The 20 Best Game of Thrones Memes

game of thrones memes
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Game of Thrones is an immensely popular HBO show that is based on an epic series of fantasy novels written by George R.R. Martin. The series started in 1991 with the novel A Game of Thrones. When the similarly-named HBO show arrived 20 years later, it touched off a firestorm of hilarious memes.

What Do Game of Thrones Memes Mean?

Game of Thrones memes are often in-jokes among fans of the show. While it is possible to discern the meaning of most Game of Thrones memes without reading the books or watching the show, most of the humor requires an understanding of the characters and plots. The meaning varies from one meme to the next, but a lot of them make some type of joke about the show.

How Are Game of Thrones Memes Used?

Game of Thrones memes are used in a lot of different ways. Most of them are simply used to get a laugh based on an in-joke that only fans of the show will understand, but some act as reaction images that convey a specific feeling or emotion, or modify other types of memes with a Game of Thrones flair.

Examples of Game of Thrones Memes:

Example #1
Image: Ned Stark holding his sword Ice and dressed in furs.
Text line one: Brace yourself
Text line two: Spoilers are coming 
Meaning: This meme is a play on House Stark's words, or motto, "winter is coming." This image of Ned Stark is commonly used in a joking way, warning the reader to brace for various things. This particular example warns about spoilers, as any list of Game of Thrones memes will invariably include at least some spoilers to a sharp-eyed reader. 

Example #2
Image: Sansa Stark on top and Arya Stark on the bottom.
Text line one: Accept what you can't change.
Text line two: Kill what you can't accept.
Meaning: This meme uses a twist on the Serenity Prayer, most commonly associated with 12 step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous, to comedic effect. It also uses the Stark girls to show how two very different sisters used radically different methods to get through similarly awful situations.

Example #3
Image: Littlefinger smiling smugly on the top, and Littlefinger soiling his smallclothes on the bottom.
Text line one: Me at the beginning of a season.
Text line two: Me at the end of a season.
Meaning: This meme is meant to convey a common experience shared among many Game of Thrones fans. In posting this, the poster is suggesting that they are happy that Game of Thrones has returned at the start of each season, but the terrible things that happen during the season invariably result in a very different emotion by the end. An alternate interpretation is that the poster dreads the long wait between the end of the season and the start of the next.

For even more examples, including links to the originals, check out our full list of the 20 funniest Game of Thrones memes:

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The Internet Is Dark and Full of Spoilers

Screenshot: VH1

But we'll try and keep them to a minimum. Promise.

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A Tale of Two Sisters

Screenshot: Pinterest

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. No, nevermind. It was just the worst of times and then then also still the worst of times.

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Keep Smiling, Littlefinger

Screenshot: Twitter

Winter is coming, friendo.

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That Awkward Feeling

Screenshot: Reddit

 When you occupy one too many slots in a list like this.

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That's No Avocado

Screenshot TV Guide

 Stop squeezing it.

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They Wanted to Call It Resting Lyanna Mormont Face


 But not a single one survived.

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Spoiler Alert:


People die in Game of Thrones

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Sansa Stark, Fridge Artist


 It's a pretty good likeness, if you ask me.

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Lyanna Mormont. Deal with it


And in that moment, Ramsey Bolton regretted the decision to hang around being a jerk in the north instead of buying that timeshare down in Dorne.

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When You Know Bae Saw Your Message


But she didn't reply. 

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He Isn't Fat, He's Just Big Boned


Hey, he lost more weight than Hurley on Lost.

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See, Look at That Svelte Young Maester

Screenshot: Facebook

Samwell for President of Westeros. 

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Screenshot: Imgur

 Like a boss.

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The Cersei Lannister Guide to Life

Screenshot: Instagram

Say what you want, the woman gets things done.

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The Arya Stark Guide to Life


Who would win? All the Lannisters and Boltons, or one little faceless girl?

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Additional Spoiler:


 This guy is a jerk. I don't care if he's right, he's still a jerk.

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Is That Really All It Took?

Screenshot: Twitter

 Such dragon. Very majestic. 

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There's Something About Sam


Something tells me that George R.R. Martin read Tolkien, so this probably isn't as much of a coincidence as it seems.

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Even a Night King Needs Some Down Time

Screenshot: Reddit

 Stop the presses, winter is here.

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What, Were They Out Of Sharks To Jump?


That thing about living too long and becoming the villain really is true.