The Best Halloween Apps of 2023

Get into the spirit on your Android or iPhone

Halloween is a fun season, full of activities and events to get into the spooky spirit. If you're really looking to make the most out of your Halloween this year, these apps can be both fun and scary. Whether you're looking to share the holiday with friends, plan the best trick-or-treating route, or take on hordes of the virtual undead, you'll find something here to increase your enjoyment this fall.

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An Interactive Halloween Classic: It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

 Loud Crow Interactive

What We Like
  • A well loved classic brought to life in an app.

  • Multiple activities for young audiences.

  • Fun nostalgic art style.

What We Don't Like
  • Better with speakers/headphones.

  • Not a free app.

When it comes to family Halloween classics, it’s pretty hard to beat “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, “the Peanuts Halloween special. The app puts you right in the long time favorite story, letting you watch and listen as it plays.

The app has more too. You can make your own Peanuts character and dress them up in costume for the holiday. There’s plenty of Halloween games too, like pumpkin carving, bobbing for apples, and going trick-or-treating with the Peanuts gang.  

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Plan Your Trick-or-Treat Route: Google Maps

Google Maps


What We Like
  • Common app most people already have.

  • Powerful multi-purpose functionality.

  • Easily plan routes anywhere.

What We Don't Like
  • Functionality isn’t specific to Halloween or trick-or-treating.

  • Takes a bit of time to learn, if you're not already familiar.

For families, Halloween means trick-or-treating. Even if you’re just canvasing the neighborhood for the best treats, things can get pretty hectic. Google Maps is great for directions, everyone knows that, but it’s also capable or planning routes. That’s where it shines on Halloween.

Use Google Maps to plan your trip around the neighborhood, and make the most efficient use of your family's night out. Of course, that directly translates to more candy, which is what really matters, right? Google Maps is also excellent if you're visiting a friend's area to trick-or-treat. You can find your way there and get around more easily. It's also a great way to find a place to take a break and get dinner.

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Defend Your Home from the Living Dead: Plants Vs. Zombies 2

Plants vs. Zombies 2
What We Like
  • Fun and super addictive.

  • Great for all ages.

  • Hours of gameplay.

What We Don't Like
  • It isn’t exactly Halloween themed.

  • It can get repetitive after a long while.

Plants vs. Zombies was one of the first major mobile games. Its successor, Plants vs. Zombies 2 only builds on that success and adds even more to an already entertaining game. If you aren’t familiar, Plants vs. Zombies challenges you with defending your house from a horde of hungry zombies with… your garden. The game is obviously lighthearted and humorous, but it’s addictively fun for all ages.

Plants vs. Zombies 2 is hours of fun, with a fair amount of strategy and critical thinking required. Each plant you use has a unique zombie-fighting ability, and the zombies that make their endless push towards your front door have special abilities of their own. Your job is to set up the right situations where your plants come out on top.

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Choose Your Zombie Adventure: The Walking Dead by Telltale Games

The Walking Dead by Telltale Games
What We Like
  • Super interesting and engaging story.

  • Great comic book art style.

  • Explore more of the Walking Dead world.

What We Don't Like
  • Needs audio(headphones/speakers) to play.

  • Movement controls feel clunky.

Yes, this is another entry from The Walking Dead, but this game is more than deserving of its place. The Walking Dead series from Telltale Games is one of the best interactive storytelling experiences you’re going to find in any genre, let alone the zombie one. This series of games was originally released on PC, but it’s made its way to mobile devices, thanks to its massive popularity.

Play through what is essentially an interactive comic book set in the Walking Dead world. This game isn’t about action, although there’s plenty of that; its about story. In this series, every choice you make alters the world and has a real impact on the story you’re experiencing.  

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Get Your Phone into the Spirit: Walli Wallpaper

Walli Wallpaper
What We Like
  • Easy to use.

  • Wide selection of wallpaper.

  • Excellent original art.

What We Don't Like
  • Not that much art specifically for Halloween.

  • No photos, only art.

One of the more fun aspects of Halloween is decorating for the holiday. So, why not decorate your phone too? There are tons of places where you can get wallpaper for a mobile device, but the Walli app offers something slightly different.

Walli curates original artwork for around the world, and makes it easily available through a convenient app. You can search Walli for wallpaper based on a hashtag, like #Halloween, or you can use one of the built-in categories. They have a “Nature” category with fall pictures, and a “Scary” category with spookier options.

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Watch a Scary Movie: Netflix

What We Like
  • Most people probably already have and use it.

  • Gigantic library for nearly all ages.

  • Excellent original series to explore.

What We Don't Like
  • Might be more difficult to find videos for younger audiences.

  • Uses a ton of data, obviously.  

This one might feel like a stretch at first glance, but where else are you going to find a massive collection of scary movies and TV shows to watch at any time? Netflix is another app that your probably already have, and you can use it to get into the Halloween spirit with a wide range of streaming content for all ages.

For older audiences, you can browse Netflix’s extensive collection of horror movies, ranging from the ridiculous to the downright scary. Netflix is also home to several horror-themed series, including their own originals like “Stranger Things,” “Black Summer,” and “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.” With Netflix, it won’t be hard to find something sufficiently spooky this Halloween.

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Survive Hordes of Zombies: Into the Dead 2

Into the Dead 2
What We Like
  • Fast paced gameplay.

  • Customization and new gear.

  • A fair amount of strategy is required as you progress.

What We Don't Like
  • It can get repetitive over time.

  • Runs slow on older devices.

Want a more action-packed zombie game? Here it is. Into the Dead 2 is a fast paced zombie survival game/shooter that puts you up against the hordes of the dead, running for your life. While the concept remains the same throughout, each level presents new challenges. You have limited ammo, increasing numbers of zombies, obstacles, and the occasional stronger walking corpse.

Into the Dead 2 offers more depth to your gameplay too. There are new weapons and companions to collect and unlock. Each gives you the ability to take on different scenarios. With fast paced gameplay and multiple ways to shake things up, this is one of the more entertaining zombie games out there.

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