The 6 Best Heads-Up Displays to Buy in 2018

Keep your eyes on the road without missing a beat

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Best Overall: Navdy Heads Up Display & GPS

Navdy – Heads Up Display
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Navdy is a full-time on-board virtual assistant integrated with top of the line HUD hardware. She is gunning after Siri and Google Assistant, hoping to be the only friendly voice you need to talk to in your car to get from Point A to Point B. Navdy is there to help you navigate the road, take calls and texts and control your music without taking your eyes off the road.

The advanced Augmented Reality device sits in front of your steering wheel and projects information far into the distance on the road, so your eyes are always safely ahead of you instead of down on your dash. The full color and transparent image is far brighter than a cell phone, shining bright in the desert heat or dimming for late at night. Wave to accept calls and remove texts, and listen as Navdy navigates you in real time, changing your route to accommodate for traffic developments. This augmented driving device also lets you play all your favorite music and podcasts with ease, and defaults to a futuristic looking dashboard when you don’t need any direction.

Best OBD II Compatible HUD: AutoLover A8 HUD

Pop open your car hood to find if it has a sticker that says OBDII Certified. If it does, as most cars made within the past 10 years will, then the vehicle’s self-diagnostic and reporting capabilities can integrate with this elegant HUD option, making for a safer drive. The A8 casts crucial information such as vehicle speed and fuel consumption onto the windshield at eye level using reflective film. The elegant design uses different colors and symbols to differentiate between the information, allowing you to capture everything you need to know in just a glance.

Best Minimalist HUD: DODORO A2

While some drivers might want to know everything from their car’s water temperature to its fuel consumption, many drivers just want to be able to see their speed safely. That’s where this minimalist HUD from DODORO comes in handy. The small device is only 3.5 inches and only keeps the most crucial information such as speed and direction. The device is powered by your cigarette lighter, so it’s also easy to install and take out of your car. The bright lettering reflects clearly on your windshield in all elements, from rain to bright shine. The product is compatible with most modern cars and is available at a great price, making it a great choice for many drivers.

Cell Phone Holder HUD: Vansky Dashboard Phone Mount

If you’re looking to use your cellphone as a heads-up display, the Vansky dashboard mount will help you drive safely and keep both hands on the wheel. This high-quality silicone mat sticks to the dashboard and holds your phone horizontally, keeping your navigation app right in front of you for easy reference. The rubber holders prop up your phone at nearly a 90-degree angle for optimal viewing, and they can be adjusted to accommodate devices from three to seven inches long (this includes all popular smartphone models). The Vansky phone mount is durable, washable, and can be removed and reapplied many times without losing its stickiness. It can also be used to hold other items you want to have on hand, like a pair of sunglasses, or can be used outside the car as a regular phone stand. 

Best Safety: Sherox A900 Car HUD

Stay safe in all conditions with the Sherox A900 Car HUD. The OBII certified device displays your car’s self-diagnostic reporting capabilities on a clear digital display. It is brightly colored and automatically adjusts to conditions, delivering your important stats without any glare and in any weather on a multi-color LCD screen. It offers a bevy of information including vehicle speed, voltage, time and fuel consumption, so you always know that your vitals are in order. If something is amiss, alarm functions will remind you to shift gears, slow down, take a break from driving or alert you if something is wrong with your engine or battery. The device is easy to install and configure, leveling up your safety without much effort.

Best Value: ITEQ Universal GPS HUD

Not everyone wants reflective film on their windshield. For those who want a different solution, the ITEQ Universal GPS HUD has an answer. A polarizing pad reflects the information on the HUD, telling you your speed, the time and direction you are going. The device has an easy plug-and-play setup that goes right into your car’s cigarette lighter, allowing you to take the device down if you don’t want to leave it on your dashboard while you are away. You can even adjust the brightness to find your perfect setting, whether it is day or night. An anti-slip mat keeps the device in place, securing the HUD during sharp turns.