The 10 Best Fitbit Apps of 2020

Apps to use your Fitbit's full potential

The Fitbit Ionic keeps track of every move


Your Fitbit will do more if you take advantage of its ability to use third-party apps. Whether you want to track your food intake, get your AI involved, add a swimming or running coach, or save money, there are Fitbit compatible apps that will do it. You don't need a high-end Fitbit for this. Most will let you install apps. 

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Best for Logging Food: MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal app
What We Like
  • Enormous database of foods

  • Scanning packages to automatically enter nutrition data

  • Community of friends online

  • Daily calorie and nutrition goals

What We Don't Like
  • Using two apps to track fitness

  • It never lies about ice cream

If you want to understand why it’s a great idea to integrate apps with your Fitbit, this is the place to start. MyFitnessPal has an enormous database of foods, making meal logging a breeze.

Once you've connected the MyFitnessPal app to your Fitbit, you have immediate access to that food-logging. It's a necessary element if you want to see how the food you eat impacts your daily goals. A glance, before the deed, will tell you if you’ve indulged too much, can afford that glass of wine, or need to go for a run before dessert is a reasonable decision.

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Best for Managing Overall Health: Tactio

Tactio app
What We Like
  • Having all health metrics in one place

  • Coaching that offers next steps for health

  • Warnings based on health data

  • Reminders to set up doctor visits

What We Don't Like
  • Entering blood tests manually

  • The brutal honesty

Tactio Health keeps a record of all your health stats, along with your step data and all the other metrics your Fitbit tracks for a complete baseline of your health. Got bloodwork? Had an EKG or another medical test? Enter the data here and you will have it with you always, along with daily details.

So next time you're in the doctor’s office and they ask, “When was your last tetanus shot? And how much do you drink?” or anything else, you can tell them in startling detail. The best part, though, is it acts like a health coach, suggesting the next steps for you to get healthier based on the data it has.

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Best for Using With Amazon Echo: Amazon Alexa

Amazon Echo device

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What We Like
  • Getting personal data via voice

  • Knowing when we have to get up

What We Don't Like
  • Alexa already knows too much

Want to wake up and ask Alexa for a report on how you slept? Connect your Fitbit to Alexa and wear your Fitbit to sleep. When you wake up, ask Alexa, and it will tell you how long you slept, how well, how much REM sleep you got, and more.

Crashed on the couch and wondering if you could just stay there and maybe dial-up some Flea Bag? Ask Alexa how you're doing on your goals. Maybe you can? Or maybe one walk around the block would keep you on track.

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Best for Automating What You Enter: FitTap

FitTap's NFC tags automate data entry by tapping
What We Like
  • Automating data entry

  • Cool use of NFC

  • Feeling like a hacker

What We Don't Like
  • Buying the tags

  • Only works with phones that have NFC

If you do anything more than walk or run, you have to tell the Fitbit about it. Did 50 push ups? Drink some water? Spent 90 minutes sweating at Hot Yoga? You want to know how that impacts your health, but after a while, entering all that data gets boring. Thus this cool integration of NFC in your Android phone and the Fitbit.

Download the FitTap app. Stick the NFC tags to whatever you want to track. (A pack of 5 is $14.99.) After you've entered the data once, just tap your NFC-capable phone to the tag to enter it again. Tap it to your Yoga mat, your water bottle, or your weight bench. Once you connect the FitTap app to your Fitbit, your Fitbit adds that activity to your day.

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Best for Earning Some Cash: Dick’s Sporting Goods

Go for a run. Earn points at Dick's Sporting Goods
What We Like
  • Earning money for working out

  • Not having to collect anything physical to earn money

What We Don't Like
  • More points would be better!

  • Why doesn't Amazon have something like this?

Getting healthy not enough motivation for ya? How about money? Connect your Fitbit to the Dick’s Sporting Goods app and earn extra Score Card points every time you make a daily goal of 10,000 steps. Once you earn 300 scorecard points – either from purchases or moving while wearing a Fitbit – you’ll get $10 off a purchase.

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Best for Tracking Yoga: MINDBODY

What We Like
  • Easily entering Yoga stats

  • Knowing about sales through MINDBODY

  • Having Yoga schedules handy

What We Don't Like
  • Am I sharing too much data?

Do you use the MINDBODY app to book yoga, Pilates, or barre classes? Connect your Fitbit to the MINDBODY app and it will automatically log those workouts. It knows your height, weight, and knows what activity you're doing. Just go to class. When you look at Fitbit later, it will have logged what you did, including calories burned and your average heart rate. 

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Best Way to Get a Ride: Uber

Need a ride? Use your Fitbit to call an Uber
What We Like
  • The safety of having easy access to a ride

  • Still have to have your phone with you

What We Don't Like
  • Only works on Versa or Ionic

What if you head out for a walk, run, or bike and something goes wrong? Don’t limp home, call an Uber. With this app on your wrist, you don’t have to get your phone out. Just tap the screen of your Ionic or Versa and it will hail a ride for you, show you where your driver is, and let you pay the driver when you're home.

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Best On-Wrist Swim Coach: MySwimPro

Load MySwimPro on your Fitbit and go swimming
What We Like
  • Not counting laps

  • Better swim workouts

What We Don't Like
  • Wearing a watch in the water

  • It only works on the Ionic and Versa

The MySwimPro app is like having a swim coach on your phone. It sets up personalized workouts so your swimming workout becomes more intentional and moves you toward your fitness goals.

When you put the app on your Fitbit, you can leave your phone in the locker room and stop counting laps. It will do all that for you, right from your wrist. This is a game-changer for anyone who swims for exercise. No more lap counting. No more boring, goalless laps.

MySwimPro only works with Fitbits running the Fitbit OS. Specifically, the Fitbit Ionic and Versa.

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Great for Runners: Strava

Strava app
What We Like
  • Seeing a visual of your run

  • Getting speed and distance stats at a glance

What We Don't Like
  • Have to start Strava at the beginning of a run

  • It sometimes can't tell that you're driving

The Fitbit's own app is great at telling you how far you went, how many calories you burned, and much more, but it doesn't show you where you ran or walked on a map. It also doesn’t compare today’s workout to yesterday’s pace to keep you on a continuous improvement plan. For that, you want to download the Strava app and connect it to your Fitbit. Now you have, essentially, a running coach who will help you push yourself against your own times.

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Best for Controlling Your Home: Nest

Nest Thermostat
What We Like
  • Controlling the thermostat from your wrist

What We Don't Like
  • Only works on Versa or Ionic

Got a Nest thermostat? What if you could look at your wrist as you leave work and turn down the thermostat at home with a few taps to your Fitbit Versa or Ionic? With the Nest Fitbit app, you can do just that. By the time you get home? Your house is just how you like it.