Best Music Storage Sites That Stream

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You no longer need to copy your music library onto every computer and mobile device you own. Save that space for something else and relegate your music to the cloud. Online music storage sites are available that provide the facility to stream your music to most computers and mobile devices. These music lockers, as they are sometimes called, are excellent for organizing and storing all your music online so that you can gain access to your music wherever you are. 

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Google Play Music

Google Play Music is a cloud-based digital entertainment hub that accommodates up to 50,000 of your songs. With it, you can centrally store your songs on the internet and stream them from the web to any computer or Android mobile device, including smartphones and tablets. Google Play also supports your iTunes library content (including playlists) so you aren't tied down to using Apple's iCloud service.

Google Play has a feature that you can use to sync music to your computer or mobile device for offline listening. Download music from its 40-million-song library. 

A 30-day free trial is available. A limited free ad-supported subscription is also available.

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Apple Music

Apple's subscription service, Apple Music, combined with iCloud is a seamless way to have all your music available on all your devices all the time. Your entire music library—no matter where it came from—and Apple's vast music library is available wherever you can access a Wi-Fi or cellular signal on your Mac, PC, Android mobile device, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch, or Apple TV. When you're offline, you can listen to all your downloaded music.

Apple Music offers a free 3-month trial period. 

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Amazon Prime Music Unlimited

Anyone with an Amazon Prime account has access to more than two million songs through the Prime Music program, but listeners with a Music Unlimited account can access tens of millions of songs, including new releases. The music plays ad-free and can be downloaded for offline listening. With the basic music program, users can upload 250 songs from their personal library for online storage, but with the Music Unlimited account, the song limit moves to 250,000 uploads. The music can then be listened to on any compatible device. 

A 30-day free trial of Music Unlimited is available.

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Style Jukebox

Style Jukebox bills itself as the music service for uncompromising audio enthusiasts. It is a high-res cloud-based music streaming service where you can store your entire music collection and play it on all your devices at lossless audio quality up to Hi-Res 24bit/192 kHz. Style Jukebox is compatible with Windows, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone platforms, and with web players for Mac, Windows, and Linux. 

Style Jukebox offers a free trial. 

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Deezer is a free music service that offers an unlimited amount of storage space for your music collection. Deezer is an on-demand streaming audio service, which means you can listen to your music practically anywhere in the world on any compatible device. If you won't be near Wi-Fi, download your music and listen offline. Other benefits include creating and sharing playlists with the Deezer community and making Deezer radio stations that other members can tune into. Build a music collection from the more than 43 million music tracks Deezer offers and import your favorite music and playlists. Bonus feature: Deezer delivers the lyrics to your favorite songs on screen.

A free Premium+ trial is available.

of 06 is a social music network that not only makes it possible to search for new music, connect with friends, and share playlists but also gives you access on all your devices to your own digital music via remote storage. Rather than uploading songs in one go, the system stores your music online as you listen to it.