The 10 Best Free HTML5 Games You Can Play on the Wii U

They're Free, and Some of Them Are Pretty Darn Good

Nintendo’s decision to not support flash in the Wii U browser means you can’t play any of the flash games you could play easily on the Wii, but the browser’s support for HTML5 means there are some free browser games you can play on the Wii U.

The best place to find Wii U-compatible browser games is PlayBoxie. The site lists most of the HTML5 games playable on the Wii U, although their bar for playable is a bit low – some games run like mud on the Wii U. You can also find compatible games at Playscript.

Before we list the most notable HTML5 games, there are a few things to note. First, the Wii U browser doesn’t currently support HTML5 sound, so all the games are silent. Also, you’ll often need to turn off the navbar to see the whole game area; toggle it on and off by clicking the left analog stick. Lastly, you can't save your game progress, which means any game that unlocks levels as you proceed, like Cut the Rope, will have all levels locked again when you go back to it.

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Cut the Rope

cut the rope

This is a wonderful puzzle game in which you use the stylus to cut ropes and pop bubbles to guide a piece of candy through stars before being eaten by a cute frog. Perhaps the slickest HTML5 browser game playable on the Wii U. There's at least one free sequel as well: "Cut the Rope: Time Travel."

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Gabriele Cirulli

This game is utterly evil; it’s one of these games where you suddenly realize you’ve been playing for three hours, decide to play one more game, and find another three hours have gone by. Just use the d-pad to shift number tiles in a grid to make higher numbers until you create a 2048 tile. A friend tells us you have the option to keep going to 4096 if you’re a glutton for punishment. 

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MassiveGalaxy’s Wii U Reversi


This is a two-person game specifically designed for the Wii U. The board perfectly fits the gamepad, with each player taking one side of the gamepad.

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1899 Steam’n’Spirit

This retro point-and-click adventure game features Winston Churchill as a young English spy. The puzzles are pretty difficult, but if you want to play an old-school adventure game on the Wii U, this is it. 

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The Universe Within

This is an odd little game in which you avoid flying objects as you travel from the outer universe into the atoms of a hand. Because this game can be controlled by tilting the gamepad, it is one of the few Wii U browser games you can play staring at the TV instead of the touchscreen. 

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Awesome Projects

Guide a continuously moving line through a windy passage by pressing and releasing the stylus. This appears to be a popular sub-genre; Dragon Dash and Strandead use the same basic game mechanism. 

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Zombie Grinder

Chainsawrus Wreaks Games

Don’t get too excited by the title, it’s just Tetris. The twist is that instead of falling blocks you have falling body parts. We expected to hear whirring blades and clanking iron, but it has no more sound than you'll get from the Wii U. 

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Gopherwood Studios

Try and form the longest possible continuous line; rotate tiles with the d-pad, tap to set one in place.

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A well-done, graphically pleasing space shooter. Use the d-pad steer and tap to fire. 

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Flying Kick

A smart puzzle game involving jumps and kicks performed with the d-pad, although you can hover indefinitely in the air before you kick. This is made with puzzlescript, a simple HTML5 scripting language whose games seem to all work well with the Wii U. Note that to reset or undo, you must use the little tab menu on the left, and after using that you need to tap the puzzle again until it starts responding.

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And more

Jelly Collapse

Not every game listed on PlayBoxie’s Wii U page actually runs well on the console, so here’s a list of the ones that play decently enough to be worth checking out:

.Free Rider HD (use the d-pad to send cyclist along elaborate your user-made track)

.Flog (puzzle game in which you use objects to send a ball on a twisty route into a hole)

.Curvy (tap tiles to rotate them in order to connect red and blue lines)

.Minimalism (shoot stars by tapping on the correct portal) 

.Jelly Collapse (remove connected blocks of jelly by tapping on them)

.Doodle Jump (jump up and up and up – left/right d-pad controls)

.Onslaught Defense (Asteroid-style game with monsters – left/right d-pad controls)

.Sumon (addition – stylus controls)

.Sand Trap (run sand through a maze into a bucket – rotate with d-pad)

.Lunch Bug (puzzle game: feed bugs with plants – tap controls)

.Spike Dislike (push d-pad at right time to make the ball jump over and under spikes)


.Rotario (an unusual match-3 game that is rough but playable on the Wii U – tap controls)

.Pokemon Showdown (online battle)

.Browser Quest (MMORPG)

Once you run out of HTML5 games, you can check out some of the 100 free Javascript games at Lutanho. These are very simple games like Tetris, but it’s a good place for two-player games like Connect4. All the ones we tried worked in the Wii U browser.