Top 50 Most Popular Email Tips, Tricks and Secrets

Slight of hand tricks
Slight of hand tricks.

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Learn something new about spam, find clever tricks for your email program or service and discover amazing secrets.

Here are the 50 most popular and essential email tips.

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Want a new email address? A smart web interface and spam filter for your existing email account? A space to back up or archive old mail? Here's how to create and set up a new Gmail account.

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Want to get rid of a Gmail account? Instead of letting it expire, find out how to delete your Gmail account right now.

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How to Change Your Yahoo! Mail Password

Do you think somebody may have guessed your Yahoo! Mail password? Change it now, and then change and change again, to help keep your Yahoo! Mail account secure.

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Close your Yahoo! Mail account to delete all messages, folders and address book data (and other Yahoo! services).

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Get a new email address at, or—and the account that goes with it, of course.

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How to Set Up an Out of Office Vacation Auto-Reply in Outlook

While you are away from the computer, Outlook can automatically reply to incoming mail with a pre-written message telling senders when you'll be able to reply individually.

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You have a new Gmail account. You also have an old Gmail account. Here's how to move all mail (including sent messages) from the latter to the former effortlessly.

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How to Recover Lost or Deleted Yahoo! Mail Messages

Messages have inexplicably disappeared from your Yahoo! Mail account? You emptied the "Trash" folder with an important message inside? Here's how to undelete mail and recover lost messages by restoring Yahoo! Mail to a previous state.

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How to Make iPhone Mail Sync More, All, or Less Mail

Wondering where all your old emails have gone or wishing iPhone Mail would show only the most recent? Here's how to choose how much mail iPhone Mail downloads from an Exchange email account.

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Make the signature appended to your emails in Outlook a richer experience by adding graphics, animations, and logos.

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How to Recover a Forgotten Gmail Password

Can't get into your Gmail account because none of the passwords you think you remember work? Here's how to authenticate and set a new Gmail password to get back into your account.

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Now the email from your PHP script won't send. Now it will. Here's how to make PHP send emails even through mail servers that require authentication (and, optionally, SSL encryption).

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How to Recover a Forgotten Yahoo! Mail Password

Not all is lost if your Yahoo! Mail password is lost.

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How to Recover a Forgotten iCloud Mail Password

Horrified, frustrated and locked out of your iCloud Mail account? Find out here what steps to take to reset the password and regain access to your email.

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How to Change your iCloud Mail Password

Keep your iCloud Mail account and address secure by updating your password. Here's how.

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Set up a short piece of text containing essential contact information, a tag line or maybe an ad or quotation to be inserted in every email you send from Outlook.

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Have Outlook Mail on the web forward to another email address. You can have all new mail forwarded or set up filters to redirect only certain emails.

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Type your standard replies to standard questions again—once. Then save them as templates in Gmail to be used over and over again in new messages or replies.

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How to Access Gmail in iPhone Mail

For a dedicated email experience under iOS, set up a Gmail or Google Apps email account in iPhone Mail.

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If you want to send an email to a group of people but keep their email addresses hidden, send it to "Undisclosed recipients" in Outlook.

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Archived mail does not appear in your Facebook Messages inbox or "Other" folders. Find out how to still access and search these conversations.

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Could your Yahoo! Mail address and account be at peril? After a certain time without usage, Yahoo! may inactivate and eventually delete it.

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Do you want to send an email to a number of people quickly, but without having each recipient's name show up for everybody? Here's how to send an email message to undisclosed recipients.

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Block senders in Outlook Mail on the Web at and ban their messages from your inbox. When you have a message at hand, blocking (and deleting) is particularly easy. You can also block any address or domain manually, though.

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How to Add an Image to Your Gmail Signature

Want to include a logo or other image with the branding and personalization of your every email? Here's how to add a graphic to your Gmail signature.

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How to Contact Gmail Support

Know where to report your issue with Gmail and get help directly from Google via email or through a public forum.

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If you want to include your photos, sketches or other images in your email messages directly (instead of as attachments), here's how to do it in Outlook.

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How to Pick Folders to Push in iPhone Mail

Push email is not for the Inbox alone. Here's how to have any Exchange folders' contents pushed to your iPhone Mail.

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Message and Attachment Size Limits in Gmail

Gmail lets you send and receive messages (and attached files) only to a certain size. Find out how to get your files to the desired destination nevertheless.

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How to Prevent Winmail.dat Attachments from Being Sent in Outlook

Beat application/ms-tnef and winmail.dat. Here's how to configure Outlook to make sure it does not send mysterious and inexplicable winmail.dat attachments with your emails to unsuspectingly confused recipients.

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One function is all you need to send an email from a PHP script.

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Receive all your Yahoo! Mail messages at another email address.

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How to Contact Yahoo! Mail Support

You have a found a bug in Yahoo! Mail or an issue to report? Here's how and where to contact Yahoo! Mail support to get help from the source.

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How to Access Windows Live Hotmail with Mac OS X Mail

Fetch and read and reply to Windows Live Hotmail messages from within Mac OS X Mail.

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How to Recover a Forgotten GMX Mail Password

Forgot the password to your GMX Mail account? With a secondary, contact address, resetting the password and getting back your account is a breeze.

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How to Create a Calendar Event From a Message in Gmail

Learn how to use the information in an email to create a Google Calendar event right from Gmail with all the essential data pre-filled.

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How to Create Folders to Organize Mail in

Add custom folders to store messages in With sub-folders, you can set them up in a hierarchy to boot.

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How to Import Your Yahoo! Mail Messages and Contacts Into Gmail

Here's how to import your messages as well as your address book from Yahoo! Mail into Gmail and turn folders into labels, too.

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How to Collect Mail from Other POP Accounts in Gmail

Wish you could use Gmail for all your email? Here's how to make Gmail download mail from up to five existing POP accounts.

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How to Block a Sender in Gmail

Have all a sender's message go to the "Trash" (or out of your inbox's way) silently and automatically in Gmail.

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How to Archive Mail and Messages Fast in Facebook

Keep your inbox slim and yourself happy by archiving messages with which you've dealt. In Facebook Messages, archiving conversations and emails is easy.

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How to Access Yahoo! Mail in Gmail

Use your Yahoo! Mail in Gmail. With a Yahoo! Mail Plus account, here's how to set up Gmail to download new messages and let you send new mail (and replies) using the Yahoo! Mail address.

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Have Gmail forward incoming messages to any email address automatically to read them at your old email account in your old email program.

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How to Delete a Contact from Gmail

Want to get rid of a contact erroneously entered? Need to clean your address book of client details now kept elsewhere? Here's how to remove an email address from your Gmail contacts.

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How to Add a Background Image to a Message in Outlook

Learn how to give your emails a colorful and original background in Outlook by adding an image.

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If you want to send an email to a number of people but do it so that the email addresses of all these people are not shared with other recipients, a little trick and the Bcc: field in Gmail are all you need.

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How to Find the Folders in Which Mac OS X Mail Stores Your Emails

Know where to look when you want to back up your Mac OS X Mail mailboxes. Here's how to find out where they store your emails.

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How to Change the Default Font Face and Size in Outlook

Specify the precise font, font style, and color to use by default for emails in Outlook.

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How to Find All Unread Messages in Gmail

Want to see all—and only—your unread messages in Gmail? A short search does the sweet trick.

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Curious about Your Gmail Stats?

Do you know how many emails you sent last month? Do you know how many you received? Do you know which day was the busiest for email? Gmail does, and it can let you know in monthly reports including certain email statistics such as the numbers of incoming and outgoing messages for each day and who you emailed most.

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