The 15 Best Google Home Games and Quizzes for Kids

Family-friendly fun with Google Assistant

Google Assistant has a fantastic selection of Google games for kids. There's a variety of games on Google Home, or any other smart device with Google Assistant installed, that will appeal to children with individual tastes from fairy tale trivia and Disney Frozen stories to interactive adventures, toothbrushing songs, and even a virtual kids courtroom.

Here are 15 of the best Google Home games for kids that have been tested for functionality, fun, and family friendliness.

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Best Google Home Kids Game For Young Gamers: Pikachu Talk

Pikachu Pokemon character holding crayons.

VinsonTan / Pixabay

Say "Talk to Pikachu Talk" or ask "Can I talk to Pikachu Talk?" to have fun, light-hearted conversations with the cute yellow electric mascot from the popular Pokemon anime series and video games such as Pokemon GO and Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Pikachu only responds in its own language, but that should be enough to entertain most young Pokemon trainers.

Say: "Talk to Pikachu Talk," "Can I talk to Pikachu Talk," "Ask Pikachu Talk talk talk," "Let me talk to Pikachu Talk," "I want to talk to Pikachu Talk," "Ask Pikachu Talk to talk," or "Ask Pikachu Talk Talk."

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Best Google Home Game For Disney Princesses: Frozen Stories

A woman with blue nails holding a snowflake looking like a live-action Elsa from Frozen.

pmmart / iStock / GettyImagesPlus

Ask Google Assistant to "Tell me a Frozen story" to summon the main heroes from Disney's Frozen and Frozen II who will sit around a campfire and tell fairy tales and wintery stories. Kids can specifically request Anna, Elsa, Olaf, and Kristoff or ask Google Assistant to choose one at random. There are a variety of fun tales on offer, most lasting about five minutes.

Impressively, all of the main cast from the Disney films seem to be reprising their roles here.

Say: "Tell me a Frozen story," "Tell me an Olaf story," or "Tell me the Frozen story about the Northern Lights."

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Best Google Home Kids Game For Christmas Time: Santa Jokes on Assistant

Drawing of Santa Clause winking.


Looking for some Christmas activities on Google Home or another smart device with Google Assistant functionality? Get the kids to say "Tell me a Christmas joke" or "Tell me a Santa joke" to hear a short jingle of festive music and a joke so corny that it deserves to be in a Christmas cracker.

Say: "Let's hear one of Santa's jokes," "Tell me a Christmas joke," or "Tell me a Santa joke."

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Best Kids Game on Google Home For Action Fans: My Adventure Book

A boy in a safari outfit standing in front of a jungle adventure painting.

Flashpop / Stone / GettyImages

Remember those classic Choose Your Own Adventure children's books from back in the day? The My Adventure Book Google Home Kids Game is just like those, but Google Assistant reads both the story and the options. Just say "Talk to My Adventure Book" to get started, and the narrator will dive right in with a story that you can replay numerous times due to all of the branching plot points.

Say: "Talk to My Adventure Book."

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Best Kids Game on Google Home For Young Learners: Animal Fun Quiz

A sausage dog in an orange sweater and orange glasses.

retalesbotijero / Moment / GettyImages

One of the more educational games on Google Home and other Google Assistant devices is Animal Fun Quiz. Say "Talk to Animal Fun Quiz" to begin a variety of guessing games about the animal kingdom with topics ranging from the speed a horse runs to which fish eat their own eggs.

Say: "Talk to Animal Fun Quiz."

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Best Google Assistant Quiz For Learning about Space: Space Quiz

A young boy with glasses and a suit.

RichVintage /E+ / GettyImages

Space Quiz is a solid collection of questions about space and astronomy. Questions cover basic knowledge of the solar system, stars, moons, and astronauts for all ages. Say "Talk to Space Quiz" to get started.

Say: "Talk to Space Quiz."

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Best Spelling Game on Google Home: Word Chain

ABC letter magnets.

Tahreer Photography / Moment / GettyImages

Say "Talk to Word Chain" to immediately begin a fun activity that tests a kid's knowledge of letters. Rather than asking kids to play a game where they have to spell words or read them, Google Assistant says a word and players answer with a word beginning with the last letter in the word provided. 

Say: "Talk to Word Chain."

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Best Bedtime Stories For Kids: Classic Stories

Father reading a story to son at bedtime.

Westend61 / Getty Images

Saying "Talk to Classic Stories" provides classic tales such as Little Red Riding Hood or Cinderella. Kids can also request fairytales or simply ask for a random story.

Say: "Talk to Classic Stories."

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Best Kids Game on Google Home For Dora and Diego Fans: Jungle Adventure

Two boys in jungle adventure gear.

Imgorthand / E+ / GettyImages

Say "Play Jungle Adventure" or "Try Jungle Adventure" to play this immersive and genuinely enjoyable interactive adventure story Google Home game with professional voice acting and sound effects.

Kids who love franchises like Indiana Jones, Tomb Raider, Dora the Explorer, or Uncharted will find a lot to love here, and the ability to replay Jungle Adventure to try its alternate paths will keep many children entertained for a long while.

Say: "Play Jungle Adventure" or "Try Jungle Adventure."

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Most Fun Kids Story on Google Home: Strangest Day Ever

Two boys with time travel head gear toys.

RichVintage / E+ / GettyImages

Strangest Day Ever is a super fun interactive story where chickens fall from the sky, and the player gets to make creative choices such as whether they want to time travel or meet aliens. High-quality sound effects and voice acting make this one of the better interactive story games for kids on Google Home, and the quirky plot might keep some parents entertained. Say "Play Strangest Day Ever" or "Talk to Strangest Day Ever" to begin.

Say: "Play Strangest Day Ever" or "Talk to Strangest Day Ever."

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Top Teeth Cleaning Kids Activity on Google Home: Toothbrush Time

A young girl brushing her teeth.

AfricaImages / E+ / GettyImages

Toothbrush Time is a rather ingenious Google Home kids game designed to keep children engaged while they brush their teeth. The game has six original toothbrushing-themed songs to choose from, with each one intended to play while the little ones clean their teeth. A very creative way to encourage kids to brush their teeth for the recommended time. To start, say "Talk to Toothbrush Time."

Say: "Speak to Toothbrush Time" or "Talk to Toothbrush Time."

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Best Way to Find Safe Content: Common Sense Media

A young girl lying on a mat while watching a kids movie on the Disney Plus streaming service on a TV,

AndreyPopov / iStock / GettyImagesPlus

Common Sense Media provides guidance on quality entertainment based on age and interests. Experts rate movies and shows as well as books, games, and more to help you feel good about the content your kids are consuming. Just say "Talk to Common Sense Media," to give it a try.

Say: "Talk to Common Sense Media."

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Top Magic Tricks: Magic Actions

Magician tapping his hat with a wand

vchal / Getty Images

Kids will feel like they are part of a real magic show when they say "Talk to Magic Actions." Magic Actions provides illusions, jokes, and puzzles that will leave the family in awe. Kids can play alone or with others.

Say: "Talk to Magic Actions."

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Best Guessing Game: Magic Jinn


Robert Houser / Getty Images

The mystical Magic Jinn might be able to read your mind! In a 20-questions style game, Magic Jinn asks kids to think of an animal and then guess what it is by asking a series of yes or no questions. Say "Talk to Magic Jinn" to launch the fun.

Say: "Talk to Magic Jinn"

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Best Traditional Game: Connect Four

Classic Connect Four Game

Hawksky / Pixabay

Fans of the old-school tabletop checkers game will have a blast when they say "Talk to Connect Four." In this two-player game, kids take turns placing discs with the goal of four in a row.

Say: "Talk to Connect Four."

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