Learn How to Identify the Features of the Best Rolling Laptop Bags

Travelers, protect your laptop with a top-quality bag

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Just about every business traveler knows how important a laptop bag can be. A poorly made bag puts your laptop at risk whenever you travel and is a struggle to handle. Well-made rolling laptop bags protect your laptop while leaving your hands free for other activities. Finding the right bag isn't as simple as it sounds, but shopping for a rolling laptop bag is much easier when you know what to look for.

What to Look for in a High-Quality Rolling Laptop Bag

Some of the top features shared by the highest quality rolling laptop cases include:

  • Fabric: Look for industrial fabric like ballistic or Cordura nylon with 1050 denier (lightweight but durable) or top-grain leather (heavier but polished and durable as well). Aluminum or polycarbonate hard-shell bags offer great protection but tend to be less flexible for packing, heavier, and more expensive.
  • Wheels: Essential to your mobility and also for reducing shock to devices carried in the bag, wheels should be recessed and set wide apart. The best bags use rubberized, ball-bearing inline skate wheels for sturdiness. Four-wheeled bags are good for maneuvering in tight spaces, but they can run away from you on inclines.
  • Stability support: The front feet of the bag should be sturdy and set at the right spot to prevent tipping.
  • Zippers: Zipper quality is a key differentiator between bad bags and good ones. When you inspect a bag, look in particular at how the zippers and pull tabs feel, and check the manufacturer's claims about zipper design, particularly whether the zipper coils can self-repair.
  • Edges and frame: The best rolling laptop bags have reinforced corners and finished edges that protect the sides of the luggage and prevent the seams from popping. Top bags also use a lightweight but strong honeycomb frame made from polycarbonates or ABS resins.
  • Telescoping handles: Look for locking extension handles made from aircraft-grade aluminum. Handles that lock at different heights are convenient and comfortable for users of different heights.
  • Other handles and straps: Handles and straps need to be mounted with strong hardware, as these are high-pressure points. For comfort, check if the handles are padded.
  • Organization features: Pockets for organizing give you easy access to your stuff—and most road warriors have a lot of gear to carry. Look for outside, intelligently designed pockets that open easily. File folder sections and mesh pockets for accessories are a plus.
  • Laptop compartment: The laptop compartment should be easily accessible and well padded with high-density foam for shock absorption. It must also be the correct size for your laptop
  • Other: Other signs of superior bag quality include a lifetime warranty and special features like expandability and high-quality interior lining.

This features list can be overwhelming in the store, so do some of your ​laptop bag shopping online to identify possible purchases that most of these desirable characteristics. A quality laptop bag is a wise investment that protects the larger investment it safely carries.