The 18 Best Good Night Memes

good night memes
Goodnight, sweet memes. Screenshot: ampak / iStock / Getty

Who hasn't yearned fruitlessly for the sweet release of sleep at least once in their life? We spend a good third of our lives asleep, yet most of us just can't wait to climb in between the sheets again each night. Whether it's because of a rough or tiring day, or just too many hours spend surfing the internet late at night, good night memes express a feeling that everyone is familiar with.

What Do Good Night Memes Mean?

There are a few different kinds of good night memes, so they can mean a number of different things. Some of them literally mean good night, while others are meant to convey a feeling of tiredness, exhaustion, or that the user is simply done with the conversation or situation that they are involved in.

How Are Good Night Memes Used?

Since there are different kinds of good night memes, they are used in a few different ways. There are a ton of good night memes that are literally used to say good night. Some of these involve a cute animal, like a kitten or puppy, and a simple message. Others are used to get a laugh, to blow off a conversation, or express that the user is tired of, or simply done with, the current topic of discussion.

Examples of Good Night Memes:

Example #1:
Image: Grumpy Cat
Text: "Goodnight..."
Text line two: "I said good night, sir."
Meaning: This is an example of a Grumpy Cat image macro meme, which superimposes text over the image of a nonplussed cat for humorous effect. This type of meme could be used to say goodnight or in a dismissive fashion.

Example #2:
Image: Shaquille O'Neal looking pleased.
Text: "When you see your bed at the end of a long day."
Meaning: This is an image macro that combines text with a screen capture of Shaq from a Gold Bond commercial for humorous effect. In the commercial, Shaq sprays himself with Gold Bond, makes a funny face, and does a little dance that you wouldn't expect Shaq to do. The meme is meant to convey a sense of great pleasure, happiness, or relief, in this case due to finally being able to go to bed.

Example #3:
Image: A person laying on the beach with the surf covering them like a blanket on the top, and a confused woman underneath.
Text line one: "Good night guys."
Text line two: "wat"
Meaning: This meme combines a humorous image of a person who looks like they are tucked into bed with the ocean as their blanket with the Wat Grandma meme, which is typically used to express extreme confusion. The term "wat" is an intentional misspelling of the word "what" that is commonly used in memes.

For even more examples, including links to the originals, check out our full list of the 15 funniest good night memes:

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Good Night, Grumpy Cat


 May you dream of grumpy things.

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When You Wake Up


And this is the first thing you see.

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Not Shore What the Problem Is


Looks comfy as heck.

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Somehow I Don't See This Ending Well

Sheep wearing sunglasses in a meme


Counting sheep is supposed to be relaxing, not terrifying.

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Dad Jokes, Right?

A man puts his son to bed in a meme 

We'll just be over here waking you up with our night terrors so that you're tired at work tomorrow, don't mind us.

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That's What Unlimited Plans Are For


Can't help with the goodnight text problem though.

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No Stop It Is Going to Be so Hard to Shift Now


 Nevermind. Nobody can stay mad at a good boy like that.

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Maybe If Dad Would Cool It With the Scary Stories

A mother with an awake baby in a meme


The chef outfit probably isn't helping either, mom.

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Pictured: Actual Moment of Heart Breakage


 This is getting too real.

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That's a Totally Normal Place for a Nap


Don't forget to tuck yourself in.

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This Is a Story All About How


 My bed got flipped turned upside down.

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Grumpy Cat Go To Bed


You're drunk. 

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That Is Also a Normal Place for a Nap


Nobody knows tired like good boys know tired.

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Remember When Flip Phones Seemed Futuristic


At least they're still getting some use.

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This Is Too Much Information


I did not ask for this.

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Good Night Means Read Facebook for Two Hours, Right?


Turn off that thing where people can tell that you're online, or you're going to catch all kinds of trouble tomorrow.

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Blue Screen of Bed Time Was Five Hours Ago


404 consciousness not found. 

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Good Night, Folks!


Just be happy the internet ended for the day before you wandered onto the weird side again.