The 10 Best Gaming Memes of 2018

The master list of memes for Nintendo, Xbox, PS4 and PC gaming

A group of people sitting on a couch react to their friends playing a video game.

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Gamers often get accused of taking their hobby too seriously, but you can't say they don't have a sense of humor about it. Below is a rundown of the funniest and hippest gaming memes of 2018 along with translations for the non-gaming public. 

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The Last of Us Part II on Xbox One

Last of Us 2 meme showing no image for Xbox One

The sequel to The Last of Us has been announced as a Sony exclusive. Sorry Xbox owners, but there'll be no zombie apocolypse for you next year.

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Pokemon Go Seek Shelter!

Emergency Alerts and Pokemon Go "great time to explore" alert
 return the hunter/Twitter

This is likely an actual screenshot of someone's phone. The Pokemon Go app has a habit of telling players to go outside when they really shouldn't.

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Bowsette stepping on Toad from Super Mario Bros head

After Nintendo announced a new power-up that transforms Toadette into Princess Peach for the latest Mario game, the internet asked the obvious question: What would Bowser look like if he used it?

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Dad of War

Dad of Dads God of War meme with Kratos in shorts and a polo shirt

As soon as Kratos's son was revealed to be in the new God of War, "Dad of War" jokes flooded the internet. To be fair, the actual father-son relationship is more reminiscent of the film "Sling Blade."

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Don't Lick Your Nintendo Cartridges!

Little girl sitting at dinner table with fork and knife looking at bowl filled with Nintendo switch cartridges.

Nintendo now purposely makes their game cartridges taste terrible so people won't put them in their mouths. Of course, that's exactly what everyone started doing once they found out.

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Fortnite: Fury Road

Fortnite character playing guitar on a shopping cart

This meme combines a few different references. The shopping cart item in Fortnite has become a meme in its own right, but this particular image pays homage to the Doof Warrior from Max Max: Fury Road.

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Shadow the Hedgehog: Infinity Wars

Dark Sonic with all the Chaos Emeralds

Sonic the Hedgehog enthusiasts have noted the similarities between the series' chaos emeralds and the Infinity Stones from the Avengers franchise. Here, Sonic's nemesis, Shadow, plays the role of Thanos.

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Where Is My Uber Driver Taking Me?

Skyrim player on a horse and buggy entering a desolate village "yo where tf my uber driver taking me?"

This meme comes in many variations because a lot of people can relate. This screenshot from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is especially funny, because the "Uber driver" is a horse and buggy.

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Boss Cat

"Save your game before approaching this cat" on a picture of a cat bathing in sunlight

Game designers use fairly obvious visual cues such as dramatic lighting to warn gamers an important item, cutscene, or battle is imminent. This cute kitty could be a vicious monster, so proceed with caution.

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Minecraft in 4K

A visual comparison between Minecraft in 4K and the regular version
 Know Your Meme

This meme is mocking the 4K craze and some gamers' obsession with better graphics. Minecraft uses an intentionally simplistic art style that looks good in all aspect ratios.