Best Fantasy Football Podcasts of 2023

Want to win your league? Start listening to these podcasts

Want to win your fantasy football league and become the envy of your friends and coworkers? There are some excellent fantasy football podcasts out there that offer unique information, breaking news, and all the tools you'll need to hoist the league trophy at the end of the fantasy season. These podcasts are free and available on Stitcher or from the podcast's website.

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Best Access to NFL Experts: Rotoworld Football Show

Title card for "A Good Football Show"
What We Like
  • Access to breaking news and big-name NFL experts.

  • Thorough analysis and unique advice.

  • Regular updates several times a week.

What We Don't Like
  • Lot of upselling of premium products.

Backed by NBC Sports, Rotoworld Football Show (formerly A Good Football Show) gets high marks for its well-constructed episodes and access to top-notch NFL experts.

While it’s a professional podcast, it isn’t trying to be flashy. The hosts get right into the conversation without the light banter or humorous attempts that other podcasts gravitate toward.

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Most Trustworthy Source: NFL Fantasy Podcast

"NFL Fantasy Podcast" home page
What We Like
  • Straight from the NFL.

  • Reliable and current.

What We Don't Like
  • Narrow player focus.

The NFL Fantasy Podcast is a big-time production backed directly by the NFL. It feels more like a radio show than a guys-on-their-couch-just-hanging-out vibe, like some of the other podcasts on this list. Since the NFL backs NFL Fantasy Live, you can trust the news and stats provided. And NFL Fantasy Live does a really good job of bringing in experts from around the fantasy football world. 

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Best Independent Fantasy Podcast: Harris Football

"Harris Football" fantasy football podcast website
What We Like
  • Veteran analysis from one of the best in the business.

  • Unique, independent perspective.

What We Don't Like
  • Website isn't user-friendly.

Chris Harris is widely recognized as one of the top fantasy-football names working today, and his podcast reflects that expertise in every episode. Having spent eight years at ESPN before going solo, he’s been doing this whole podcast and fantasy football thing for a while. Chris isn’t tied to any big network, giving him the freedom to talk about the topics he enjoys without having to appease broad audiences. 

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"Fantasy Football Today" podcast page on Stitcher.
What We Like
  • Good production value.

  • Daily shows.

What We Don't Like
  • Advice isn’t always unique.

Not to be confused with the similarly named fantasy football-themed website, Fantasy Football Today comes from CBS Sports. As with some of the other podcasts produced by more prominent names, Fantasy Football Today can sometimes feel like a traditional sports-radio show.

We give them bonus points for actually producing a daily show (minus weekends) and still finding relevant topics to discuss every time. Since this podcast is associated with CBS, you get reliable experts and breaking news, but they can fall prey to discussing the same topics as every other fantasy football podcast.

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Most Fun Podcast With Great Advice: Eat. Sleep. Fantasy.

The "Eat Sleep Fantasy" podcast logo
What We Like
  • Original rap song at the beginning of episodes.

  • Likable hosts who feel like your friends.

What We Don't Like
  • Opens with an ad before every episode.

  • Language can be harsh.

If the title of this podcast sounds like your everyday life, this is the show for you. These guys love fantasy football just as much as you do. Plus, they're real people who are fun to listen to, rather than trained broadcasters who sound like everyone else. However, with that authenticity comes some casual swearing, which may not suit all audiences.

Fat.Sleep.Fantasy. is a fun podcast that still gets into the nitty-gritty with advice you need to win, and they're willing to cover topics that others might not.

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Most Focused Analysis: Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast

Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast page
What We Like
  • Unique advice and angles.

  • Access to some of the best NFL and fantasy experts in journalism.

What We Don't Like
  • Production quality can vary.

Yahoo was one of the first to offer fantasy football online, and there’s a good chance you’re in at least one league that uses its platform. The Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast utilizes those years of experience with best-in-class experts and unique advice with a very small amount of messing around. The show tends to get right to the topics and analysis you want to hear while keeping it friendly and entertaining. 

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Best for Heavy Stats: FantasyPros Podcast

"FantasyPros" fantasy football website
What We Like
  • Great experts with years of experience.

  • Casual, fun format but focused and useful.

What We Don't Like
  • Gets too heavily into stats for casual players.

FantasyPros is one of the top fantasy sports websites in existence, and for good reason. It provides some of the best and most robust analysis among the many fantasy websites out there. The hosts have years of experience, and that expertise shines through in every episode. While you’re listening, click around the website for additional tips that will definitely help you crush the draft and the season.

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Best for Listening to High-Level Talent: Fantasy Focus Football

"Fantasy Focus Football" podcast page on ESPN's website
What We Like
  • Consistent, top-notch production quality.

  • ESPN is a trusted name for sports.

What We Don't Like
  • Not many unique topics.

The ESPN-produced Fantasy Focus Football podcast provides exactly what you’d expect from an ESPN podcast: high-level talent, professional production quality, and tons of fantasy insight.

With ESPN, you know you’re going to get access to breaking news and reliable insight from some of the top NFL reporters in the business. But ESPN also has to keep its broader audience happy, meaning it can fall into the same debates everyone else is going over without always providing unique analysis.

  • What is a podcast?

    Think of a podcast as a radio show you can listen to whenever you want. As for the technical side of it, a podcast is just an audio file. Don't worry about the technicalities, we go into more detail in our What is a Podcast? article.

  • Are podcasts free?

    The vast majority of podcasts are free. The ones that aren't are still free but behind a subscription (so you pay for the subscription, but not each episode). There are some exclusive podcasts, for example, on Spotify, so you pay for Spotify and then have access to all its podcasts.

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