The Best Free Online Spreadsheets

Office 2.0 Spreadsheets

The Office 2.0 movement is bringing some heated competition to Microsoft Excel by offering free online spreadsheets nearly as rich in features and with the perfect price tag.

While most of these online spreadsheets are still in beta, many are still very reliable and stacked with enough features that you won't miss your old spreadsheet.

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Zoho Free Online Spreadsheet
Image of Zoho Sheet.

Description: The best of the best among free online spreadsheets, Zoho Sheet stands out from the pack by offering a host of features in a nice package with great performance. The ability to import from and export to so many different formats makes it easy to get up and running, and a feature set that rivals desktop applications makes the choice an easy one. Zoho Sheet is also part of the Zoho suite of online applications which includes Zoho Writer, a great online word processor. More »

Free Online Spreadsheet - ThinkFree Software
Image of ThinkFree Calc.

Description: Among the best of the free online spreadsheets, ThinkFree's calc offers a quick edit mode for making small changes and a power edit mode for creating advanced worksheets. Having most of the features you would expect in a desktop application, ThinkFree can easily replace your existing spreadsheet. Since it is part of the ThinkFree office package, you can also use their online word processor or presentation software. More »

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EditGrid Free Online Spreadsheet
Image of EditGrid.

Description: EditGrid is an enterprise-capable Office 2.0 spreadsheet that is free for personal users. EditGrid has a simple look-and-feel consistent with desktop applications, so you can hit the ground running. EditGrid comes with a number of templates to help you get started, and this free online spreadsheet also works on the iPhone, so you can take your calculations with you when you are on the go. More »

Online Spreadsheet - Google Docs
Image of Google Docs.

Description: Not as pretty to look at as some of the other offerings, Google's spreadsheet is still a strong contender. It is bolstered by being part of Google Docs which also offers a word processor and presentation software, and it is also integrated with Google's personalized start page, iGoogle. More »

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Num Sum Online Spreadsheet
Image of Num Sum.

Description: Num Sum's interface isn't the prettiest and can take a little getting used to, but it makes up for this fact by a healthy dose of template sharing. This collaboration between users makes getting a project off the ground much less time consuming. More »

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Free Online Spreadsheet Numbler
Image of Numbler.

Description: Numbler lacks many of the features of other online spreadsheets like fonts, multiple sheets, and charts. It also has slow performance, and its import routine from Excel needs work. Expect this spreadsheet to stay in beta for a while until it is a bit more polished. More »

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Sheetster Online Spreadsheet
Image of Sheetster.

Description: A buggy, not-ready-for-primetime online spreadsheet, Sheetster still has a lot to work out before it is in any way, shape or form a usable spreadsheet. But they do have a rather catchy name. More »