead. This opens the app in a small box. Then, you can tap the Decrease Size icon (a box with two center facing arrows) to turn the pop-up windows into a circle icon you can move around the screen. You can also close the app by tapping the X or expand the app by tapping the Expand icon. Finally, you can change the transparency of the app by tapping the Transparency icon on the far left of the menu and dragging the slider to make it more transparent.
  4. Pin an App in Place: Keep others (like young children) from snooping around when using your phone. To pin an app in place you first have to enable the Pin Windows feature. Go to Settings, search for Pin, select the Pin Windows option, then tap to turn it on. Once activated, choose the App Switcher button and select the icon of the app you want to pin in place, select Pin this app. Once pinned, you can't navigate out of it until you press the menu and back arrow at the same time. (You'll have to log in again.)

Use Gestures to Do Things Faster

Swipe for notification panel, bottom navigation bar, and navigation bar options on the Note 10 & 10+.

If you're using a Galaxy Note 10 or 10+ and you've upgraded to the One UI 2.0, then you have some additional gesture options you can use to navigate your phone.

  1. Get to Your Notification Panel Faster: You know you can swipe the window shade down to access your Notifications panel, but did you know you can two finger swipe down to open the Quick Settings menu? You can. You can also enable swipe from anywhere on the screen to open your Notifications Panel or Quick Settings. To do that, tap and hold an empty spot on the Home screen, and then select Home Screen Settings. Next scroll down and enable Swipe down for notification panel. Now, you can swipe once anywhere on the screen to open the Notifications panel and twice to open the Quick Settings.
  2. Fast App Switcher: To quickly toggle between two apps, double-tap the App Switcher icon to switch to the last app you were in. Double tap it again to return to the previous app.
  3. Get a True Full Screen UI: Remove the virtual navigation buttons on the bottom of your screen by enabling Full Screen Gestures. To do that, go to Settings > Display > Navigation Bar and select Full screen gestures. Then tap more options and tap Swipe from sides and bottom. Now you have a full screen view of your device and you can swipe from the bottom and sides, as if the buttons were there.

Do More With the Note 10 and Note 10+ Camera

Screenshots of the Instagram option, a relocated shutter button, and shot assistance in Galaxy Note 10 & 10+.

The Note 10 and 10+ cameras are the best that have ever appeared in a Galaxy phone, and there are a few features which are super useful.

  1. Instagram Integration (in Camera): In the camera, slide through the Camera Modes to Instagram. If Instagram isn't showing, then tap More and select Instagram. When using Instagram mode, pictures you take will automatically start a new Instagram post.
  2. Move Your Shutter Button: You can put the shutter button on your camera in any location on the screen. Just tap, hold, and slide the button then move it to wherever is comfortable to use.
  3. Focus Audio in Recordings With Zoom: To focus the audio in a recording to one subject or one area of the picture, zoom in on the area or person. That focuses the audio on that zoomed area only. When you're finished, zoom back out to widen the audio field.
  4. Take Better Photos With Shot Suggestions: The Samsung Note 10 or Note 10+ camera can suggest better angles for your pictures. To enable this feature, open the camera and tap Settings and enable Shot Suggestions. The next time you take a picture, two white circle will appear on the picture. Line them up to take the shot the camera thinks is the best angle.

Do More With The Note 10 and Note 10+ S Pen

Screenshots of app shortcuts, making a gif, and notes in Samsung Galaxy Note 10 & 10+.

If you're like many people, you decided to go with the Note 10 or the Note 10+ because of the S Pen, so why not get more out of it? Here are some suggestions:

  1. Add Apps to the S Pen Air Command Menu: You can add shortcuts on the Air Command Menu for any installed app. Just open the Air Command Menu, scroll to the bottom and tap Add. Then select the app you want to add to the menu. Next time you use the Air Command Menu, the app shortcut should appear there.
    Create GIFs With Your S Pen and Your Camera: You can create a GIF from any video on your phone. Open any video on your device and then use the S Pen to open the Air Command Menu. Select Smart Select and select the part of the screen you want to record. Then, tap Record. Once you've captured what you want to capture, tap Stop. Then you can share or save the GIF.
  2. S Pen Camera Controls: Control your camera with your S Pen for taking remote camera shots, which is useful for group pictures, selfies, and other types of pictures you might want to take. Here are the controls:
    Hold the pen button and draw a circle: Clockwise zoom in, counterclockwise zoom out.
    1. Hold the pen button an swipe left to right: Changes camera modes.
    2. Hold the pen button and swipe up or down: Switches between cameras.
    3. Press the pen button: To take a picture.
  3. Change Colors and Pin Notes: Everyone knows when you take your S Pen out while your phone is not active, you can write a note on the screen, but now you have the option to change the pen color (just tap the small colored circle (Color Picker) on the top left corner) and pin the note to your Always On display (just tap the Pin icon).

More Galaxy Note 10 and 10+ Controls

Screenshots showing Galaxy Note 10 and 10+ side key and hide apps options.

In addition to all those great features, here are a couple more which don't fit nicely into any of those categories:

  1. Change Your Side Key Controls: You can change what happens when you double press or press and hold your Bixby button on the side of the phone. To make changes, go to Settings > Advanced features > Side key and then you can choose to have a double press open your camera or another app, or have a press and hold open the shutdown options or activate Samsung's voice assistant, Bixby.
  2. Hide Unwanted Apps: There are some apps pre-installed on the Galaxy Note phones you just can't remove. The good news is, even though you can't uninstall them, you can hide those, and other apps as well. To hide unwanted apps, long press on an open spot on the home screen and choose Home screen settings. Then scroll down and tap Hide apps. In the screen that appears, select the apps you want to hide.
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