The 9 Best Sonos Products to Buy in 2018

Up your audio game with these remarkable Sonos products

Sonos PLAY:1
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Sonos is a complete home sound system that brings a smart network of wireless speakers together to fill your home with high-fidelity immersive sound. More than just a surround sound system, Sonos units can play different music in different rooms, all controlled from a single app. They deliver quality sound and can be linked together for a thrilling experience, all controlled over Wi-Fi. This list includes the most recent Sonos products that will unify to form an amazing echo system of music in your home.

Our Top Picks

Best for Small Rooms: Sonos PLAY:1

The PLAY:1 is an excellent entry point into a larger Sonos system. For many, it is the foundational building block upon which they build their connected wireless home audio setup. The small and affordably priced speaker fits anywhere in your home, but is more than capable of filling a small- or medium-sized room with sound from two Class-D amplifiers and custom-built drivers. Trueplay tuning even helps the PLAY:1 optimize to its surroundings, leaving you with pure music bliss.

The PLAY:1 sets up in minutes; just connect to wireless and sync with your devices. It is small, has a charcoal gray grille and stylish black accents and supports all of the most popular music streaming services, all controlled from within the same app. Take it anywhere, even outside since it is humidity resistant.

Best for Large Rooms: Sonos PLAY:5

Large spaces need large sound, and this speaker from Sonos features six amplifiers with six dedicated speaker drivers, more than enough to envelop an open floor-plan kitchen/living room with crystal clear stereophonic sound. Even at the loudest setting this wonderful speaker plays without any audible distortion, allowing it to compete with the din of a large party.

Sonos’s premium speaker can be placed vertically or on its side, and it will optimize to your surroundings. Control the music from the Universal App on your phone or through the convenient touch sensors on the unit. As with all Sonos products, you can set up in minutes by connecting it to the Wi-Fi.

Best Subwoofer: Sonos SUB Wireless Subwoofer

Sonos speakers have good enough bass all on their own, but to truly experience music you will want to supplement your speakers with this subwoofer. This unit is easy to configure and works great with your existing Sonos speakers, complementing them with deep thunderous bass and allowing them to focus on perfect treble and mids. The bass comes from two force-canceling speaker drivers positioned face-to-face in an innovative slim black cabinet. The whole system can be set up with the push of a button and it can be placed anywhere, even behind the couch.

Best Soundbar: Sonos PLAYBAR

Make your TV viewing experience cinematic with this Sonos soundbar. The perfect complement to an HD or 4K TV, this high quality soundbar will transform the way you watch TV and movies. Sound is delivered from nine amplified speaker drivers, including six mid-woofers and three high range tweeters, for deep lows and clear dialog that immerses you in the action. The smart functionality in the soundbar automatically picks up on dialog to amplify it, eliminating the need to turn on subtitles. A night feature also boosts quiet sound while lowering impact of more intense sounds, allowing you to stay up a bit after everyone else has gone to bed. And as part of the Sonos ecosystem, you can pair it with the subwoofer and speakers to have a 5.1 channel surround sound system! 

Best Receiver: Sonos CONNECT:AMP

Building a completely wireless Sonos sound system from scratch is an ideal way to fill your whole house with music, without worrying about any wires or competing channels. But it is an expensive option and not entirely practical for people who already have invested in high quality audio gear. For them, Sonos CONNECT:AMP is a must-have. This built-in Class-D digital amplifier can control wired speakers anywhere in your home or outdoors in place of a traditional receiver. It even works with permanently installed patio speakers and record players, bringing up to 55W per channel. Once the speakers are connected with the amp, you can control music throughout the entire house from the Sonos app.

Best Home Theater System: Sonos PLAYBASE

A soundbase is a flat box speaker that is designed to sit underneath a TV and provide the same enveloping experience as a soundbar, but in a more discrete platform. Sonos’s model eclipses their soundbar in bass and sound quality, but costs more and is not convenient for all setups.

First, we’ll start with the positives. This slender rectangular box packs a full-theater sound with a 10-speaker array that delivers enough bass, so you will not need to purchase a subwoofer. It also supports Dolby Digital for a true home-theater experience. The low-profile design is available in black or white and all but disappears under your TV. It has a simple two-chord setup and connects easily with other Sonos equipment over Wi-Fi. The bad is that the long slender design does not work with smaller splayed-leg TV sets, so the Playbar might be a better option depending on your TV.

Best Wi-Fi Extender: Sonos Boost

The Sonos system runs on wireless, making it an extremely convenient option for most homes. But in larger dwelling spaces, indoor/outdoor setups or spaces with a lot of competing wireless devices, wireless routers can lag under the demand. That is where the Sonos Boost comes in. You can plug it into your Wi-Fi router to create a dedicated wireless network for your Sonos system, assuring the necessary broadband to support your audio equipment without sapping strength from other devices. The Boost packs power that is comparable to enterprise-grade Wi-Fi routers. No more annoying drops from iffy Wi-Fi, just impeccable audio throughout your entire home! 

Best Vinyl Record Player: Pro-Ject Essential III Belt-drive Turntable

Vinyl is one thing that’s here to stay, and Sonos makes a solidly built chic vinyl record player with their Pro-Ject Essential III. The modernized and sleek vinyl record player doesn’t just play records but allows you to stream from it to any room in your house with lively and balanced delivery.

The Pro-Ject Essential III is built with an integrated DC-powered motor control that stabilizes motor vibration assuring speed stability and readability, so you can listen to your records as crisp and clear as possible. Its 8.6-inch aluminum tonearm is made with sapphire bearings that are operated through its diamond-cut aluminum drive pulley to pick up on every groove as thoroughly as possible. Its back features high-quality semi-balanced E phone interconnections with gold-plated RCA connectors for stable and clear connections. Comes in high-gloss color options of black, red and white.

Best Sonos Remote Control: iPort xPRESS Audio Keypad

When you need to get control of your Sonos devices, don’t rely on just any old remote control, the best one is the iPort xPRESS Audio Keypad. The remote is specifically made to handle all of your Sonos devices and can start them up with just a push of a button, making it so you’re not dependent on your smartphone.

The iPort xPress Audio Keypad wirelessly connects to your home’s Wi-Fi network in less than two minutes with its iPort Connect App available only on iOS devices. The remote can mount just about anywhere with its magnetic connections and lets you toggle and auto-play from your favorite Sonos devices with the use of its customizable star button feature. With normal use, you’ll only need to recharge the controller every six​ months due to its long-lasting battery life.