Best Free Web Log Analysis Tools

There are a lot of Web log analysis tools out there, and many are free. This is a list of some of the best.

Deep Log Analyzer is the best free Web analytics software I've found. It is a local log analysis tool that works on your site logs without requiring any codes or bugs on your site. It's not as fancy as Google Analytics, but it does offer a few extra features. Plus, if you need more features, there is a paid version you can upgrade to. More »

Google Analytics is one of the best free Web log analysis tools available. There are a few reports that are not included, but the graphs and well-defined reports make it very nice. Some people don't like giving a large corporation like Google such direct access to their site metrics. And other people don't like needing a bug placed on the Web pages in order to track them. More »

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AWStats is a free Web analysis tool that works as a CGI script on your Web server or from the command line. You run it and it evaluates your Web logs with many different reports. You can also use it to analyze FTP and mail logs as well as Web log files. Some useful features include the ability to export reports to XML, text, and PDF, a report on 404 pages and the referrers for them, plus all the standard visitor and page view stats. More »

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W3Perl is a CGI based free Web analytics tool. It offers the ability to use a page bug to track page data without looking at log files or the ability to read the log files and report across them. More »

Power Phlogger is a free Web analytics tool that you can offer to other users on your site. This tool uses PHP to track information. But it can be slow. More »

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BBClone is a PHP based Web analytics tool or Web counter for your Web page. It provides information about the last visitors to your site tracking things like IP address, OS, browser, referring URL and more. More »

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Visitors is a command line free log analysis tool. It can generate both HTML and text reports by simply running the tool over your log file. One interesting feature is the real-time streaming data you can set up. More »

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Webalizer is a nice little free Web log analysis tool that is easily ported to many different systems. It comes with several different languages for reports and a bunch of stats to report on. More »

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Webtrax is a free Web analytics tool that is very customizable, but not as well programmed as it could be. The author admits that there are some issues, and it doesn't appear to be under active support at this time. But it does support a number of reports and provides good information from your log files. More »

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Dailystats is a free Web analysis program that is not intended to be your complete analytics package. Instead, Dailystats wants to give you a small subset of statistics that are useful for reviewing on a regular basis - such as daily. It provides information on entry pages, page views of each page, and referrer log analysis. More »

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Relax is a free Web analytics tool that tells you just who is referring people to your site. It looks at search engines and search keywords as well as specific referral URLs to give you precise information on who is sending customers to your site. It's not a complete analytics package, but it works well for referral information. More »

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Piwik is an open source alternative to Google Analytics. It is very flashy with an Ajax or Web 2.0 feel to it. One of the nicest features is that you can build your own widgets to track whatever data you want to track. It runs on your PHP Web server and requires that you have PHP PDO installed already. But if you have that it's fairly easy to install and get up and running. More »

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StatCounter is a Web analytics tool that uses a small script that you place on each page. It can also work as a counter and display the count right on your page. The free version only counts the last 100 visitors, then it resets and starts the count over again. But within that limitation, it provides a lot of stats and reports. More »

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The free version of SiteMeter offers a lot of good stats and reports for your site. It only provides information on the first 100 visitors, and then after that, it resets and starts over. But if you need more information than that, you can upgrade to the paid version of SiteMeter. Like other non-hosted analytics tools, SiteMeter works by inserting a script on every page of your site. This gives you real-time traffic but some people are concerned about privacy implications. More »

Are there other free Web analytics tools?

If there are other free Web analytics tools that I've left out, please let me know.