26 Favorite Graduation E-Card Sites 2018

A graduation cap
Throw graduation e-cards around like caps in celebration!. StockUnlimited

Send congratulations and the best wishes to graduates from the web's best e-card sites.

A Day to Be Proud

A day to be proud; a day to reflect; a day to remember; a day to celebrate!

Graduation day marks the culmination of an academic career and the happy point at which all the hard if at time s a bit ephemeral work turns into something tangible—a diploma.

Speaking of the ephemeral and not quite tangible: greetings sent for somebody's graduation need not be delivered physically to be breathtakingly visible and convey all the thought and soul you pour into them. Graduation e-cards are a wonderful way to share graduation day's joys.

Find here a collection of my favorite sites from across the web to send greetings to graduates.

Paperless Post Graduation Cards
Paperless Post Graduation Cards. Paperless Post ®

Whether it is reaching for stars, a high five (selectively also high eight) or a burger ("well done"), the Paperless Post has a card in store for the graduation spirit you want to convey to your favorite alums. You can further customize the artfully crafted cards to suit your needs with stamps and envelopes.

Pingg.com - Graduation Invitations and Cards
Pingg.com - Graduation Invitations and Cards. pingg.com LLC

Picking is hard at Pingg.com, with so many a wonderfully classy graduation e-card to choose. It is, fortunately, also hard to pick a bad card—or invitation, for some of the designs can be used as digital party invitations as well.

Punchbowl - Graduation eCards
Punchbowl - Graduation eCards. Punchbowl, Inc.

Graduation is a joyous ending, a hopeful beginning and… well, you have heard all that; maybe you have said or sent it. Send it now again and anew with meticulously designed cards that befit a joyous ending, a hopeful beginning and…

Someecards.com Graduation Cards
Someecards.com Graduation Cards. someecards, Inc.

They will regret having too little or too much fun in college; at least you will not regret having sent a graduation e-card from Someecards.com. You will regret not having sent that other card, of course.

Jacquie Lawson Congratulation E-Cards
Jacquie Lawson Congratulation E-Cards. jacquielawson.com

Not designed specifically for graduation day, many of the marvelously detailed and lavishly animated cards at Jacquie Lawson's are suited well to delivering congratulations to a graduate. Take a look at "Special Delivery" and "Congratulations", for instance.

AmericanGreetings.com Graduation Ecards
AmericanGreetings.com Graduation Ecards. AGCM, Inc.

An e-card from AmericanGreetings.com is a nice reward for working hard (or, at least, working) toward (and, probably and soon, beyond) that degree. The selection is not huge but quite diverse.

Ojolie Congratulation Cards
Ojolie Congratulation Cards. Ojolie

When on the red typewriter, a telegram is composed for special delivery, it is the time for high congratulations at Ojolie. Though the cards here are not made for graduations explicitly, do some peeking and looking, and you will find many a gorgeous, classy and elegant card suited just perfectly to your message to the alumna or alumnus.

The bright smarty pants conquer the world and embark on new journeys to fresh adventures—after graduation, and with one of the nice Hallmark graduation e-cards maybe.

Just sa-weet and bow-wow cards to send in recognition of the occasion of utmost admiration of any accomplishment, say graduation.

Funny videos? For graduation? At JibJab, you can not only send their videographic creations as graduation e-cards, you can have the grad feature in many of them, too; all it takes is a photo.

Beautiful artwork skillfully crafted into graduation e-cards: Leanin' Tree lets you send just great greetings.

Fancy putting your words into a nutty professor's mouth to speak? At BlueMountain.com, you can send this as a graduation greeting, or pick one of the other simple, but nicely animated cards.

Looking for a big selection of graduation e-cards? 123 Greetings has many, many congratulatory greetings (of, perhaps, slightly varying quality) for you to choose from for your favorite graduates (and students in general).

Katie's Cards for sending gratulations include one, simple and charming, made specifically for those who passed and graduated.

There is great charm and gravitas (and fun) in yesteryear's graduation greetings turned today's congratulatory e-cards.

If graduation day seems like the first day of a life now entirely new and different, a card from BirthdayAlarm.com might not be so far off the mark—given, especially, that BirthdayAlarm.com does offer a nice collection of animated cards designed specifically for the freshly graduated.

Now—wait. You've studied effectively and graduated sweetly. You've earned a nice Plaxo e-card. Now celebrate and party!

The starkest colors are just bold enough for graduation wishes; at VerveCards, they meet clear lines and vivacious design.

Ah… a breath of fresh e-card ideas: from the original E-Cards.com, you can send the Kamakura Daibutsu, green balloons, a giraffe and more to your favorite graduates.

Send congratulations for graduations done well with a card from the small but nicely designed collection at Kisseo.

Find simple but nicely animated graduation e-cards at Care2.com (who donate part of their revenue regularly).

The third dimension in GreetingSpring' cards may be an illusion, but the cards themselves are really classy—just like the graduate they congratulate.

Neatly drawn and deftly animated, HiGreetings.com cards celebrate the recent graduate and send them off to a great start to a whole new world.

1001 postcards sends the graduate up in the clouds with amazing feat with many a simple and granular but sweet and charming e-cards.

Somebody made it to mons studii's top? Congratulate them with a simple and striking Hillel e-card.

Send best wishes for graduation with a Christian background—and, it has to be said, somewhat trite imagery.