The 4 Best Face Recognition Apps for Android in 2023

Easily find out who came to your meeting (or your class)

Android Lollipop introduced the Trusted face feature, which allows you to unlock your tablet or smartphone using facial recognition. That said, it's not as reliable as Apple Face ID, and people can still access your Android device if they know your password. That's why third-party developers have made their own face recognition apps for Android to take full advantage of this exciting technology.

These apps are available in the Google Play Store. Check individual system requirements to make sure they are compatible with your device.

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For Developers: Luxand FaceSDK

Luxand FaceSDK on Android
What We Like
  • Fun for developers to experiment with.

  • Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

What We Don't Like
  • Limited uses for non-developers.

  • No built-in face unlock feature.

If you want to delve deeper into the emerging field of facial recognition apps, then Luxand was made for you. The open-source SDK features multiple face detection APIs for a number of fun and practical purposes. You can even make augmented reality apps. The app itself lets you assign names to faces in photos, which Luxand will remember and recognize it in the future. Therefore, it can be helpful for auto-tagging friends in photos or conducting surveillance.

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Best Face Unlock App: True Key

True Key app for Android
What We Like
  • Assign unique authentication credentials to specific websites.

  • Works with any OS.

What We Don't Like
  • The browser extension is only compatible with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

  • Unreliable technical support.

Face recognition is just one of the many features found in this robust privacy app. Created by Intel Security, True Key uses powerful AES-256 encryption algorithms and multi-factor authentication to protect your sensitive data from prying eyes. Whether you're an Apple or Android user, True Key synchronizes all of your devices for maximum security.

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For Taking Attendance: Railer Mobile Face Recognition Attendance

3 Railer app screens
What We Like
  • Saves precious classroom and work time.

  • Share student attendance data with parents and administrators.

What We Don't Like
  • One-touch face recognition is only available on iOS.

  • Takes a while to set up.

Railer is an impressive tool that teachers will love. Instead of calling the roll every day, snap a quick class photo with your smartphone, and Railer will take attendance for you. Thanks to its analytics and leave management capabilities, Railer is also used in professional settings. The one-touch face recognition feature is especially helpful for learning the names of students and colleagues.

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For Businesses: BioID Facial Recognition

BioID Facial Recognition app for Android
What We Like
  • Website includes helpful resources for developers.

  • Identifies photo IDs for online transactions.

What We Don't Like
  • Still in the developmental stages.

  • More geared toward businesses and developers.

BioID is a cloud-based web security service, but anyone can download its free Facial Recognition app. Like IObit, BioID can be set up to protect specific apps and websites. In addition to its enterprise services, BioID has a handy feature for developers to add face recognition capabilities to their projects without any knowledge of how biometrics work. BioID also boasts a clever "liveness detection" and challenge responses to prevent users from tricking the app with photos or videos of you.

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