The 7 Best Free Adult Coloring Pages and Books

Sites to help you relax without spending a cent

Colored pencils and a filled-in coloring sheet


Sometimes you have to get a bit creative to find ways to de-stress. One of the latest crazes is coloring. Break out the crayons or colored pencils and let your inner child out; not only is it relaxing, but many view it as a form of meditation. If you’re on a budget, there are tons of free sites with numerous images to print and color; if you like using your computer to color, you can use built-in paint programs, too. If you like painting on your phone or tablet, there are a number of adult coloring apps to check out. Here are several sites you can use to find coloring books for adults for free.

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Just Color

colored pencils


What We Like
  • One of the largest selections of free images

  • One-click printing and downloading

  • Sorted into tons of categories

  • Images are good for most levels of artists

  • Provides pages for children and beginners

  • The website​ has a few tutorials

What We Don't Like
  • Not enough time to color everything

One of the most extensive collections out there with the most design variety is Just Color. They provide images from mandalas to nature to holidays, and just about everything in between. The complexity of their pictures includes simpler, more child-like coloring book images and very intricate zentangles, which is the art of drawing artistic patterned designs that can use almost any shape or line style. There's even has a section for children, and those who are children at heart.

Just Color provides the option to download or print directly from the page, and if you want to pin it for later, they support Pinterest. Other social media buttons are provided for those who want to share their future artwork. The site also has a fun blog and occasional contests.

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Coloring Life

smile colored page
Cheerful colored page.



What We Like
  • Great selection of images

  • Images are sorted into categories

  • Offers some unique images and categories

  • One-click printing on each image

  • Can save images for later use

  • Many images are highly detailed

  • The site is translated into multiple languages

What We Don't Like
  • Because of the complexity of the images, it's not a site for beginners

Coloring Life has a nice variety of categories for anti-stress coloring, including some photos that have been digitized and color stripped away to offer more realistic images to color. This site isn’t as organized as others but does provide The website, one-click printing option to get you on your meditative, coloring way. If you’re more into coloring on your PC, you can save a copy onto your hard drive.

One of the nicer touches to Coloring Life is it's in 8 different languages, making it rather internationally friendly to non-English speakers. The site also suggests physical coloring books to purchase, which is really helpful to those new to adult coloring.

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Free Coloring Pages

colored pencils scissors coloring page


What We Like
  • A large variety of images

  • Images are sorted into categories

  • The website provides an easy button to print

  • Can also save images to your hard drive

  • Images are great for beginners

What We Don't Like
  • Some images are rather dated or old-fashioned

  • If you’re looking for more detail images, look elsewhere as these are simpler in design

If you’re no Rembrandt or Picasso but want to check out this coloring craze for adults, why not look at a site with simpler images. While most of the images from Free Coloring Pages look like they're from old-school coloring books, they provide an excellent selection to get you started on this coloring game. Each image has handy buttons for printing, emailing, and sharing to 6 different social media sites, but you can, of course, save them to your hard drive as discussed above. With simpler images, it's easier to de-stress and/or meditate, as you don’t have to focus on such tiny details.

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Mickey Mouse and Pluto
A couple of the many Disney characters available to color.


What We Like
  • Has a great variety of Disney characters to color

  • Built-in coloring program

  • Can save or print with easy-to-use buttons

  • Saved pictures can be used in other art apps

What We Don't Like
  • Only has one patterned brush

  • Online coloring app has a limited number of colors  

Speaking of child-like wonder. Everyone is a bit of a little kid deep down and still loves the fun images from Disney. What makes Disney’s site extra special is you can have the option of coloring online instead of printing, although, they do provide easy ways to save and print their images.

When painting online, the area shape will highlight in blue so you can easily see where your color will go, and there's even a clever airbrush pattern to add some texture. If you don’t like the color you just applied, simply select the Undo button and use a new color. There are tons of images to choose from, culminating in hours of coloring entertainment.

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Coloring Pages for Adult


Hazem Elsheltawi/Pxhere 

What We Like
  • Tons of images

  • Images are split into categories for faster searching

  • Instructions on every page on how to print or save the image

  • Can save images in a format that is compatible with paint/drawing software

  • Has some basic coloring tutorials

What We Don't Like
  • Printing many of the images will take multiple sheets of paper

  • The website is a bit dated in the design

  • Broken links on some of the tutorials

Coloring Pages for Adult has a decent selection of different image themes, including a reasonably extensive collection of mandala images, perfect for meditation or relaxing. They also provide some basic pencil tutorials to help get you started on creating a more artistic final product to your coloring page.

There are basic instructions on how to print, but note the size of the paper is A4, a format most European countries use. You may have to make some adjustments to the image for it to print correctly. A nice touch on this site is they take the time to explain some of the subject matter, such as the mandalas.

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Doodle Art Alley

coloring page pencils


What We Like
  • Good selection of images

  • Images are organized into themes

  • Has other activities to do to involve friends and family

What We Don't Like
  • Images can only be downloaded as a PDF. You'll have to convert images if you have Acrobat Pro, or just print

A site with some really delightful pictures to color is Doodle Art Alley. While this site is about doodling in general, they do have a nice selection of images to color. Here, you can either print or save images as a PDF file for later coloring. They also provide a place to buy some of their doodle coloring books and suggest ideas for doodling/coloring activities.

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Art is Fun

art supplies


What We Like
  • Whimsical, original images

  • Coloring guide

  • Has other art instruction

What We Don't Like
  • Image selection is limited

While the selection isn’t extensive, the images from Art is Fun are just so whimsical and fun. The site provides some color guides to give budding adult color-ers some ideas, and some art lessons, too. Many of the images come from some of the printed coloring books linked on the site. You can’t help but be happy while coloring some of these pictures; they're high quality and unique, with delightful details. 

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Pinterest webpage
Pinterest has hundreds of options.
What We Like
  • Hundreds of choices

  • Easy to find images

  • Can easily save images for later

What We Don't Like
  • Weeding through the copywritten images

  • Broken links

If you simply cannot find anything that takes your fancy, check out Pinterest. There are literally hundreds of coloring book pages for all levels of artists. You could spend hours just looking up and saving adult coloring pages.

To find some adult coloring pages, try using these phrases:

  • Adult coloring
  • Adult coloring pages
  • Adult coloring book
  • Coloring pages
  • Coloring sheets
  • Coloring pages for grown-ups
  • Coloring pages free printable

When searching, you may see options to search for People or Boards. Either of these will open up many possibilities, especially when you follow boards. As new pins are added to the site, you will get notifications.

Once you find pages you’d like to save or print, you can select each pin and Pinterest will add it to your own board. This gives you a handy scrapbook of pages to access at any time.