The 12 Best Ethernet Cables of 2019

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Picking out a good Ethernet cable is actually fairly easy once you know what you need. Plenty of network cables offer high-speed data transmission across decent lengths, so you’ll be easily able to get an affordable cable that will get the job done, whether you plan to wire up your home for future Internet speeds or just need to get a cable from your router to a device situated a couple feet away.

In most cases, you’ll have your pick between flat and round cables. While you’re not likely to experience much difference between them, flat cables can be useful for long connections that will be visible in your household. This is because flat cables can more easily hide under carpeting, make tight turns around corners, and mount flush against walls. Round cables may benefit from their extra thickness, and if you’re not planning to clip your cables to walls, round Ethernet cables may have a better aesthetic since twisting will be less evident than it would on flat cables.

The next bit of consideration is what category of cable you need, denoted with “CAT” followed by a number. While there are plenty of categories, there’s little reason to go below a CAT 6 cable, and you can affordably go up to a CAT 7 cable if you need it. CAT 6 Ethernet cables can offer 10 Gbps speeds at lengths of 164 feet. If you need to go longer than that while maintaining such high speeds, you can bump up to a CAT 6a or CAT 7. But, that use case will most likely be useful for creating a home network to transfer files between machines, as your typical home Internet connection is far from 10 Gbps speeds. If you’re installing permanent wiring in the walls of your house or anywhere else, you may benefit from using CAT 7 cables, as they’ll be more ready for future Internet speeds.

It’s also worth noting that whatever your application, your speeds will be limited by whichever device has the slowest speeds. If you have a 10Gbps router and get a CAT 6 cable but the Ethernet port on your computer can only handle 1 Gbps, then your speeds will be maxed out at 1Gbps. However, because the price difference between CAT 6 and CAT 7 cables isn’t substantial, you can safely pick either.

Now that we have all that covered, here are our picks for the best Ethernet cables that meet a variety of needs.

Our Top Picks

Jadaol CAT 6 Flat Cable

Cat 6 Ethernet Cable 50 ft White

Courtesy of Amazon

Jadaol has an excellent CAT 6 Ethernet cable that offers plenty of length at an affordable price. This is a flat cable, making it great for long runs through your house. As an added perk, the longer models come with packets of clips that hammer into the wall, making for a complete solution for installation. The clips hold the cable against the wall so your cable run won’t be an eyesore. The RJ45 connector at each end has a rubber guard to protect the clipping mechanism from snagging and breaking. This model supports Power Over Ethernet for those that need it. It comes in a variety of length.

Jadaol CAT 7 Flat Cable

For more speed, Jadaol also offers a CAT 7 Ethernet cable in multiple lengths, and it has black or white color options. While this CAT 7 cable may be overkill if you’re just connecting a computer to a router, it could be helpful for connecting a router to a modem or a network switch to a router. This cable is also flat and comes with nail-in clips to hold the cable against the wall, floor, or ceiling. And, for added assurance, Jadaol backs this able with a lifetime warranty.

Matein CAT 7 Flat Cable

Jadaol doesn’t have the whole market on flat cables cornered. Matein offers affordably priced black or white CAT 7 ethernet cables designed flat. Is there a substantial difference between this cable and Jadaol’s CAT 7 cable? Not too much. Both support 10 Gbps data transmission over a long distance, and both are reasonably priced. With the Matein 50-foot cables, you will get 20 cable clips, which is more than the 50-foot Jadaol cable comes with. So, if you really want to secure your cable, Matein’s may be a better option.

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AmazonBasics CAT 6 Round Cable

If you don’t need anything fancy, Amazon has you covered with the AmazonBasics CAT 6 Ethernet cable. The main benefit here? These cables offer the same speed as other CAT 6 cables, but they’re extra affordable, come in a wide variety of sizes, and they’re easy to purchase as multi-packs. Amazon offers individual cables or bundles of five, ten, or 24 cables. It also offers three-foot, five-foot, ten-foot, 14-foot, 25-foot, and 50-foot models. This gives you plenty of options to get just the cable for the job. Amazon backs these with a one-year warranty.

Cable Matters CAT 6 Multi-Color Pack

Cable Matters can simplify your in-home Ethernet wiring setup while still giving you affordability and speed. They offer Ethernet cables in packs of five, with all of the cables coming in a different color. If you’ve ever had to plug and unplug multiple devices, you’ll know how handy it can be to have cables that aren’t all the same color. Cable Matters also offers the Ethernet cable bundles in a variety of sizes for everything from short one-foot runs to modest 14-foot runs. And, since these are all CAT 6 cables, you’ll get plenty of speed to all your connected devices.

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CableGeeker CAT 7 Multi-Color Pack

CableGeeker has an incredibly affordable six-pack of five-foot cables in white, black, light blue, green, yellow, and red cable. These cables are also flat, so they’ll be handy in applications where tight bends are needed. With the CAT 7 speeds, multiple colors, and short runs, this cable pack would be ideal for connecting multiple high-bandwidth devices in a small area, such as on a home entertainment console with a modem, router, Smart TV, video game consoles, and perhaps a computer or NAS.

ShineKee CAT 7 Outdoor Cable

You don’t have to keep all of your cables indoors. ShineKee makes thick CAT 7 cables built to better withstand the harsher conditions of the outdoors. These cables come in a variety of lengths, going as short as 25 feet and as long as 200 feet. If you’re looking to run an Ethernet cable from your house to a garage or guest house, this would be a good option, whether you want to run it along some structure or even bury most of the cable underground. And, since it’s CAT 7, you’ll get full 10Gbps speeds even at the 200-foot length.

Danyee CAT 7 Braided Cable

While Ethernet cables can seem a bit utilitarian with their plain plasticy, rubbery outsides, and basic colors, that doesn’t have to be the case. DanYee offers slick-looking, braided CAT 7 Ethernet cables. These braided cables weave multiple colors together (black-white, blue-white-black, white-black) to offer a design that’s pleasing on the eyes. There’s even a fully gold-colored cable. And, they come in a wide variety of lengths from short three-foot cables to 100 feet. This gives you a lot of options, letting you make your cable setup both functional thanks to the different colors, and aesthetically pleasing thanks to the colorful braided design.

AmazonBasics CAT 7 Cable

If you want a no-nonsense solution for high-speed networking, Amazon has a straightforward AmazonBasics CAT 7 Ethernet cable. There are no pleasing colors, nor any extreme lengths, but there are easily stomachable prices and all of the cables are backed by a one-year warranty. Amazon offers the cables in three-foot, seven-foot, ten-foot, 15-foot, and 25-foot lengths. And, if you need multiple cables, there is a ten-pack of seven-foot cables, though that pack isn’t our favorite deal. Still, if you just want a simple, thick CAT 7 cable, Amazon’s are affordable and will get the job done.

Ultra Clarity Cables CAT 6 Cable Pack

Ultra Clarity Cables has a decent offer for anyone that needs CAT 6 speeds. It has two-packs of black and blue cables, in a wide variety of sizes from three feet to 25 feet, with ample increments between those lengths. Since each pack has two colors, these will be handy for making it clear which of your devices are connected with which cable. If you’ve already got some white cables coming from your router or network switch, these are a good pick to get started with color coding. As a perk, these cables are backed by a one-year warranty.

Vandesail CAT 7 Flat Cable

For just about all your high-speed Ethernet cable needs, Vandesail has a solid option. This assortment of CAT 7 cables gives you plenty of style options to fit your needs and help differentiate between cables. For CAT 7 Ethernet cables, Vandesail offers flat white and black cables, along with a flat braided cable in black with an orange accent at the connector, a round cable in black, and another round black cable that has a cross-hatched design. These come in a variety of sizes as well. And, if you’re planning for an even higher speed future, Vandesail also offers CAT7A and CAT8 cables.

CableGeeker CAT 6 flat multi-color pack

If you liked the idea of CableGeeker’s multi-color pack of Ethernet cables but didn’t think five feet was enough or didn’t need CAT 7 cables, then you’re in luck. CableGeeker has another colorful pack of ten-foot CAT 6 Ethernet cables. This pack also includes black, white, red, yellow, and light blue. And, all of the cables are flat for easy bending around corners. They come at an impressively affordable price for a pack of five cables, and that’s made all the better thanks to a lifetime warranty from CableGeeker.

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