The 10 Best Gear S3 Watch Faces

Give your watch a different look each day

One of the best reasons to own a smartwatch is the sheer variety of watch faces you can use. With the Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 Frontier, you can have a new face every day, or you can just find the perfect one to match your style.

Installing new watch faces is easy. For Samsung faces, you'll already have the Galaxy Wearable app installed. Just open the app, then tap Discover > View more. For Facer watch faces, download the Facer app from the Play Store, tap the magnifying glass, then browse the store from there.

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Best for a Classic Look: Evoke Blue Lightning

The Evoke Watch Face
What We Like
  • Classic watch face look.

  • Multiple color options.

  • Simplistic.

  • Large and easy to read.

What We Don't Like
  • Branding on the face.

  • Date is a bit small to read.

  • No digital option.

The Evoke Blue Lightning is one of the classiest watch faces you'll find in the Samsung Gear Store. It has a style that could sit next to a true mechanical watch and blend right in. The face includes the time, including a separate second hand, day and date. Double tap the face to cycle through the various watch face colors—blue, grey, black, red, and white.

Also on the face, you'll find obvious branding sporting the name "EVOKE" and the name of the face "Blue Lightning," even when a different color is selected. There's no digital option, so you'll have to remember how to read an analog watch face. Beyond those foibles, this is a great looking face that is simple, customizable, and goes with anything from a business suit to a bathing suit.

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Best for Fitness: DT-05

DT-05 Watch face
What We Like
  • It has everything.

  • Well organized.

  • AOD (always on display) has all the info.

What We Don't Like
  • Very busy.

  • No color options.

  • No analog option.

Facer carries our watch face for the athlete. The DT-05 watch face doesn't have the catchiest name, but if you want a ton of information on your wrist, this is a great option. On the watch face, you get (from top to bottom):

  • Current temperature
  • Current weather conditions
  • Sunrise/sunset
  • Relative humidity
  • Weather for the next two days
  • Current city
  • Date, time, and day
  • Watch battery level
  • Heart rate
  • Phone battery level
  • Distance walked (in miles and kilometers)
  • Step count

That is a ton of information available at a glance, and it's super handy. Of course, the downside is that it's all in a fairly small watch face. It can be a little intimidating and hard to read at first. It also comes with only one color choice and only a digital option. But, as the name suggests, the developer has a dozen or more variants of this watch, each one slightly different from the last. If the DT-05 isn't your style, try the DT-02, or the DT-03, and so on.

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For the Nerds: DOS for Moto 360

DOS watch face
What We Like
  • Delightfully nerdy.

  • Easy to read.

  • Uncluttered interface.

What We Don't Like
  • Only basic info.

  • Text is a bit small.

  • Not optimized for a round screen.

This wonderful watch face takes you back to the old days of computing, before the mouse and keyboard. It's a simply black background with white text reminiscent to the old DOS command line. It gives you the time, day, date, and battery level for phone and watch. 

Regarding the name, this watch face was originally designed for the Moto 360. At the time the Moto 360 was one of the only round watch faces on the market. You can use this on a Galaxy Gear S3 as well. If this particular face isn't your cup of tea, there's no shortage of DOS-based watch faces in the Facer Store. This one is the most comprehensive and looks the best. It has options for phone and watch battery level, while others have weather and step counts, etc. 

This face is a little small and hard to read. It's one of the downsides of putting a square interface onto a round watch face. But it contains the right amount of information without being too cluttered.

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Best for the Minimalist: GOLFZON Watch Face – Dark Chronograph

Golfzon watch face
What We Like
  • Minimal design.

  • Nice blue accent.

  • Clean look.

What We Don't Like
  • No digital clock.

  • Complications not customizable.

If you're into a super minimal look, look no further than the GOLFZON Dark Chronograph in the Samsung Store. It's a slick black and white interface with a blue second hand for an accent. Complications punch up the display by showing watch battery level, the day and date, and there's also an AM/PM complication.

Overall, this has a clean look and a lot of style. There's some branding on the face which can be a little distracting, but beyond that, this is as simple as it gets. It's great if you just want to get back to basics.

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Best for a Feminine Look: Pink feminine watch

Pink Feminine watch face
What We Like
  • Easy to read.

  • Simple.

  • Good information included.

What We Don't Like
  • Might be too pink.

  • Font can be tricky.

  • Weather and steps very small.

For those who enjoy pink, we have a great watch face that transforms your husky Samsung Gear S3 into something a bit softer. This is a very simple face with weather, time, day, date, and steps in one easy-to-follow column.  

The script-like font makes some of the numbers tricky to read at a glance. Also, the font for the weather and the step count can be tricky to read because of the size. Overall, this is a beautiful watch face with just the right amount of beauty and femininity. 

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Best for a Night Out: Luxury

Luxury watch face
What We Like
  • Classic, elegant feel.

  • Gorgeous AOD.

What We Don't Like
  • Branding.

  • Minimal info.

If you're looking for something that is elegant, sophisticated and a touch feminine, look no further than Luxury by GRR. This is a classy-looking face with a diagonal separation between black and white with gold accents. It looks like something you could wear with the finest formal wear. The face has the time in analog format, plus a single window showing the date (but not the month) hearkening back to its mechanical predecessors. And the AOD mode looks just as nice.

There is a bit of branding on the face, which detracts from the overall look, but it's fairly subtle. This isn't really meant to be a watch face you use daily—more for a night out. There are no step counts or weather—just the time so you can know when you're fashionably late. Enjoy the evening!

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Best for the Futurist: BSWBlue Energy

BS Electric Blue watch face
What We Like
  • Really stands out.

  • Minimal AOD.

  • Actionable face.

What We Don't Like
  • No color choices.

  • Info near the edges is hard to read.

If you want a watch face this is a conversation starter, your face of choice is the BSWBlue Energy Face in the Samsung Store. The electrified border looks like it's straight out of Demolition Man. You will not blend in wearing this watch face. It has a lot of great information right on the face - time, date, battery life, steps, and heart rate, and most of them are actionable. What that means is if you tap on those fields, they'll take you to the appropriate app to get more information.

This watch face has something of an identity crisis though, because the Always on Display version is a simple analog timepiece. It's quite the departure from the electric blue when the display is on.

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Best for Organization: DeepGrey renewed

Deep Grey Watch Face
What We Like
  • Access to everything.

  • Great color choices.

  • Analog and digital.

What We Don't Like
  • Too easy to change color.

  • Thick arms block complications.

If you're looking for one touch access to most of your smartwatch, the DeepGrey renewed watch face is for you. This face has it all, starting with the time in analog and digital format, battery, step count, and day and date. Plus the edges of the face are buttons to take you to a stopwatch, timers, health information, weather, battery, and calendar.

The simple organization of information is what makes this watch face a winner. Plus, there are five different color options--black, orange, blue, green, and red. It's a bit too easy to change the colors with a single tap. Also, the thick arms of the watch block the complications which is less than ideal. Aside from those minor foibles, this is a great watch face with a ton of information.

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Best for Photographers: Photo face

Photo of a dog in the photo watch face
What We Like
  • Simple interface.

  • Works with personal photos.

  • Lots of options.

What We Don't Like
  • Not intuitive.

  • Only works with 10 photos in gallery.

  • Small text.

For the photographers, Photo Watch Face has a great solution for bringing your best photos to your watch. The watch face comes with eight stock options, but can be configured to show any photo in your gallery. The app comes with a lot of options, including time and date format, font color, and frame options. The one missing option is the ability to increase font size, and the watch face only works with the first ten photos in your gallery.

To scroll through your photos on the watch, double tap the left or right side of the watch; double tap the bottom to access your gallery and double tap the top to access options.

To get your photos onto the watch itself, open the Galaxy Wearable app, scroll down and tap Add content to your watch > Send images, then select the album and photos you want to send and tap Done in the upper right corner.

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Best Themed Watch Face: LCARS: Official Star Trek

LCARS watch face
What We Like
  • Great implementation of a theme.

  • Lots of useful info.

What We Don't Like
  • Bit of a battery hog.

  • Font is too small.

  • Only non-free watch in the list.

For the trekkies in the house, the LCARS: Official Star Trek watch face is a must have. This is one of the best implementations of a theme in the store. There are other genres represented in the stores: Star Wars, Tron, Joker, and more, but the LCARS Star Trek theme is just built to relay information in a wonderfully futuristic way. 

But it's not all holodecks and replicators. The font is a bit too small to read with old eyes, especially near the top where current weather information lives. Plus, it's frankly weird to see the LCARS interface on a round watch face. They should save LCARS for a PADD or the helm of a starship. This is also the only face in this list that carries a price tag. But, at $0.99 it's not a huge price tag. All the same, if you and your friends plan to live long and prosper, this watch face is a sure hit.