Top 50 Most Popular Email Tips, Tricks and Secrets

Learn something new about spam, find clever tricks for your email program or service and discover amazing secrets. Here are the ten most popular email tips.

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(Updated July 2016)

How to Create an Email Signature in Outlook

Slight of hand tricks. ©Crossett Library; CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 license

Set up a short piece of text containing essential contact information, a tag line or maybe an ad or quotation to be inserted in every email you send from Outlook. More »

How to Get a Free Gmail Account

Want a new email address? A smart web interface and spam filter for your existing email account? A space to back up or archive old mail? Here's how to create and set up a new Gmail account. More »

How to Access Gmail via IMAP in Your Email Program or Mobile Device

Gmail IMAP provides seamless access to all your Gmail messages in any email program or mobile device and makes your labels appear as folders, too. More »

How to Move or Copy Mail from One Gmail Account to Another (Using Only Gmail)

You have a new Gmail account. You also have an old Gmail account. Here's how to move all mail (including sent messages) from the latter to the former effortlessly. More »

How to Set Up an Out of Office Vacation Auto-Reply in Outlook

While you are away from the computer, Outlook can automatically reply to incoming mail with a pre-written message telling senders when you'll be able to reply individually. More »

Curious about Your Gmail Stats?

Do you know how many emails you sent last month? Do you know how many you received? Do you know which day was the busiest for email? Gmail does, and it can let you know in monthly reports including certain email statistics such as the numbers of incoming and outgoing messages for each day and who you emailed most. More »

How to Block a Sender by Email Address in

Block senders in and ban their messages from your inbox. When you have a message at hand, blocking (and deleting) is particularly easy. You can also block any address or domain manually, though. More »

How to Send Mail from a Custom Email Address with Gmail

Do you like Gmail so much you want to handle all your email with it? Add any of your email addresses to Gmail, and you can send messages with them in the From: line. More »

How to Send an Email to Undisclosed Recipients in Outlook

If you want to send an email to a group of people but keep their email addresses hidden, send it to "Undisclosed recipients" in Outlook. More »

How to Recover a Forgotten Gmail Password

Can't get into your Gmail account because none of the passwords you think you remember work? Here's how to authenticate and set a new Gmail password to get back into your account. More »

How to Contact Gmail Support

Know where to report your issue with Gmail and get help directly from Google via email or through a public forum. More »

How to Send Mail From All Your Accounts and Addresses in Yahoo! Mail

Put on any email hat in Yahoo! Mail: here's how to send messages with any email addresses in the From: line from Yahoo! Mail. More »

How to Create an Email Account

Get a new email address at, or—and the account that goes with it, of course. More »

How to Access a Gmail Account with any Email Client via POP

Use all the power of your desktop email client with your Gmail account by downloading messages via regular POP access. You can still have all your Gmail archived and searchable on the web or delete retrieved mail automatically. More »

How to Delete Your Gmail Account

Want to get rid of a Gmail account? Instead of letting it expire, find out how to delete your Gmail account right now. More »

Wish you could use Gmail for all your email? Here's how to make Gmail download mail from up to five existing POP accounts. More »

How to Insert a Graphic or Animation in Your Outlook Email Signature

Make the signature appended to your emails in Outlook a richer experience by adding graphics, animations and logos. More »

How to Delete Your Yahoo! Mail Account

Close your Yahoo! Mail account to delete all messages, folders and address book data (and other Yahoo! services). More »

How to Create Email Stationery Easily in Outlook Express

Do you want to use your letterhead in emails — automatically? Or have you just created a message so beautiful you may want to use its formatting again? Here's how you can save any email you are composing in Windows Mail or Outlook Express as stationery, a template for future emails preserving all the formatting and wording. More »

How to Recover Lost or Deleted Yahoo! Mail Messages

Messages have inexplicably disappeared from your Yahoo! Mail account? You emptied the "Trash" folder with an important message inside? Here's how to undelete mail and recover lost messages by restoring Yahoo! Mail to a previous state. More »

How to Send an Email to Undisclosed Recipients from Gmail

If you want to send an email to a number of people but do it so that the email addresses of all these people are not shared with other recipients, a little trick and the Bcc: field in Gmail are all you need. More »

How to View the Complete Message Source in Outlook

Stop Outlook from throwing away the evidence. Here's how to make Outlook retain the original message source when it retrieves emails from the internet. More »

How to Add or Remove Additional Smart Inbox Folders in iOS Mail

See all (and only) unread messages from all your inboxes in one place; browse inbox emails with attachments fast; get an overview of sent mail across accounts. iOS Mail comes with these smart mailboxes and a few more. They are easily enabled—and turned off again. More »

How to Access AOL Email in Mac OS X Mail

You can either have Mac OS X Mail download only new messages or get seamless access to all your online AOL folders. More »

How to Set Up and Use Email Templates in Gmail

Type your standard replies to standard questions again—once. Then save them as templates in Gmail to be used over and over again in new messages or replies. More »

How to Insert an Image Inline in Gmail

Instead of just attaching pictures, you want them to appear intermingled with your text? Here's how to insert an image inline into a message you are composing in Gmail. More »

How to Control Email Use with Mac OS X Mail Parental Controls

Mac OS X Mail's parental controls allow you to make sure your child is communicating only with trusted people via email. If somebody new mails them or if they want to send an email to someone not yet trusted, you see the message first and can choose to approve or ignore it. More »

How to Turn Off the Outlook Reading Pane by Default

Do you prefer messages not to open automatically? Do you like the overview of a preview pane-free message list? Here are two ways to disable Outlook's reading pane — for all folders, and by default. More »

How to Archive Old Mail in Outlook and Keep the PST File Small

Has Outlook remembered an email address you mistyped, or do you want to get rid of an outdated name? Here's how to clear the auto-complete list that appears when you type in the To: field from unwanted entries. More »

How to Organize and Categorize Messages with Labels in Gmail

Is a message both urgent and pertaining to a certain project at work? Is an email both worthy a lengthy reply and from a friend? In Gmail, you can organize your messages freely by having them show up under all relevant labels. More »

How to Change Your Yahoo! Mail Password

Do you think somebody may have guessed your Yahoo! Mail password? Change it now, and then change and change again, to help keep your Yahoo! Mail account secure. More »

How to Change the Default Font Face and Size in Outlook

Specify the precise font, font style and color to use by default for emails in Outlook. More »

How to Recover a Forgotten Yahoo! Mail Password

Not all is lost if your Yahoo! Mail password is lost. More »

How to Create Folders to Organize Mail in

Add custom folders to store messages in With sub-folders, you can set them up in a hierarchy to boot. More »

How to Empty Your Gmail Inbox Quickly

Is your Gmail inbox full—too full? With but a few easy steps, you can delete or archive all its messages in one go and enjoy a fresh, empty Gmail inbox again. More »

How to Send Big (Up to 10 GB) Files with Gmail Using Google Drive

Upload large files to Google Drive right from Gmail's email composition screen (where you would also attach documents) and have it insert a link into the message that lets recipients download them easily as they please. More »

How to Block a Sender in Gmail

Have all a sender's message go to the "Trash" (or out of your inbox's way) silently and automatically in Gmail. More »

How to Access Yahoo! Mail in Gmail

Use your Yahoo! Mail in Gmail. With a Yahoo! Mail Plus account, here's how to set up Gmail to download new messages and let you send new mail (and replies) using the Yahoo! Mail address. More »

How to Send Email from a PHP Script Using SMTP Authentication (and SSL)

Now the email from your PHP script won't send. Now it will. Here's how to make PHP send emails even through mail servers that require authentication (and, optionally, SSL encryption). More »

How to (Mostly) Block a Sender and Let Them Know You Did in Gmail

For the sender of annoying emails and forwards who will hopefully take the cue, have Gmail remove future messages from your inbox automatically and send a reply that lets the original sender know they have been blocked. More »

How to Guess Somebody's Email Address

Most organizations do not let people choose email addresses freely but assign by name. You can take advantage of that by guessing the address of the person whom you seek. More »

How to Access in Postbox

As a backup or for convenience, here's how to set up an account in Postbox. More »

How to Access Your Yahoo! Mail Account via POP in Any Email Program

Add your Yahoo! Mail account to your email program using POP and have it download new messages in easy to configure a manner. More »

How to Set Up an Out-of-Office Vacation Response in Gmail

While you're away from computers and internet connections, let Gmail reply to the messages you receive to inform senders about your absence and when you'll be able to get back to them. More »

How to Delete an Email Address from Auto-Complete in Mac OS X Mail

If the email address of one of your contacts has changed or if you want to remove an email address from the auto-complete list in Mac OS X Mail for another reason, here's how to undo a bit of history. More »

How to Contact Support

Does behave oddly and in frustrating a manner? Do you feel sure something should be possible to do in, but how to do it is less than obvious? Do you long for help and support? You can contact and get answers from both support engineers at Microsoft and helpful users via's community help forums. More »

How to Organize Messages with Categories in

Find all emails that belong together in one place, and find every message in all the places where it belongs without duplicating it. categories let you organize mail flexibly. More »

How to Access the Gmail Address Book in Mac OS X Contacts and Mac OS X Mail

Gmail works seamlessly in OSX Mail using IMAP. The Gmail address book can work just as seamlessly (including automatic synchronization of changes) in OS X Contacts using CardDAV. More »

How to Contact Yahoo! Mail Support

You have a found a bug in Yahoo! Mail or an issue to report? Here's how and where to contact Yahoo! Mail support to get help from the source. More »

How to Correct Your Gmail Time Zone

The sun rises while the email says it's noon? Chances are the sun is not wrong. Here's how to align your Gmail time zone with it. More »

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