Top Free Music Creation Software

Use free music creation programs to create your own digital music

Fancy making your own digital music? If you’re feeling adventurous and want to go to the next level, then free music creation software is your next step. It can be very satisfying producing your first piece of music, and you can also upload it for others to hear on social networking sites like MySpace. If you’re a beginner then loop-based music creation software is probably one of the easiest ways to get your musical ideas out; simply use audio loops to quickly make music. Above all, have fun creating your first masterpiece using the free software listed in this guide.

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Acid Express 7 is Sony’s very capable little brother to the very popular Acid Pro. It is an incredibly feature-rich loop-based program; this is a good choice if you’re a beginner and looking for an easy way to start making music without the steep learning curve typical of advanced audio software. This free program is a 10-track sequencer which has inline MIDI editing, punch-in recording, and unlimited MP3 encodes for producing your final mix down. More »

DarkWave Studio has been designed with the beginner in mind, but can also be expanded for advanced use. It uses virtual machines that can be linked together to produce a wide range of sounds (similar to Propellerhead's Reason software). The true power though of DarkWave Studio is its support for VST plugins that expand the programs capabilities. You can either purchase these, or use free VST plugins from sites such as VST 4 Free. When you have finished your masterpiece, it can be recorded using the HDRecorder plugin to create your digital music as a WAV file. More »

Available for Windows XP and Vista, this loop music creation program is especially suited for the beginner. If you’ve ever wanted to produce your own digital music and upload it to MySpace, then this program makes the whole process a breeze. There are two sound packs included with the installation (totaling 187 loops), and if that’s not enough, you can also use any royalty-free loop. If you don’t need to upload your music to MySpace, you can export it as a digital music file and burn it to CD etc. Overall, a great music creation program to use for quickly producing loop-based digital music. More »

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