13 Favorite Free Halloween Email Stationery Downloads

Send Halloween greetings by email in style with stationery.

Scarier Halloween Greetings by Email

To scare, to amuse, and to greet, of course.

You can do all that with words alone, of course. For, especially, as visual (and possibly auditory) a holiday as Halloween, images and backgrounds can help.

Only the most frightening, cruel and scary (or, ahem, cute) email stationery makes it to this page. Here are my favorite templates for great Halloween emails using Windows Mail, Outlook and other supported programs.

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Cat Halloween Card

Cat Halloween Card Stationery
Cat Halloween Card Stationery. Stationery from the Dog House
More cute than scary, Halloween be merry!
Halloween - Deadheads Stationery
Halloween - Deadheads Stationery. CloudEight Stationery
Want to send really (really!) frightening Halloween greetings this year?
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Halloween Ghost Glow

Halloween Ghost Glow - Free Halloween Stationery
Halloween Ghost Glow - Free Halloween Stationery. Andri's OE Stationery
Send glowing, animated and frightening wishes for a Happy Halloween.
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Jack-o'-Lantern with Kid

Jack-o'-Lantern with Kid Stationery
Jack-o'-Lantern with Kid Stationery. Stationery Dreams
Jack-o'-Lantern and kid are enjoying a nice Halloween. Only the kid looks a bit frightened...
Treats Please - Free Halloween Stationery
Treats Please - Free Halloween Stationery. CloudEight Stationery
Treat me well with my lovely victorian Halloween stationery. Please.
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Beware Stationery
Beware Stationery. CloudEight Stationery
Beware of this stationery.
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Candle-Lit Halloween Pumpkin

Candle-Lit Halloween Pumpkin - Free Halloween Stationery
Candle-Lit Halloween Pumpkin - Free Halloween Stationery. Mamselle Stationery
When the spooky and the romantic collide, it's Halloween.
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Halloween Scare

Halloween Scare - Free Halloween Stationery
Halloween Scare - Free Halloween Stationery. Stationery from the Dog House
Don't be scared. Be very scared.
Haunted House Stationery
Haunted House Stationery. Yvonne's Outlook Express Stationery
What is this haunted house doing in your stationery? Send it along with your Halloween message, and send it quickly! Make it go away!
Pumpkin Heads - Free Halloween Stationery
Pumpkin Heads - Free Halloween Stationery. Stationery by JO
A macabre dance of pumpkin heads rings in a wonderfully frightening Halloween.
Abandoned House - Free Halloween Stationery
Abandoned House - Free Halloween Stationery. Maddy & Suzanne's Stationery
Who said abandoned houses were empty?
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Raven Halloween

Raven - Free Halloween Stationery
Raven - Free Halloween Stationery. Yvonnes.net Stationery
It is not clear what the black raven is doing on the foggy graveyard, but it cannot possibly mean anything good — except good Halloween stationery for your Outlook Express emails, of course.
Music of the Night - Free Halloween Stationery
Music of the Night - Free Halloween Stationery. Livnlet's Stationery
The house is brightly lit. But the "Music of the Night" is playing, and spooky things are taking place.