The Best Guitar Accessories for the iPad

Teenage girl playing electric guitar, recording music in home office

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If you play guitar, there are some pretty cool accessories you can get for your iPad. The iPad can enhance a multi-effects package, replace a multi-effects package, become a stomp box or simply record what you play via Garage Band or a similar music studio app.

Line 6 AmpliFi FX100



There are a number of apps like AmpliTube that will turn your iPad into a guitar effects processor, but they tend to be geared more towards practice.  The AmpliFi FX100 by Line 6 is a multi-effects processor that is controlled by your iPad, which essentially gives you the best of both worlds.  You get the quality of a real effects processor with the ease of using the iPad's touch screen to shape the tone it produced.

The AmpliFi FX100 also lets you hook into the Internet to find the best tone.  You can do this by using your song library, picking out a song and finding out what AmpliFi FX100 suggests as the closest guitar tone for the song.   And while it isn't always perfect, it can be a quite handy feature.

DigiTech iPB-10 Programmable Guitar Multi-Effects Pedalboard

iPB-10 pedal board


While most of the effects packages for the iPad use the tablet's processing power to create the effects, which makes them more worthy of being used during practice, the DigiTech iPB-10 is gig-worthy. The big difference here is that the sound coming from the DigiTech iPB-10 is actually coming from the iPB-10. The iPad is used to configure the effects rather than to actually produce the sound, making it a replacement for the really small and difficult-to-use screens we normally get in our multi-effects package.

Along with BOSS and Line 6, DigiTech is one of the better manufacturers of multi-effects processors. So you are really getting some quality sound, and because it has a programmable interface that is so much easier to use, you can tweak your sound without burying your nose in a manual trying to remember what the process is to soften the chorus or pump up the gain.

iRig BlueBoard

Blue Board


Are you ready to reduce the wires that clutter your practice room? IK Multimedia announced the iRig BlueBoard at NAMM 2013. The BlueBoard is a Bluetooth MIDI pedalboard designed to let you control your music apps with a tap of your foot without adding yet another wire into the mix. The BlueBoard has four backlit pads and is designed to work with apps like AmpliTube.

iRig HD for Guitar

iRig HD for guitar


iRig HD is a great companion for AmpliTube and other multi-effects packages available on the iPad. After all, you do still need a way to plug your guitar into your iPad, and the iRig HD is one of the best solutions to do just that. The iRig HD has a 1/4" jack for your guitar and plugs into your iPad's headphone jack. It also includes a 3.5 mm headphone jack, so you don't give up the ability to listen to yourself play on headphones.

iRig HD is the next level of IK Multimedia's popular iRig accessory.

Griffin GuitarConnect

Griffin technology guitarconnect cable

 Griffin Technology

Similar to iRig, Griffin GuitarConnect is a great way to get your guitar plugged into your iPad. Sold alongside of Griffin's Stompbox and designed to be used with iShred, we weren't a huge fan of the Stompbox, but we really liked GuitarConnect. While iRig is clearly an adapter, GuitarConnect is a cable that splits out the additional headphone jack. The only problem is that GuitarConnect only provides about six feet of cable, which won't be enough if you like to move around a lot.

Apogee Jam

Apogee jam for guitar and iPad


For those really serious about hooking their guitar into their iPad and using packages like Garage Band, Apogee Jam provide a little more quality to the solution than the iRig or GuitarConnect, but is quite a bit more expensive. Apogee Jam currently costs around $99 compared to the $20-$40 you might spend on another solution, but the result is a digital connection and higher quality sound. Unlike the competition, the Apogee Jam connects directly to the iPad's 30-pin connector or Lightning connector, depending on your iPad model. And because it accepts the 1/4" cable and outputs sound via USB, it can also be used to hook into your Mac or Windows-based laptop.

iRig Stomp

iRig Stomp


Have you ever wanted to incorporate your iPad into your gig or practice session for a particular song or to get a particular sound, but you wanted to easily shut it off for the rest of your session? iRig Stomp is designed to control AmpliTube and other guitar signal processing apps via a stomp box. You can utilize it alongside other effects by inserting iRig Stomp into your chain, turning it on and off with the tap of your foot.