The 8 Best Emergency Radios of 2022

Stay informed in the midst of a crisis

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When disaster strikes, having one of the best emergency radios on hand can be a literal lifesaver. Besides just being battery-operated radios, these pieces of kit are self-contained pieces of survival gear, featuring everything from LED flashlights to solar-powered USB ports to keep other devices charged in a time of crisis. While you hopefully will never actually need one of our best emergency radios, you'll want to invest in something with a sizeable battery, and ideally, an easy way to recharge it. Either a hand crank or solar cell, or even better, both.

While smartphones alone are still a great way of staying in touch during an emergency, but still rely on their own batteries and lose much of their utility in rural areas or if nearby cellphone towers are inoperative. Emergency radios not only use a fraction of the power it takes to keep your smartphone running, but can send and receive signals regardless of the current status of your cellular network. Having an emergency radio is absolutely essential for remaining informed during any situation.

Best Overall

Sangean MMR-88 Emergency Radio

Sangean MMR-88

Courtesy of Amazon

What We Like
  • Good combination of basic features

  • Solar power, hand crank, and USB charging

  • Supports AM/FM, public alerts, and 19 preset channels

What We Don't Like
  • Require micro-B input to recharge battery

With a built-in phone charger and LED flashlight, the Sangean MMR-88 radio is a great combination of all the basics. Measuring 2.71 x 5.98 x 3.3 inches and weighing only .86 pounds, the MMR-88 can be powered via hand crank, solar panel or USB jack. It has a rugged and durable frame, as well as an AM/FM public alert certification for severe weather warnings with 19 preset channels for quickly finding the most important stations.

The adjustable LED flashlight includes variable settings of high, low and blinking, as well as SOS Morse code functionality for situations that turn really dire. Rounding out the feature set is a built-in speaker, built-in clock, stereo headphone output and a 90-minute shut off feature for preserving battery life.

Best Hand Crank

Midland ER210 Emergency Radio

Midland ER210 Emergency Radio


What We Like
  • AM/FM radio and NOAA band radio support

  • Bright 130 lumen flashlight

  • 2000mAh rechargeable battery, USB output, and hand crank

  • Large LCD display

What We Don't Like
  • Some users report poor reception

Already one of the best emergency radios around, the inclusion of hand crank charging on the Midland ER210 makes it a must-own purchase for any emergency; it can also be powered by the sun (and can operate for 25 hours on a single charge).

It has AM/FM and NOAA band radio support, plus a 130 lumen LED flashlight for nighttime conditions. The included 2000mAh rechargeable lithium battery allows ER210 users to charge portable devices via USB output.

If an emergency does happen, the ER210 is prepared with an SOS flashlight beacon flashing Morse code to quickly discover your location. And just 60 seconds of hand cranking provides more than 45 minutes of radio and 30 minutes of flashlight power.

Most Unique Design

Eton FRX3+ American Red Cross Emergency NOAA Weather Radio

Eton FRX3+


What We Like
  • Unique and colorful design

  • Packs in solar power, battery backup, and hand crank

  • Supports AM/FM radio and all 7 NOAA, Canadda Weather radio bands

What We Don't Like
  • Requires mini USB cable to charge

The FRX3+ is an emergency radio from Eton with a distinctive design compared to other devices. It comes in a square form-factor and is covered in bright red plastic for easy visibility. It's designed to be a portable emergency radio, featuring AM/FM radio, and all 7 NOAA/Environment, Canada Weather bands. You can also set it up to automatically broadcast weather alerts.

Aside from providing you with radio, weather, and emergency alerts, it also works to provide battery backup, featuring a rechargeable power bank to top up your phone or other devices, a solar panel, and hand crank power turbine generator (with Red Cross branding on it). The combination of features and backup power options make it a great addition to any emergency kit.

Best Multifunction

Kaito KA500 Emergency Radio

Kaito KA500 Emergency Radio


The durable, water-resistant Kaito KA500 is capable of being charged via hand cranking, solar panel, micro USB cable, standard wall outlet or batteries. The KA500 also has AM/FM radio with an LED signal indicator for pinpoint channel-tuning, two-band shortwave for access to the public emergency alert system, as well as all seven NOAA channels. The telescoping antenna reaches 14.5 inches in height for extra sensitivity for radio broadcasts.

Fortunately, the KA500 feature list doesn't end there. It also adds a 5V DC USB output port for charging mobile devices, cameras and GPS units, and has a five-LED reading lamp, LED flashlight and red LED SOS beacon light.

Best Durable

Eton Scorpion II Emergency Radio

Eton Scorpion II Emergency Radio


What We Like
  • Rugged build for outdoor use

  • 12-hour battery life when fully charged

  • Supports all standard radio options, AM/FM, and NOAA weather bandds

  • IPX4 water-resistant

What We Don't Like
  • Some users report charging issues

The Eton Scorpion II portable emergency weather radio is the ideal rugged choice. With a fully charged battery, the Eton brings over 12 hours of radio time, while the inclusion of a solar panel, hand crank, DC jack, and micro USB make for easy methods when you need to recharge. With 15 minutes of hand crank charging on the Eton, you can completely charge up a mobile device, but the 800mAh battery adds a secondary option for charging up portable devices.

All the standard radio channel options are available, including AM/FM and NOAA weather bands for staying informed. The Eton also adds an IPX4 water-resistant rating to deal with heavy rain and splashes of water or any accidental drops. The built-in LED flashlight offers 20 feet of visibility, while a bottle opener takes the place of more emergency-based features like a Morse code beacon or siren (because sometimes, you just need to crack a cold one).

Best Solar

RunningSnail Emergency Radio (Upgraded)

RunningSnail Emergency Radio (Upgraded)


What We Like
  • Supports all 7 NOAA channels

  • Bright LED table lamp feature

  • Supports IPX3 waterproofing

  • Hand crank, three AAA batteries, solar power, and rechargeable battery built-in

What We Don't Like
  • Uses micro USB charging cable

The RunningSnail emergency radio helps you stay up to date at all times and is capable of receiving all seven NOAA weather channels. The included LED "table lamp" turns right on to help illuminate a small room in the event of a power outage. Featuring IPX3 waterproofing, the MD-090 can take on rain or snow without skipping a beat.

The RunningSnail can be charged via hand crank, micro USB cable, three AAA batteries or solar power. Additionally, the 2000mAh rechargeable battery can provide up to 12 hours of light or four to six hours of radio time (it can also charge up portable devices such as smartphones and tablets).

Best for Hiking

FosPower Emergency Radio

FosPower Emergency Radio


What We Like
  • Lightweight 15 ounces

  • Supports NOAA bands and AM/FM

  • 2,000mAh battery with hand crank, solar panel, and three AAA batteries

What We Don't Like
  • No headphone jack

If you're planning on hitting the trail, but still want to be within arms reach of civilization, the FosPower Emergency Radio is the perfect hiking companion. Besides being remarkably lightweight at just about 15 ounces, this portable radio also brings a ton of emergency features to rely on should the need arise.

The FosPower Emergency Radio has access to NOAA emergency weather broadcasts, as well as the typical AM/FM bands. The 2000 MaH battery can be charged via a hand crank, integrated solar cell, or even a trio of AAA batteries if one of these other methods somehow fails. While the capacity may be well below what you'd see in your typical off-the-shelf, power bank, the variety of charging methods ensures you're never without power for long.

More than just a battery, the FosPower Emergency Radio also includes an SOS distress signal, LED flashlight, and a USB port to keep other devices topped off in case of emergency making this radio the perfect companion for an emergency indoors or out.

Most Pocket-Friendly

C. Crane CC Pocket AM, FM, NOAA Weather Radio and Alert with Clock and Sleep Timer

C. Crane CC Pocket AM, FM, NOAA Weather Radio and Alert with Clock and Sleep Timer


What We Like
  • Portable and pocket-friendly size

  • Five one-touch memory presets for stations

  • Built-in speaker and includes earbuds

  • Long-lasting battery life

What We Don't Like
  • Doesn't come with AA batteries

With a super pocket-friendly size of 2.5 x 1 x 4.2 inches in size and weighing only four ounces, the C. Crane pocket radio is an excellent compact emergency solution. With AM/FM and NOAA weather band support, the Crane adds five one-touch memory presents for quickly circling back to emergency stations. The built-in speaker works great for the whole family to listen in, while the packaging includes earbuds for a more personalized listening experience. With two AA batteries (not included), the Crane can last for around 75 hours of play on a single charge. Extras such as a backlight, sleep timer, clock and alarm clock, as well as the ability to disable the display for longer battery life all make the Crane a standout purchase.

Final Verdict

For an emergency radio with tons of features that doesn't skip out on essentials its tough to go wrong with the Sangean MMR-88 (view at Amazon). Our top pick for emergency radios comes with a variety of LED flashlight modes, a lengthy battery life that can be charged in a variety of ways, and weighs less than 1 pound. If that particular model is unavailable for whatever reason, the Midland ER210 (view at Amazon) is a solid alternative.

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  • What is the best emergency radio brand?

    Most of the emergency radios on this list come from reputable brands which are well-regarded on Amazon. Some, like FosPower are listed as number 1 bestsellers and come with a lifetime warranty to assure your peace of mind. We're also fond of Eton and Midland for their high level of durability and numerous reviews. The Eton Rugged in particular is an Amazon Choice emergency radio.

  • What is the best hand crank emergency radio?

    We like the Midland ER210 Emergency Radio for its hand crank charging, along with numerous features and battery backup. Just 60 seconds of hand cranking can provide you with 45 minutes of radio and 30 minutes of flashlight power to the bright 130 lumen LED flashlight.

  • What emergency radio charges the phone best?

    For an emergency radio that can top up a phone, you'll want one with a big cell, ideally at least 2,000mAh. The aforementioned Midland ER210, RunningSnal Emergency Radio, and FosPower Emergency radio will all tick this box, providing you with plenty of juice for your device and lots of backup power options.

"Even if you have your smartphone, a natural disaster like a sandstorm or tornado could make smartphone services inefficient as you may lose your network. A hand-crank emergency radio helps you recharge the radio even when it’s low and its solar panels are effective for self-charge when the sun is out." — Sam Brown, Radio Engineer

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