7 Favorite Free New Year's Email Stationery Designs 2016

Wish a happy new year by email in more sparkling and spectacular a manner with New Year’s stationery.

New Year’s Resolution…

Did you have any resolutions for the new year last year? Have you kept them? Yes? Oh, I see. I do not think I did either…

Still, that nothing changes is no more true than that nothing stays the same. (It is no less true either, I fathom.)

…Have Fun with Email Stationery

So, let us forget about the meaningful and celebrate the sheer existence of something new instead without attaching anything—except for festive stationery, maybe. Find the most festive and celebratory stationery for your New Year’s emails here.

(Updated November 2015)

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New Year Mice Free New Year's Stationery Download

What better way to begin a new calendar year than dancing with mice and confetti (also dancing, of course, albeit not as gracefully)? Add them to your emails for a frolicsome start!

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Here's a toast... Free New Year's Stationery Download

Is this what was missing with the confetti and mice? Champagne—or sparkling wine at least. Surely we will add that to our celebration and emails!

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Happy New Year Free New Year's Stationery Download

All right, back to the confetti, but this time it is big time: wish a Happy New Year by email and throw a lot of animated papery pieces onto and over the recipient's screen.

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New Year's Bottle of Champagne Free New Year's Stationery Download

Back on the earth's surface (I think), it is time—high time, this time—for more sparkling wine: Achtung! Plopp. Opening a bottle of champagne is a celebratory event in itself, and you can add that moment to your New Year's email greetings; not to mention the, yes, confetti.

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Big Happy New Year Free New Year's Stationery Download

What? No confetti? No wine? No, but there are sparkles from, even better, the stars—or snowflakes, I guess. This can only mean happy luck! Because: for great luck in and throughout the new year, send an email with big Happy New Year greetings.

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Happy New Year Glitter Free New Year's Stationery Download

Typography can express and contain so much! First, it expresses what it contains, of course: glitter, in this case. (Or is it confetti, really small and shiny confetti?) In any event, send wishes for a happy new year that are at the same time glittering, festive and silent.

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Sparkling Free New Year's Stationery Download

Who needs typography when she or he has… dots? Oh, it's back to the dot-sparkling wine, of course. Adding circles, I mean bubbles, to emails can be so much fun: have a sparkling New Year!

More New Year's Greetings for Email

If you do not use an email program that can make use of the stationery here, you are not out of New Year's email options, of course: many a site on the web offers to send greetings for you by email; here are some favorite picks for sending New Year's e cards.