Favorite Free Birthday Stationery for Outlook Express

Were they not primarily concerned with the rampant pace of our getting older, birthdays could be the perfect holidays. But the years are counted and then forgotten, and what we are actually celebrating when we rejoice for a birthday is that a good friend has been born and is now with us. If you can't do that in person, or maybe in addition to a real-world congratulation, here's my favorite Outlook Express stationery for fabulous birthday greetings.

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Birthday Cake Drop - Free Birthday Stationery Download

The sweet surprise comes from above — and via email. Here's the perfect birthday stationery for sweet teeth, dog lovers, slapstick fans and everybody else as well.

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Happy Birthday - Free Birthday Stationery Download

Lovely balloons, nice flowers and, most of all, a happy birthday, these are the things you can send with this wonderful stationery.

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Have a Great Birthday! - Free Birthday Stationery Download

A great birthday needs a great birthday cake — and great birthday stationery.

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Best Friends Birthday - Free Birthday Stationery Download

Lovely stationery for your best friend's birthday.

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Bouncing Birthday Balloons - Free Birthday Stationery Download

Let the balloons bounce, and the music play for a joyful birthday.