The 7 Best Extended Mouse Pads of 2021

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The Rundown
"The Goliathus has a thin border of customizable RGB lighting to surround both your keyboard and mouse."
"Heat-bound edges prevent fraying at frequent contact points and the textile surface is engineered to reduce friction."
"Has reinforced stitched edges to prevent peeling, an optimized woven surface designed to help your mouse glide, and a no-slip rubber bottom to keep it in place at all times."
"This mouse pad from Logitech is precisely-engineered and stylish."
Best for Precision:
ASUS ASUS ROG Sheath at Amazon
"This ROG Sheath mouse pad from ASUS is all about precision."
"Covered in a very densely-woven cloth that’s designed to be as low-friction as possible."
"The surface of the MP510 is made from Cordura fabric, which is Cooler Master’s brand of engineered corduroy."

Mousepads are an important part of any PC gaming setup. The pad’s surface can have a big impact on both your speed and the accuracy of your movements. But even if you have the perfect material under your mouse, it won’t matter if the pad itself is too small. If you’ve had your hand clunk onto your desk one too many times, it may be time to buy an extended mouse pad.

These mousepads are large enough to go under both your mouse and your keyboard with room to spare, giving you tons of space to move without sliding off the edge. There are lots of different features to choose from, too: Some have extra thick padding for comfort, like the Corsair MM330 at Amazon. Others have different surface options that prioritize either speed or control like the HyperX Fury S Speed Edition XL at Amazon. You can choose if you want low or moderate friction, which will impact how much you feel the gaming surface under your hand. If you aren’t so serious about these kinds of details, then you can prioritize aesthetics — it’s going to be a big part of your setup, after all. Choose from bold graphics, subdued neutrals, and even a few with customizable lighting options to find a mouse pad that’ll really complete your gaming station.

If you're looking for more information to complete your setup, make sure to read our guide on what to know before buying a computer mouse before taking a look at our top picks for the best extended mouse pads. 

Best Overall: Razer Goliathus Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

What We Like
  • Customizable RGB lighting

  • Micro-textured surface for precision

What We Don't Like
  • Expensive

  • Synchronized lighting feature is only available for some games

This 36.2 x 11.6-inch gaming mat from Razer is definitely on the pricier side, but it’s easy to see why it’s our top pick. The Goliathus has a thin border of customizable RGB lighting to surround both your keyboard and mouse. It’s powered by Razer Chroma software and includes a dizzying number of colors — 16.8 million to be exact, plus tons of animated effects — so you can set it to perfectly match your rig. It can even be synchronized with a select list of games and apps to provide immersive, responsive lighting effects along with the action. The surface of the pad is covered in “micro-textured” cloth to allow for precise tracking no matter what kind of mouse you’re using. The underside has a layer of grippy rubber to prevent sliding.

The Goliathus Extended Chroma is available in Classic Black, Quartz Pink, and Mercury White color combinations. Razer also sells mice and keyboards with Chroma software if you want to make your setup even more coordinated.

Runner-Up, Best Overall: Acer PMP720 Predator Spirits XL

What We Like
  • Oil and water resistant

  • Reduced-friction surface

What We Don't Like
  • Surface might be too slippery for some

The Predator Spirits XL mouse pad from Acer measures 36.6 6 x 11.8 inches. The surface is both oil and water-resistant, meaning that accidental spills won’t leave unsightly stains. It’s also heat resistant up to almost 350 degrees (F) so no matter how hot your setup gets, there’s no way it’ll damage the pad. Heat-bound edges prevent fraying at frequent contact points and the textile surface is engineered to reduce friction for super-smooth and precise control. The base is coated in non-slip rubber to keep the mouse pad in place.

The XL size is available in the Spirit Black design, which has a sleek, low-contrast graphic with few streaks of ice blue. The Spirits gaming pads are also available in an XXL size (36.6 x 17.7 inches) that are printed with immersive scenes of fantasy landscapes.

Best Design: Corsair MM300 Anti-Fray Mouse Pad

What We Like
  • Optimized for high-DPI gaming mice

  • Option for thicker padding

What We Don't Like
  • Rubber smell out of the box

  • No other color options

The Corsair MM300 Extended X-Large mouse pad measures 36.6 x 11.8 inches and foregoes the ultra-sleek spaceship aesthetic for something a little more textural. The fabric top has a low-friction weave for precise tracking that’s designed for high-DPI mice (both laser and optical). The surface is printed with a pattern that looks pre-worn, a little welcome grunge for people who aren’t necessarily about RGB. The edges of the mouse pad are heavily stitched to prevent fraying and the base is a layer of non-slip rubber so when you set it on your desk, it stays there.

These Corsair X-Large mousepads also come in a “Thick” size, which puts 0.2 inches of squishy rubber between your mouse and your desk. This is a great option for anyone who wants to smooth over an uneven surface or just wants a little extra cushioning while they game.

Best Splurge: Logitech G840XL

What We Like
  • Moderate friction for mouse feedback

  • Includes carrying case

What We Don't Like
  • No stitched edges

  • Surface attracts lint

This mouse pad from Logitech is precisely-engineered and stylish, sporting an all-black surface with just a hint of blue on the edges. It measures 35.4 x 15.6 inches and 0.11 inches thick to provide just enough cushioning while remaining low-profile and rollable (it even comes with its own transport tube). While some of these XL mousepads advertise super low-friction surfaces, that kind of slipperiness can make mouse movements feel imprecise or harder to control for some gamers. The G840XL advertises moderate friction to give you a little more feedback on your mouse movements and the cloth surface has been tuned for superior tracking consistency. Like several other mouse pads on this list, the G840XL has a rubber backing that prevents slipping and sliding on your gaming surface.

Best for Precision: ASUS ROG Sheath

What We Like
  • Low-profile stitched edges

  • Very durable surface

What We Don't Like
  • Can slide around

  • Only two (bold) design options

This ROG Sheath mouse pad from ASUS is all about precision. It’s a little bit larger than most of the options on this list, measuring 35.4 x 17.3 inches and about 0.12 inches thick. The woven surface is specially designed for precise mouse tracking and minimal friction. Even the stitched borders have been kept as low-profile as possible to prevent that bumper car effect if your mouse gets too close to the edge. That stitching also guards against fraying.

The ROG Sheath has undergone lots of durability testing to ensure that the pad’s surface will hold up under repeated swipes of your mouse. It’s also temperature resistant (up to 140 degrees) to withstand even the hottest PC. The one downside: this pad is lightweight enough that it can slide around a bit if you have a very smooth desk surface. It has a rubber backing to cut down on this kind of movement.

Best for Speed: HyperX Fury S Speed Edition XL

What We Like
  • Anti-fray edges

  • Optimized for optical mouse tracking

What We Don't Like
  • Surface might be too slippery for some

The Fury S mouse pad from HyperX is available in several sizes and with two different types of surface: one is optimized for speed, and the other for precision. We’ve chosen the XL version (35.4 x 16.5 inches) in the “speed” edition, which means it’s covered in a very densely-woven cloth that’s designed to be as low-friction as possible. If you’re all about quick reflexes, then the Fury S mouse pad certainly won’t slow you down. It works best with optical mice.

Like some of the other mouse pads on this list, the Fury S Speed Edition has stitched edges to prevent fraying and a non-slip rubber backing to hold it in place on your gaming surface. It’s about 0.16 inches thick, which is on the thinner side but makes it very easy to roll up and transport.

Best for Durability: Cooler Master MP510

What We Like
  • Water resistant

  • Fray resistant

  • Moderate friction for mouse feedback

What We Don't Like
  • Material can feel too rough for some

  • No rubber backing

If you’re tired of constantly replacing worn-out, low-quality mousepads, the MP510 from Cooler Master should probably be your next investment. It measures 35.4 x 15.7 inches and is 0.11 inches thick, which are about the standard dimensions for an “extra large” mouse pad. It might look like its competitors, but it definitely doesn’t feel like them — the surface of the MP510 is made from Cordura fabric, which is Cooler Master’s brand of engineered corduroy. It looks more like regular fabric and feels almost rough to the touch, providing the perfect amount of friction for both speed and precise control. Most mice track very well on this kind of surface, but some may be put off by the roughness against their wrist if they’re used to extremely smooth speed pads.

This mouse pad does not have a rubber backing, which means it isn’t as cushioned as some of the other options on this list. But it’s built like a tank and able to withstand heavy use. The stitched edges prevent fraying and the surface is fully waterproof to resist spills and stains. As an added bonus, the plain gray look goes with any gaming setup and is a neutral alternative to the very loud graphics on a lot of these mouse pads.

Final Verdict

The Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma offers speed, precision, and irresistibly fun RGB lighting that will take your setup to the next level. If you don’t need something quite so high-tech, we’d recommend the Acer PMP720 Predator Spirits XL for its durable build and ultra low-friction surface.

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What to Look For

Dimensions - Before upgrading from a regular mouse pad to one with extended dimensions, you’ll need to measure your desk space and see how big you want to go. It should be able to fit under your keyboard with some room to spare and should provide plenty of space around your mouse to move freely. Most of the mousepads on this list are the largest offered by these brands — if they seem too big for your setup, check and see if the item is offered in “medium” or “large” dimensions rather than “extra-large.”

Surface friction -
The amount of friction you want from your mouse pad will depend largely on personal preference and play style. Generally speaking, low-DPI gamers prefer a moderate amount of friction because it improves control and makes it easier to stop the mouse after fast bursts of movement. High-DPI gamers often prefer low friction because it allows for extremely precise movement and speed. But there are no hard and fast rules. If you like to “feel” the gaming surface under your mouse, look for something with a little more texture. If you just want to zip around on a super-smooth surface, check out low-friction mouse pads that prioritize speed. 

Durability -
In mouse pads as in life: buy better quality and you’ll buy less often. This is a piece of gear that gets used a lot and can undergo quite a bit of wear. Features like stitched or bonded edges can help prevent fraying and improve longevity. Water and heat resistance can also prevent fading, staining, and bad smells.

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