The 7 Best Features of Firefox For Android Mobile

Learn how to use the Firefox browser on your Android

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Browsing the web is a lot of fun sprinkled with a bit of risk. Firefox on Android has plenty of features to keep your fun going while protecting you from any risks you’ll encounter on the journey. The Firefox browser for Android is free in the Google Play Store.

The features covered in this article apply to Firefox for Android mobile and work on both smartphones and tablets from a variety of manufacturers such as Samsung, Google, Asus, etc.

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Speak Into the Address Bar and Browse Hands Free

A screenshot showing how to use voice input in Firefox browser for Android

Do your fingers need a break? Firefox has you covered. Instead of typing into the address bar, use voice recognition and speak into the address bar. Firefox’s voice input capability makes it easier for you to visit websites and use your favorite search engine.

To use voice input:

  1. Tap the address bar.
  2. Tap the Microphone icon, then say the URL of the website or say a search phrase.
  3. The words you spoke appear in the address bar and you have the option to go to a website or view search suggestions.
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Customize the Top Sites Panel and Find Websites Quickly

A screenshot showing where to customize the Top Sites panel in Firefox for Android Mobile

When you first open the Firefox browser, you’ll find that your browsing experience is already organized for you. Your home page contains panes for the top websites you visit, the web pages you’ve bookmarked, and your browsing history.

To customize the Top Sites panel:

  1. Open the main menu, then go to Settings General Home.
  2. In the Panels section, you can change the order of the Top Sites, Bookmarks, and History panels. Just tap the panel name and tap Change order.
  3. To change the content that appears in your Top Sites, tap Top Sites and choose the content you want.

Tip: Is there a website on your Top Sites panel you’d like to share with a friend? Long press its thumbnail and tap Share from the menu.

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Display Open Tabs as Thumbnails on a Page

A screenshot showing all open tabs in a Firefox browsing session

If you’ve opened several tabs and want to see a preview of what’s on each tab, show all the open tabs. There’s a Tab icon on the right side of the address bar that contains a number. This number is the number of open tabs.

To show a thumbnail of all open tabs:

  1. Tap the Tab icon. A new page opens with thumbnail versions of each page.
  2. To view one of these pages, tap it.
  3. To return to the browser window, tap the Back button.
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Browse the Web in Private

A screenshot showing how to set privacy options in Firefox browser from Android

Firefox allows you to browse in private. It blocks trackers while you’re online and clears your browsing history when you’re done. Firefox keeps your passwords from being saved, blocks cookies and temporary files, and prevents forms from being auto-filled. All you need to do is open a private tab.

To open a new private tab, tap New private tab from the main menu. To see your open private tabs, tap the Tab icon, then tap the Mask icon.

To change your privacy settings:

  1. Tap Settings from the main menu.
  2. In the Settings page, tap Privacy.
  3. From here you can tell Firefox to not track your browsing behavior and to clear your private data when you close the browser.
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Sync Your Bookmarks and Passwords Across Devices

A screenshot showing how to set up a new account for Firefox Sync

In our mobile and connected world, many of us work with several devices. However, the convenience of being able to work where we want, how we want, and on which devices we want can become confusing, especially when bookmarks, stored passwords, and preferences are stored on the device that got left at home.

To get around this problem, Firefox allows you to sync data between devices. With Firefox Sync, all your data is available on all your devices.

To set up sync:

  1. Create a Firefox account and then sign into your Firefox account with all your devices.
  2. Tap Settings from the main menu.
  3. From the General tab, tap Sign in.
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Create a Master Password

A screenshot s howing how to set up a master password in Firefox browser for Android mobile

Passwords are everywhere on the internet. Almost every website requires a username and password to access premium content and online shopping. What’s a web surfer to do? With Firefox for Android, you can set up a master password that contains all these credentials in an encrypted format.

To create a master password:

  1. Tap Settings from the main menu. 
  2. Tap Privacy.
  3. Tap Use master password.
  4. In the Create Master Password dialog, enter and confirm your password, then tap OK.
  5. When you want to use one of your stored passwords, Firefox will prompt you to enter your master password. And, when you close Firefox, your private data is locked up.

Tip: Want to see a list of the usernames and passwords saved in Firefox? Tap Settings from the main menu, tap Privacy, then tap Manage logins.

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Loan Your Device to a Friend and Keep Your Data Private

A screenshot showing the start of a guest session in Firefox for Android

Does a friend want to use your device to search the web? Now you can safely loan your phone and not worry about them seeing your passwords, browsing history, bookmarks, and other information. It all starts by setting up a guest session.

To create a Firefox guest session:

  1. Tap Tools from the main menu, then tap New Guest Session.
  2. Firefox needs to restart before the guest session can begin. Tap Continue to start the guest session.
  3. Now you can safely hand over your phone or tablet.
  4. To cancel a guest session, tap Tools, then tap Exit Guest Session.