The 8 Best Google Pixel Cases of 2019

Make sure your phone is protected

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Just like any other smartphone, Google's Pixel and Pixel 2 is far from indestructible. Even if you treat your devices with great care, investing in a protective case can be the difference between a working phone and a very expensive repair bill.

Dozens of manufacturers have risen to the challenge, offering everything from sleek, minimalist designs to heavy-duty rugged versions, belt holsters to wallet replacements, stylish fabrics to transparent materials and more.

They're not all created equal, however, and it's worth taking a little time to ensure you end up with a case that offers the right mix of features, protection and style for your needs. No matter what your Pixel case requirements are, we've got you covered, with the best options for any budget.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Caseology Parallax

Caseology Parallax
Courtesy of Amazon

Caseology makes a variety of excellent phone cases, and its Parallax range continues the company's reputation for quality. Versions are available for all Pixel models, from Google's original smaller device to the Pixel 2 XL.

Made from dual-layer TPU and polycarbonate, the Parallax cases protect from everyday scratches and scuffs, as well as cushioning against drops and impacts. The distinctive raised geometric design makes the case easier to grip, as well as giving better shock absorption.

Despite the solid protection they offer, the cases remain surprisingly slim​ and fit easily in a pocket. While the screen remains exposed, the case's raised lip helps protect the glass from falls and rough surfaces.

Reasonably-priced and available in a range of colors, the Caseology Parallax range is easy to recommend for any Pixel owner.

Best for Your Belt: AGOZ Leather Holster

If you prefer to keep your phone on your belt for easy access, it's hard to go past the AGOZ holster. Available for all sizes and models of Pixel, this leather case can be attached using just the belt clip for easy removal, or with the two belt loops for extra security.

The magnetic clasp opens easily when you need it to, but is strong enough to keep the flap closed the rest of the time. The soft inner lining prevents marks and scratches, while the tough leather exterior helps protect the phone from knocks and bad weather.

There's plenty of room inside the holster, so it can still be used even if you normally keep your phone in a different slim to medium-sized case.

Best for Value: Spigen Rugged Armor

If you're after a low-cost case that gives solid phone protection and doesn't look awful while it does so, the Spigen Rugged Armor is just what the doctor ordered.

Available for all sizes and models of Pixel, these slimline cases are made from flexible matte TPU, with textured, glossy carbon-fiber accents on the back. The raised edges help protect the screen and cameras, with extra air cushioning in the corners where damage is likely to occur.

The material is flexible enough to allow for easy removal of the phone when needed and ensures Active Edge still works on Pixel 2 models.

The Rugged Armor cases are only available in black, but that's about the only limitation of this well-made, inexpensive approach to protecting your Pixel.

Best for Protection: Otterbox Defender

When you're spending hundreds of dollars on a new phone, the last thing you need is to spend hundreds more on repairs when it gets damaged. If you're tough on your electronics or just want to protect your investment as much as possible, pick up the Otterbox Defender.

Otterbox is one of the most trusted names in rugged phone cases and backs the Defender with a lifetime warranty. The high-impact polycarbonate shell takes the brunt of any impacts, while the rubber slipcover adds extra protection and makes the case easier to grip. Finally, the built-in screen protector (only on the cases for the original Pixel) protects against those inevitable nicks and scratches that show up after a while.

Port covers help to keep out dust, lint and other foreign objects, and there's even an included belt clip that be attached when needed and used as a kickstand when watching videos.

Best for Style: Incipio Carnaby

If you're happy to pay a little more to get something with a bit of style, Incipio's Carnaby case looks very different to the others listed here. Available for all sizes and models of Pixel, the soft cotton finish on the back comes in a small range of colors.

It gives the Carnaby a luxurious look and feel, while the molded TPU frame still offers plenty of protection from drops and knocks.

The lip around the screen and rear camera protect from scratches when the phone is laid flat, and despite the firm buttons and frame, Active Edge still works just fine on Pixel 2 devices.

The stretched fabric finish adds a little bulk, so bear that in mind if you're looking for an extremely thin option. Being cotton, the back of the case can stain over time, but it's easily washable with soap and water if necessary.

Best for Showing Off Your Phone: Spigen Liquid Crystal

Spigen Liquid Crystal
Courtesy of Amazon

Phone cases can be frustrating. If you don't use one, there's a high risk of expensive damage, but if you do, you'll cover up the sleek lines and attractive designs that attracted you to the phone in the first place.

Spigen's Liquid Crystal cases offer the best of both worlds, made from flexible, lightweight TPU that you can see straight through. The slimline, transparent design makes it easy to forget you've even got a case on the phone at all, but there's enough material to protect against scratches and light impact damage.

The slightly-raised lip lets you put your phone down without worrying about scratching the screen. Available for all Pixel models, it's the perfect way to protect your fancy device while still letting you show it off to friends and family.

Best for Replacing Your Wallet: Maxboost Folio-Style Wallet Case

If you're heading out for the night and don't want to carry both phone and wallet, just drop your Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL into this Maxboost folio case instead.

Made from a firm artificial leather, in either black or rose gold, this case has three card slots (although you can fit multiple cards in a single slot if needed) plus a side pocket for cash or extra cards. It also folds up for use as a stand when watching videos.

A magnetic flap keeps the flap closed and secure when not in use, which means your screen stays protected from scratches and drops. It's also straightforward to remove the phone from the case as needed if you don't want to use it all the time.

Best for Minimalists: Spigen Thin Fit

Some people don't mind big, bulky cases if it means they keep their phones safe, but others are happy to trade some protection for a more streamlined device. If the latter sounds like you, check out the Spigen Thin Fit, available for the Pixel 2 in both standard and XL sizes.

The sleek, minimalist design protects the corners, sides and back of the phone while leaving buttons and ports open for easy access. There's also a thin lip at the front, to keep the screen off the table when you set the phone face down.

The TPU material is soft yet durable, with enough grip that the phone won't easily slide out of your hand. At 0.6 ounces and 0.4 inches thick, it's about as thin and light as you'll find in a phone case, while still offering enough protection to give a little peace of mind.