4 Best Goal Tracker Apps for 2020

Use these apps to set goals and track your progress

We can never seem to have enough productivity tools, can we? Now largely thanks to the mobile web, anyone with a smartphone or tablet can download a free goal tracking app to help them stay accountable and on track with their habits almost anywhere they go.

If you struggle with maintaining enough self-discipline all on your own to stick to your goals, a goal setting app might really help. Here are just a few to consider trying out.

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Track Anything You Want, Any Way You Want: Strides

Three screens from Strides app in iOS
What We Like
  • Completely flexible interface with four unique tracker types.

  • Handy dashboard to see everything at a glance.

What We Don't Like
  • A bit overwhelming for beginners and may not be ideal for those seeking a simple app.

  • Not available for Android.

Strides is one of the most powerful and easy to use apps out there. You can set up reminds so that you never forget to maintain those daily habits that lead to bigger goal achievement. Simply pick a goal (or use a suggested one given by the app), set a target by inputting a goal value or a certain date and then specify the action you need to do to turn it into a habit.

The Strides app lets you track it all by day, week, month, year or even on a rolling average. All of your data is synced to your account so you always see your latest stats whether you access it from the web, a mobile device, or anywhere else.

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Track Both Good Habits and Bad Habits: Way of Life

Three Way of Life iOS screens
What We Like
  • Track good habits and bad habits.

  • Simple and intuitive interface.

What We Don't Like
  • Upgrade to a premium app to track more than three habits.

  • Tracking unlimited habits may cause you to set unattainable goals.

If you absolutely love to look at charts and graphs of your progress, then you'll love Way of Life. Just pick a goal action, tell the app whether the action is good or bad for you (like eating healthy = good whereas smoking = bad) and then you'll get a daily reminder to input what you did or didn't do in terms of your goals.

Over time, you'll have enough data to show you chains, bar charts with trend lines, pie charts and all sorts of other nifty details.

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Use This Virtual Coach to Create Good Habits: Coach.me

Three Coach.me iOS screens
What We Like
  • Simple and easy to use.

  • Hire a real coach for an affordable price.

What We Don't Like
  • Lack of community engagement and activity.

  • Not necessarily ideal for fitness coaches.

Coach.me claims to be the leading habit tracking app, even offering personalized habit coaching and leadership coaching as part of its services in addition to its free mobile app. The user interface is slick and beautiful to use.

Simply select a goal, track your progress, earn rewards for sticking with it and take advantage of the community aspect by getting involved and asking questions. If you really end up loving it, you can upgrade to hiring a real coach for as little as $15.

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Keep Track of the Time You Spend Working Toward Your Goals: ATracker

Three ATracker iOS screens, showing task list, calendar, and pie chart
What We Like
  • Start and stop tracking tasks with a single tap.

  • Great customization with themes and colors.

What We Don't Like
  • Restricts the number of tasks in the free version.

  • The premium version for iOS is almost twice the cost of the premium version for Android.

ATracker is all about offering you more insights into how you're spending your time. For repetitive routines like getting ready in the morning, commuting, answering email, studying, watching TV, spending time online and other routine tasks, ATracker can help you manage it all so you don't go overboard on the wrong things.

Once you start tracking your time for all your daily habits, you'll be able to see a nice breakdown of it all in a pie chart. You can also get a bigger picture look by looking at your breakdown over the past week, past month or other preset range.