The 6 Best Headphones for Gaming of 2020

Hear your game loud and clear with the best headphones on the market

Best Overall: Jabra Move

The Jabra Move wireless headphones are an ultra-lightweight option for your gaming needs. Coming in at just about a pound, you can easily put them in your bag without even noticing their weight. The battery life is solid, as you’ll get about 8 hours of use on a single charge, with up to 12 days of standby time.

There are plenty of connectivity options, too. The Jabra Move headphones can seamlessly connect to any Bluetooth device, and they also come with a cord so you can plug in when Bluetooth isn’t an option. The dirt-resistant headband further proves that these headphones are built to last, and meant to be taken with you. Unfortunately, they don’t cancel outside noise very well, which could limit their use in public places. But, if you can get past that, the Jabra Move wireless headphones are a cheap, durable option that’s easy to take on the go.

Best Budget: Creative Labs Sound Blaster Jam

The Creative Sound Blaster Jam headphones are an incredible value for the low price, but they don’t feel nearly as sturdy as the other options on our list. At only about half a pound, these headphones are incredibly light, which makes them easy to carry around. However, they don’t fold for travel, so it may be difficult to squeeze them into your bag. So, if you’re looking for headphones to primarily use for gaming at home, they're a serviceable option. But, if you’re hoping for portable headphones as well, you might want to look elsewhere.

Fortunately, the sound quality is extraordinary for the price, making these a viable option for gamers on a budget. The battery life is solid, too, as you can get up to 12 hours on a charge. Plus, the soft ear cushions make the headphones comfortable to wear. Once you can get past the shortcomings, the Creative Sound Blaster Jam headphones are absolutely worth the low price of entry. 

Best Battery Life: Beats Studio3

The Beats Studio3 wireless headphones come with an impressive suite of features for gamers. You’ll never have to worry about running out of charge with the massive 22-hour battery life, and you can get up to three hours of play with a 10-minute charge. Also, the pure adaptive noise-canceling successfully blocks out surrounding noise. The audio quality is ripe for gaming, too, so you’ll get to enjoy crystal-clear audio from your favorite games.

The Beats Studio3 headphones don’t fold flat like some competitors do, but you do get a carrying case included with the headphones. Additionally, there’s a huge selection of colors, so you can express your personality through the design you choose. The Beats Studio3s are one of the pricier options on our list, but you definitely get what you pay for.

Best in-ear: Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones

Bose’s lower-cost, in-ear option is a nice choice for gamers who also like to go for a good workout. The Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones feature Bluetooth and NFC pairing, making them easy to connect to any device that supports a wireless connection. The Bose app makes it simple to swap between connected devices, as well.

For gaming sessions, the SoundSport headphones provide high-quality audio experience at any volume, with Bose’s active balancing technology. The headphones are sweat-resilient, and the Stay Hear+ tips don’t easily fall out of your ears, so you’re set for even the most intense gaming sessions or even your high-activity workouts. They also have a six-hour battery life, so you won’t have to worry about plugging them in during extended playtime. If you’re a gamer looking for dual-purpose headphones for your workouts, the Bose SoundSport wireless headphones are a realistic, portable option.

Best Noise-Canceling: Sony WH-1000MX3

Sony’s WH-1000XM3 noise-canceling headphones are a worthy option for gamers who need to drown out the noise around them. If you have roommates, and you need to focus on the audio in your game, this set of headphones effectively eliminates the noise around you, replacing it with the excellent audio quality from the headphones. But, if someone needs to talk to you, you can cover the right ear cup to enter Quick Attention Mode to turn down the volume instantly.

The battery life is a huge plus, too. A full charge will net you around 30 hours of playback time, and you can get up to five hours of time on just a 10-minute charge. When you’re not gaming, you can use the voice assistant or the touch controls to change your music, volume, and more. The headphones come with a carrying case, charger, and an optional wired connection. The price tag on the Sony WH-1000MX3s is a bit high, but the battery life and audio quality justify the price.

Best Comfort: Jabra Elite Active 65t

The Jabra Elite Active 65t headphones pack an array of positive features, but there is one major trade-off that might turn off some gamers. The five-hour battery life and the included charging case is a big plus, as you’ll rarely have to worry about the battery running out while you’re playing. Plus, the Jabra Elite headphones come with four built-in microphones. These in-ear headphones are geared towards workouts, so they’re built to last through some wear and tear, and they feel very comfortable in the ear. The audio quality is solid as well, but not quite as good as some of the other items on our list.

As for the trade-off, the Jabra Elite headphones only include Bluetooth connectivity, meaning you’ll need an adapter to connect it to devices that don’t support Bluetooth. But, if you are willing to overlook that issue, the Jabra Elite headphones are a great pick for gamers thanks to their extensive battery life, included charging case, and unprecedented comfort.