The 3 Best Free Online Music Storage Services

Back up and store your music files online for free

Back up your music collection online to avoid losing your music to a hard drive failure or virus infection, or to get more space for your growing collection. While it's not a requirement to keep your music online, since you can ​transfer your music library to a different location like an external hard drive, an online backup website lets you add another layer of protection for redundancy.

The websites below store your MP3s and other music online for free, and two support other file types like videos and documents. However, all three have unique features that make these perfect for your music storage needs.

There are other free ways to store files online, like through a free cloud storage site or a free online backup service. The websites below, however, were handpicked for usability and capacity for storing music.

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pCloud website

pCloud is one of the best places to upload your music collection because of its music playback features, sharing capabilities, and reasonable free storage of up to 20 GB.

Above all, pCloud exceeds in its playback ability. It automatically finds and sorts your music files into an Audio section. It separates your files by song, artist, album, and playlists you make.

What's more, you can add music to a queue and use the built-in controls to play your music through your account without downloading the files to your computer.

Here are some more notable features:

  • Upload entire folders of music at once. This makes it easy to back up big chunks of your collection online.
  • The sharing options allow you to share whole folders of music, as well as specific music files, with anyone. They can listen and download the songs without needing a pCloud account.
  • When you need to download your whole music collection, use the desktop app or a ZIP archive from a web browser.
  • The pCloud mobile app lets you access your music collection on the go from anywhere.
  • Deleted files stay in your account for up to 15 days.

Free storage: 10 GB to 20 GB

When you first sign up for pCloud, you get 10 GB of free space for all file types, including music. If you verify your email and complete some other basic tasks, you can get up to 20 GB total for free.

pCloud has free apps for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and other devices.

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YouTube Music

YouTube Music

Google has a free music service through YouTube with a companion app that lets you stream your music files from anywhere. It works through your Google account after you upload your music collection.

Google Play Music has been phased out in favor of YouTube Music. The company is making it easy to transfer playlists and music from Google Play Music to YouTube Music.

Unlike other services that limit the space you're allowed to use for music, Google puts a limit on the number of songs you can upload, and it's rather large at 50,000.

This means you can upload your entire music collection online and stream the files from your computer or through the mobile app. You can also cast your music to your Chromecast at home.

Here are some more features:

  • Your music is automatically cataloged into the playlists you've made, artists, albums, and genres
  • Your recently added music files are easily accessible apart from the rest of your collection.
  • Desktop notifications can be enabled so that you get an alert when a new song comes on during playback.
  • mini player can be installed in Chrome to play music without having the YouTube Music page open.
  • Deleted music stays in your account for 60 days before being permanently deleted automatically.
  • Songs you give a thumbs up to tell YouTube Music to play more songs like that from your library.
  • Podcasts are freely available for you to subscribe to.
  • Google sometimes gives away free music you can add to your collection.
  • Radio stations can be streamed for free based on your mood or favorite music.

Free storage: 50,000 music files

There's a Windows and Mac program called Music Manager that lets you upload files to your account if you don't want to upload music through the browser.

A free app is available on Android and iOS devices so that you can stream your music from your phone.

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Mega website

Unliked pCloud and YouTube Music, MEGA does not have the advanced playback features available in its app or through its website. However, it lets you store 50 GB of music for free.

MEGA is also a great place to store your files if you're concerned that someone may hack into your account. This file storage service is built around privacy and security.

Here are some features you might like:

  • Share links to whole folders as well as particular music files. Recipients do not need to have a MEGA account to download your files. If they have one, they can easily transfer the music to their account without downloading the files.
  • Whole folders can be uploaded at once, and you can put a bandwidth cap on uploads (called bandwidth control) to prevent network problems during uploads.
  • Older versions of your files are stored in your account in case you need to revert any file to a previous version. For example, if you make a change to one file that you want to undo.
  • Stream music from your account whenever you like using the free mobile app (but not from the website).
  • The music you upload to MEGA can be downloaded again individually or all at once through an archive file.

Free storage: 50 GB

Free MEGA apps are available for iOS and Android mobile devices; Windows, macOS, and Linux computers; and other platforms.

MEGA has an advanced option to share your music online with or without the decryption key. For example, you can share a music file or folder with the decryption key so that anyone with the link can get the music, or you can choose to not include the key so that the share acts like a password-protected file where the recipient must know the decryption key to download the file (which you can give them at any time).

This makes sharing secure on MEGA, something you might like if you're concerned with someone stealing your music.