Best Free iTunes Alternatives for Syncing Music

Apple wants you to think that to sync music to your iPhone, iPad or iPod seamlessly it's necessary to have iTunes installed on your computer. However, just because you have purchased songs from the iTunes Store doesn't mean you have to use Apple's software to manage them and ultimately transfer them to your iOS device.

In fact, there is a good selection of iOS-friendly software to download for free which can replace iTunes — and some offer more features too.

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MediaMonkey Standard


MediaMonkey is a free music manager that can be used to manage large digital music collections. It is compatible with iOS devices and other non-Apple MP3 players and PMPs too.

The free version of MediaMonkey (named Standard) comes with several useful tools for organizing your music library. You can use it to automatically tag music files, add album art, rip music CDs, burn discs and convert between different audio formats.

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Amarok Logo.


Amarok is a multi-platform media player for Windows, Linux, Unix and MacOS X operating systems that is a great iTunes alternative for your iDevice.

As well as using it to sync your existing music library to your Apple device, you can also use Amarok to discover new music by using its integrated Web services. Access services such as Jamendo, Magnatune, and, straight from Amarok's intuitive interface.

Other integrated Web services like Libravox and OPML Podcast Directory extend the functionality of Amarok to make it a powerful software program.

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MusicBee user interface.

Steven Mayall

MusicBee, which is available for Windows, sports an impressive amount of tools for manipulating your music library. If you're looking for an iTunes replacement that's got an easy-to-use interface and packs more features than Apple's software, then MusicBee is worth a close look.

High on the list of features: extensive metadata tagging, a built-in Internet browser, audio format-conversion tools, sync on-the-fly and secure CD ripping.

MusicBee also has features useful for the Web. For example, the built-in player supports scrobbling to and you can use the Auto-DJ function to discover and create playlists based on your listening preferences.

Overall, it's a great iOS-friendly music manager that also offers tools for the Web.

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Winamp Logo
Winamp's splash screen.


Winamp, which was first released in 1997, is a full-featured media player. Since version 5.2, it has supported synchronizing DRM-free media to iOS devices like the iPod which makes it an excellent alternative to iTunes.

There's also a version of Winamp for Android-based smartphones if you want an easy way to move your iTunes library over. The full version of Winamp is free to use and sports a whole host of features that will satisfy most people's needs.

Winamp hasn't seen active development for quite a while, but it's still a good iTunes replacement nonetheless.

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Foobar2000 is a light-weight but powerful audio player for the Windows platform. It supports a wide variety of audio formats and can be used to sync music if you have an older Apple device (iOS 5 or lower).

With the aid of optional add-on components, Foobar2000's features can be extended — the iPod Manager add-on, for example, adds the ability to transcode audio formats that aren't supported by the iPod.