The Best GPS Trackers on the Market

Best GPS Trackers for People, Pets, and Possessions

The technology for GPS trackers has improved significantly over the past few years, and consumers now have a range of choices and specialized devices and software. You may use GPS trackers for people, possessions, or pets. Trackers such as the SPOT and DeLorme featured here are for outdoor adventurers, while devices such as the Pocketfinder or Amber Alert are affordable and easy-to-use options for families. Free apps for iPhone or Android operating system phones are featured here as well.

SPOT Gen3 Provides Global Tracking and Messaging

The Spot Gen3 is a tracker for serious outdoor adventurers. Spot

SPOT carries a range of GPS trackers designed for outdoor trekkers. They may include two-way satellite communications and emergency beacons.

- 100% satellite technology.

- Unlimited tracking.

- Global SOS - one button sends a signal with your location to the GEOS international response center.

- Check-in lets your family and friends know your location and text message globally.

- SPOT assist lets your team know you need help but not from GEOS.

- Waterproof and durable. Buy from Amazon »

The Tile Tracker for Multiple Possessions

The Tile finder is lightweight and compact. Tile

Tile is a very thin and compact locator for possessions - even your car. Tile works with Bluetooth technology, rather than GPS, so range is limited. However, Bluetooth means no cellular or satellite charges.

- So small it fits on a key fob.

- Economical for multiple possession tagging.

- Tile - "network" means others might help you locate your stuff.

- Easy to use free companion app. Buy from Amazon »

Pocketfinder is a Versatile Tracker for People, Pets, and Possessions

The Pocketfinder tracker has robust mapping and geofencing features. Pocketfinder

Pocketfinder offers a range of models suitable for people, pets, and possessions. Pocketfinders are compact, durable, and easy to clip on a backpack. Pocketfinders are managed via smartphone app or by computer.

- Pocketfinder is just the size of an Oreo cookie.

- Manage multiple devices with the app.

- Real-time location within a few feet.

- Up to five days of battery life.

- Set custom zones. Buy from Amazon »

Apple's Free Find My Friends App is a Proficient Tracker

Your iPhone already comes with a high-quality GPS family and friends tracker app. Find My Friends. Apple

Apple's free Find My Friends app lets you control who sees your location, and when. It's great for amusement parks, the beach, ski slopes and more.

- See your family and friends' locations on a map. Multiple locations at once.

- See others' locations in satellite view.

- Set location and geofence alerts for kids.

- Track on multiple apple devices including desktop and laptop. More »

The Amber Alert is Designed for Families

The Amber Alert GPS tracker is designed with children in mind. Amber Alert

Amber Alert is designed for parents to keep track of their children. 

- Location information updated every five minutes.

- Two-way calling to get in touch with your children with one button.

- Set up safety zones and speed limit notifications.

- Alert multiple persons at the same time.

- Silent mode for school and other no-tone environments. Buy from Amazon »

DeLorme's InReach Explorer is for Serious Adventurers

DeLorme's Inreach Explorer is another device designed for serious outdoor adventure travel. DeLorme

The InReach Explorer is a multi-featured, weatherproof, durable tracker for hard-corps outdoors-people. 

- Create and view detailed routes including waypoints and GPS tracks.

- Built-in digital compass.

- Send and receive text message and GPS coordinates world-wide.

- Adjustable global tracking intervals.

- Global SOS with GPS location to a 24/7 search and rescue center.

- Plans that let you suspend service (and service fees) when you are not on a trip. Buy from Amazon »

Android Phones Have Their Own Free GPS Tracker

Android phones have a finder app as well. Greenalp

Android phones have their own free GPS tracker from Greenalp. 

- Capture your GPS track to show and share.

- Real-time tracking for family and friends you select.

- Embed your map into your website or blog.

- Use an old inexpensive Android OS phone as a GPS tracker device and follow it on your good phone via the app. More »

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