The 8 Best FreeSync Monitors of 2020

Reduce tearing and stuttering once and for all

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Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Acer XR382CQK at Amazon

"This massive 37.5-inch monitor has a full QHD IPS display with a 75 Hz refresh rate."

Best Budget: Acer XF251Q at Amazon

"The 24.5-inch Full-HD 1080p display (1920 x 1080 pixels) has a super fast 1ms response time."

Best 144Hz: Dell S2719DGF at Amazon

"The Dell monitor can push its refresh rate to 155 Hz."

Best 240Hz: Alienware 25 at Amazon

"Promises an incredibly smooth gaming experience without blur or lag."

Best Curved: Asus ROG Strix XG35VQ at Amazon

"A 35-inch display that sports an ultrawide curved panel at 1440p and 100Hz."

Best Ultrawide: LG 34WK650-W at Amazon

"Makes as an excellent option for anyone watching widescreen multimedia content."

Best 1080p: BenQ XL2540 at Amazon

"Includes the company's Black eQualizer technology for better exposure of darker scenes."

Best Large Scale: VIOTEK SUW49C at Amazon

"Features a massive 49-inch super ultrawide curved display."

Best Overall: Acer XR382CQK

Acer XR382CQK

Courtesy of Amazon

When it comes down to choosing the best FreeSync monitor, we recommend the Acer XR382CQK. This massive 37.5-inch monitor has a full QHD IPS display with a 75Hz refresh rate that helps ensure your gameplay stays smooth, especially since the response time here is 1ms (which is the fastest a monitor can switch from one color to another).

This Acer model is HDR-compatible (high dynamic range) to provide vivid colors and features the company's EyeProtect Flicker-less technology for less eye fatigue. Not only will the monitor's curved display help to envelop you visually, but the two built-in DTS Sound speakers will add audible dimension to your experience.

The XR382CQK is light on ports (only four including the standard HDMI and Display port) but more than makes up for it with an elite 3840 x 1600 pixel resolution screen. When it comes down to it, the Acer XR382CQK is one rock solid AMD FreeSync compatible display.

Best Budget: Acer XF251Q

If you think you can't find a FreeSync compatible monitor on a budget, think again. The Acer XF251Q is our pick for a great FreeSync option at a lower price point. Featuring a 24.5-inch Full-HD 1080p display (1920 x 1080 pixels), the XF251Q has a super fast 1ms response time for gaming, ensuring that your monitor is never lagging behind to keep up with the action. AMD's FreeSync technology keeps your graphics from tearing or stuttering on screen, which can ruin an otherwise pleasant experience.

The rest of the monitor has older-style TN (twisted nematic) panel, making it a bit harder to see from side angles, but if you're on a budget, there aren't any better or faster options. We did find the color and contrast to be relatively accurate, with the unit featuring a good build quality. When it comes to connectivity, the XF251Q only offers two HDMI ports for video, along with an older VGA port and headphone in and out ports.

Best 144Hz: Dell S2719DGF

When it comes to modern gaming and monitors, one of the most desired aspects is a unit that includes a high refresh rate. Dell's S2719DGF is an excellent 27-inch 2K Quad HD display (2560 x 1440 pixels) that has a comfortable 144 Hz refresh rate; in fact, the Dell monitor can push its refresh rate to 155 Hz. The S2719DGF is the alternative version of the S2719DG, which typically offers Nvidia G-Sync, so AMD users will want to ensure the "F" is at the end of that model number when purchasing.

This monitor sports a large 160-degree horizontal viewing angle and an 8,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio (the ratio that tells you how the TV handles bright and dark levels). Hooking the monitor up to your PC or Xbox One is easy with the two supplied HDMI ports and the single Display port. The Dell S2719DGF also includes a security lock, audio line output, headphone output, and room for a powered USB hub. This Dell won't just let you game but will also help to keep your desk looking clean.

Best 240Hz: Alienware 25

This FreeSync gaming monitor comes from one of Dell's subsidiary companies, Alienware, a company that focuses on maxing out gaming performance with an out-of-this-world design. The Alienware 25 boasts a 25-inch Full HD display (1920 x 1080 pixels) with an impressive 240Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time, which together promise an incredibly smooth gaming experience without blur or lag.

The Alienware 25 also has an excellent 400 nits of brightness to keep glare from ruining your game. The monitor features an integrated cable management system to keep everything looking neat. And while the aesthetic won't gel with everyone, the design is indeed modern and polarizing with its sharp angles and stark metallic color scheme.

For video connections, the Alienware 25 includes a few different ports including two HDMI ports and a single Display port. Multiple USB ports and an audio out jack are also included if you want to add your favorite mouse and keyboard.

Best Curved: Asus ROG Strix XG35VQ

The ASUS ROG Strix XG35VQ is an incredible 35-inch display that has an ultrawide curved panel at 1440p (3440 x 1440 pixels) and 100 Hz. The world of curved monitors isn't too robust, but when it comes to picking up an excellent FreeSync option for gaming, this offering from ASUS' Republic of Gamers brand takes the cake.

Featuring a 4ms response time, the XG35VQ won't be lagging as it keeps up with racing games, MMORPGs, and even fast-paced first-person shooters. If the curved monitor doesn't introduce enough immersion into your digital world, then ASUS' built-in Aura Sync RGB (red green blue) lighting will be sure to get you there with a light on the back and an LED lighting projector in the base.

The XG35VQ also includes select features from ASUS such as the company's Eye Care technology to help minimize eye fatigue with flicker-free backlighting and optional blue light filters. Built-in connectivity includes HDMI ports, a Display port connection, a headphone jack, and USB 3.0 compatibility.

Best Ultrawide: LG 34WK650-W

If you're seeking an ultrawide monitor with AMD FreeSync that's worthy of your gaming prowess then you might wish to take a look at the LG 34WK650-W. Featuring a 34-inch ultrawide display with a 21:9 aspect ratio and 2560 x 1080 pixel resolution, the 34WK650-W comes packed with not only FreeSync technology but HDR10 compatibility for extremely vivid colors. The color is not just bright but also accurate, covering 99 percent of the sRGB colorspace. Beyond the gorgeous display sits a small visible border (which LG is happy to brand as "borderless"). It's quite minimal and aesthetically pleasing despite technically having the tiniest of borders.

The 34WK650-W also has easy optimization features for gaming, including a setting to stabilize black levels and another to assist with ensuring smooth and fluid motion on the screen. Included connectivity is a single Display port, two HDMI ports, and a headphone out jack. If you're not a gamer, the 34WK650-W still makes as an excellent option for anyone watching widescreen multimedia content on Netflix or Hulu.

Best 1080p: BenQ XL2540

If you want the best 1080p Full HD monitor with AMD FreeSync that you can purchase, we recommend the BenQ XL2540. The 1920 x 1080 pixel display features not only a super fast 1ms response time but also a buttery smooth 240Hz refresh rate for one of the best gaming experiences you will find on the market. The monitor also includes the company's Black eQualizer technology for better exposure of darker scenes.

Rocking a bulky, yet still attractive red and black design, the BenQ XL2540 includes "tactical shields" to block the edges of the monitors and help you from becoming distracted, along with a switch that quickly lets you toggle between the monitors preset gaming modes. When it comes to connectivity, you are in luck, as it includes a Display port, two HDMI ports, a DVI-DL port, along with USB 3.0 and headphone/microphone jacks.

Best Large Scale: VIOTEK SUW49C

The SUW49C by VIOTEK sports a massive 49-inch super ultrawide curved display. The 32:9 aspect ratio means that you will first want to make sure you have enough desk space before purchasing it (it's 47.2 inches wide and weighs over 25 pounds). The display isn't just large, it's also competent, featuring a 144Hz refresh rate for smooth motion on-screen and HDR support for vivid colors and detail.

Gamers will also enjoy the SUW49C's built-in offerings such as an Eye Guard option to help reduce blue light and an RTS/FPS optimized mode for the best visuals. Hook-up options include a single Display port, a single DVI port, three HDMI ports, and an audio output. Just don't be afraid of a bit of sticker-shock when you see the price on this monitor. But once you see the 3840 x 1080 panel and dazzling display, you may become envious of whoever owns one.