Top 50 Most Popular Gmail Tips, Tricks and Tutorials

Fifty must-know Gmail tips in one place.

Know Everything about Gmail, and the Essentials First

If they know something about Gmail that you don't know, their advantage will be short-lived, because here are the 50 Gmail tips and techniques most frequently requested. If you have a Gmail account, get the most out of it.

Of course, you may also want to know some things everybody else does not yet know:

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Want a new email address? A smart web interface and spam filter for your existing email account? A space to back up or archive old mail? Here's how to create and set up a new Gmail account. More »

Want to get rid of a Gmail account? Instead of letting it expire, find out how to delete your Gmail account right now. More »

Can't get into your Gmail account because none of the passwords you think you remember work? Here's how to authenticate and set a new Gmail password to get back into your account. More »

You have a new Gmail account. You also have an old Gmail account. Here's how to move all mail (including sent messages) from the latter to the former effortlessly. More »

Type your standard replies to standard questions again — once. Then save them as templates in Gmail to be used over and over again in new messages or replies. More »
Gmail is broken? Here's where to report your issue and get help directly from Google via email or through a public forum. More »
You can open Gmail in your iPhone's Safari, but what's that compared to the concentrated comfort of a dedicated email application? Here's how to set up a Gmail or Google Apps email account in iPhone Mail. More »

Want to include a logo or other image with the branding and personalization of your every email? Here's how to add a graphic to your Gmail signature. More »

If you get an email that says "dinner tonight at 7.30pm - fettuccine w/ truffles" (this, or something better), creating an event plus reminder in Google Calendar right from Gmail is a snap. All the details are pre-entered! More »

Gmail lets you send and receive messages (and attached files) only to a certain size. Find out how to get your files to the desired destination nevertheless. More »
The sun rises while the email says it's noon? Chances are the sun is not wrong. Here's how to align your Gmail time zone with it. More »
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How to Get Certain Email Statistics in Gmail

Do you know how many many emails you sent last month? Do you know how many you received? Do you know which day was the busiest for email? Gmail does, and it can let you know in monthly reports including certain email statistics such as the numbers of incoming and outgoing messages for each day and who you emailed most.

Make it difficult for hackers to break into your Gmail account for any extended period of time by changing your password periodically. More »
Are you getting nothing but jokes you did not ask for and amazing stories you don't read from a particular sender? Here's how to block them in Gmail and have all their mail sent right to the "Trash" folder, or at least out of the way for later review. More »
Wish you could use Gmail for all your email? Here's how to make Gmail download mail from up to five existing POP accounts. More »

Want to get rid of a contact erroneously entered? Need to clean your address book of client details now kept elsewhere? Here's how to remove an email address from your Gmail contacts. More »

If you want to send an email to a number of people but do it so that the email addresses of all these people are not shared with other recipients, a little trick and the Bcc: field in Gmail are all you need. More »
Have Gmail forward incoming messages to any email address automatically to read them at your old email account in your old email program, for example. You can even make Gmail keep an archived copy of forwarded mail for search. More »

Use your Yahoo! Mail in Gmail. With a Yahoo! Mail Plus account, here's how to set up Gmail to download new messages and let you send new mail (and replies) using the Yahoo! Mail address. More »

Want to see all—and only—your unread messages in Gmail? A short search does the sweet trick. More »

If you just send an email in Gmail, you can add an event to your Google Calendar and invite all recipients of the message to it at the same time and automatically, too. More »

Want your swipe to delete, not archive and keep mail in iPhone Mail? Here's how to make iPhone Mail really delete messages when you swipe them, even for Gmail accounts. More »

Address a message to a list of recipients in Gmail by typing but one name. More »
Have Gmail append a few lines of text (sharing contact info or advertising your business) to emails you compose automatically. More »
Windows Live Mail desktop is great for reading and sending mail in your Gmail account. Good thing setting up Gmail in Windows Live Mail desktop is so easy, too. More »

When knowing that a message is somewhere in the vast archives of your Gmail account is not enough, the search begins. Now you can stumble from term to guessed term, or you employ Gmail's amazing advanced search operators smartly to guide your search. More »

Double the elegance: Gmail and Mac OS X Mail work together blissfully. Here's how to set up Mac OS X Mail to receive mail from your Gmail account and send through it. More »

In Gmail, set up a rule that will not only move from your inbox emails from a sender but reply with a message, too, letting them know about the block. More »

Got a list of people — say, from an email's Cc: line — you want to add to a group for swift addressing in Gmail? Here's how to add them all to the group in one fast go. More »

Got an email and want to add its sender to your address book? Here's how to turn senders into Gmail contacts with speed and but little effort. More »

Save all the contacts so conveniently collected in your Gmail address book to your hard disk in condensed form. You can import them into another Gmail account or another email program. More »

Save an individual email to your desktop, move it to an email program or forward it as an attachment: here's how to export messages as .eml files in Gmail. More »

Upload large files to Google Drive right from Gmail's email composition screen (where you would also attach documents) and have it insert a link into the message that lets recipients download them easily as they please. More »

Like to read your email and have an inbox overview, too? Here's how to add a preview pane to Gmail and read messages in it, choosing a widescreen layout or a traditional one as you prefer. More »

Want to hear when new mail arrives in your Gmail account? Want to hear something special? Here's how to specify the sound to play when new Gmail messages come in. More »

Contacts in Mac OS X Mail and contacts in Gmail, updating each other? Here's how to set up Mac OS X Address Book and Google Gmail contact synchronization. More »

When Outlook Express and Gmail meet (somewhere between Mountain View and Redmond), you can send and receive Gmail messages in Outlook Express. More »
Make your fine print small and your birthday greetings colorful: here's how to change the font face, its size and color as well as choose a background color for highlighting in Gmail. More »

Could your Gmail account still be accessed by sites and services you once tried but don't use any more? Here's how to find out who has access to your Gmail email and address book, and how to stop them from reading, labeling and more by revoking access. More »

Switch from Yahoo! Mail to Gmail and keep all your mail, folders and contacts? Here's how to import your messages as well as your address book from Yahoo! Mail into Gmail and turn folders into labels, too. More »

Want to forward all your Gmail email to multiple addresses, or just special messages to your mobile phone perhaps? Here's how to have Gmail filters forward exactly the mail you want to wherever you can use it best. More »

Want to protect your Gmail account with a second security layer after the password? Here's how to set up Gmail so it requires a code for login that comes through your phone and is valid only for a short time. More »

Gmail IMAP provides seamless access to all your Gmail messages in any email program or mobile device and makes your labels appear as folders, too. More »

Send a message from Gmail to multiple recipients (or copy yourself) while hiding some or all of the email addresses from the prying eyes of the other addressees. More »

Do you aggregate all your email accounts in Gmail and want to reply smartly from the correct address and keep your sent mail organized at Gmail — and do it all in iPhone Mail? Here's how. More »

While you're away from computers and internet connections, let Gmail reply to the messages you receive to inform senders about your absence and when you'll be able to get back to them. More »

Want to enable 2-step authentication to keep your Gmail account secure and still allow an email program to access it via IMAP or POP using but a password? Find out here how to create application-specific Gmail passwords—hard to guess and easily revoked at any time. More »

Use all the power of your desktop email client with your Gmail account by downloading messages via regular POP access. You can still have all your Gmail archived and searchable on the web or delete retrieved mail automatically. More »

Looking to add, edit or delete an address book entry in Gmail? Here's how to go to Gmail Contacts—and if it's just for looking. More »

If an entire conversation is worth forwarding, you don't have to do it one email at a time in Gmail. More »