13 Best Google Home Games of 2023

Kids and adults alike will enjoy these fun activities

Your Google Home devices aren't only for turning on your lights or listening to streaming music. You can also play games. Try any of these interactive Google Home games to test your knowledge and entertain friends and family.

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Become the Funniest Storyteller Ever: Mad Libs

What We Like
  • Mad Libs without having to buy the notebook.

  • Easy way for kids to play Mad Libs, even if they can't write yet.

  • The asking party can't cheat and look ahead at the story.

What We Don't Like
  • You'll be asked for nouns, adjectives, numbers and names, so if you're playing with kids you might need to explain these concepts.

Chances are you've played Mad Libs on a pad of paper. But with Google Assistant, you can quickly create a surprising and funny story without any idea where the plot is headed!

Ready to play? Say, "Hey Google, let's play Mad Libs!"

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High-Tech Choose-Your-Own-Adventure: The Magic Door

What We Like
  • Family-friendly, with lots of different environments, an online map, and a community to explore.

  • Provides a more adult-appropriate story in a medieval world for mature adventurers.

What We Don't Like
  • This one isn't a quick game; it can take a long time to explore all the areas.

Remember the novels where you used to make a choice and then turn to the directed page? Now you can do that with your Google device as your partner in crime.

Ready to find some adventure? Say, "Hey Google, open the Magic Door!"

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Trivia for NPR Enthusiasts: Wait Wait Quiz

What We Like
  • Content is new every week, based on news and events.

  • Play on your own or with friends.

What We Don't Like
  • Questions may be be too advanced for kids.

Ever listen to Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me on NPR and thought you'd make a great contestant? Here's your chance. Hosted by Peter Sagal and Bill Kurtis, the Wait Wait Quiz asks questions pulled from the week's headlines.

Ready to brush up on current events? Say, "Hey Google, let's play the Wait Wait Quiz!"

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For Game Show Aficionados: Lucky Trivia

What We Like
  • Google Assistant has some fun as your host, including theme music and applause.

  • Questions are varied but multiple choice, so you'll have the chance to guess.

What We Don't Like
  • No options to pick categories or topic areas.

So, are you feeling lucky? If you're a trivia buff then Lucky Trivia is the game for you. Google Assistant acts as the host for a quick-paced game for you and up to five of your buddies.

Ready to test your knowledge? Say, "Hey Google, I'm feeling lucky!"

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Surprising 'Would You Rather' Scenarios: Absurd is the Word

What We Like
  • Great as a party game.

  • Good replay value, since prompts and responses are always different.

What We Don't Like
  • Some categories might not appeal to your group and may make it hard for kids.

The party game "Would you rather..." is always fun, but sometimes coming up with ideas is hard. Absurd is the Word puts Google Assistant in that role, asking for you to pick a category and then name items within that category. The result? You might get asked which movie star is the weirdest, or which author you'd rather marry.

Ready to learn something new about your friends? Say, "Hey Google, let's play Absurd is the Word."

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The Magic 8 Ball, Minus All the Shaking: Crystal Ball

What We Like
  • Witty introduction with descriptions of velvet curtains and asking you to "come closer" and "clear your thoughts" before you get started

  • Answers are as random and vague as you would expect, but with more variety than a Magic 8 Ball.

What We Don't Like
  • Probably doesn't have much staying power, but it's fun for a while—better with a group than on your own.

Remember the Magic 8 Ball and it's wonderfully vague-yet-sometimes-foreboding responses? Well, Google Home can be your next-generation fortune teller.

Ready to learn about your future? Say, "Hey Google, let's play Crystal Ball!"

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Name That Tune: Song Pop

What We Like
  • Select a genre (pop, rap, rock, or other) to narrow down your interests.

  • You get more points if you know both the artist and the title of the song.

What We Don't Like
  • No option for multiple genres.

Think you know every rap song under the sun? Song Pop is ready to put your musical prowess to the test!

Ready to start humming along? Say, "Hey Google, let's play Song Pop!"

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Play 20 Questions With a Genie: Akinator

What We Like
  • Real or fictional people and characters are all fair game.

What We Don't Like
  • It takes a lot to stump the Akinator, since questions aren't limited.

Remember playing 20 questions on long road trips? Akinator is ready to read your thoughts and figure out who you're thinking of. You choose a character, and Akinator asks you questions to determine who it is!

Ready to see if you can outsmart the genie? Say, "Hey Google, let me talk to the Akinator."

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Practice for Your Next Radio Contest Giveaway: Mystery Sounds

What We Like
  • The game keeps score, with more points awarded if you answer quickly.

  • Noises are common sounds, even if they might stump you for a bit.

What We Don't Like
  • While playing with a group is fun, yelling over each other makes it hard for your device to understand you.

Ever listen to the radio and hear a contest where listeners have to name a random sound? Mystery Sounds is here to help you hone your skills. Your device plays a sound and you get to guess what it is.

Ready to play? Say, "Hey Google, let's play Mystery Sounds."

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Vegas Without the Cards: 21 Blackjack

What We Like
  • Simple and quick to play.

  • You can check your hand if you forget what you were dealt.

What We Don't Like
  • Rules are simplified. Ask for rules before starting if you want to split your hand or double down.

If you're missing your favorite blackjack table, Google Home is here to help. Deal in and see if you can beat the house; by the way, the house will remember your streak.

Ready to try your luck? Just say, "Hey Google, let me talk to 21 Blackjack!"

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Test Your Memory: Tic Tac Toe

What We Like
  • It's surprisingly challenging to play without a pad and paper.

  • Simple and quick game.

What We Don't Like
  • Really difficult for kids to play, although they can grab a pen and paper to keep score.

Tic Tac Toe is easy, right? What if you can't see the paper with the Xs and Os? Play against your Google device and see if you can remember where to make your mark next.

Ready to stretch your brain at this simple classic? Say, "Hey Google, let's play Tic Tac Toe."

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Keep Your Numbers Sharp: Math Marathon

What We Like
  • An easy, interactive way to help kids learn and practice math.

What We Don't Like
  • May not keep adults occupied for long.

Math Marathon is a non-stop arithmetic assault. Google Home will give you a simple addition or subtraction problem, and you'll answer it. You'll continue until you get one wrong. Adding and subtracting probably won't hold a grown-up's attention for long, but it may help kids sharpen or practice their skills.

Say, "Hey, Google, play Math Marathon" to get this one started.

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Start the Party: 6 Swords

What We Like
  • A complex, fun way to spend a game night.

  • Based on 1st-edition Dungeons & Dragons.

What We Don't Like
  • You'll need to keep notes to track your progress and actions.

  • Rules may be tough to adapt to for people used to newer editions of D&D.

  • You have to learn as you go.

6 Swords is a role-playing adventure in which you explore with a party of up to six companions. Not all of the commands are obvious, but you should have a good idea if you have any experience with old text-based adventure games or Dungeons & Dragons. 6 Swords uses an open-source version of D&D's first edition, which may take some getting used to for experienced players, but it should provide plenty of fun for a game night.

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