The 8 Best Electric Scooters to Buy in 2018

Get around town faster than ever

When traveling short distances, sometimes it's not practical to walk and taking a can be a hassle (parking, traffic, etc.). So, an electric scooter is an ideal solution because they're a great way to tool around town. They're efficient, relatively inexpensive (when you consider how much time it will save you and how long it will last) and environmentally friendly. But there are a few things to consider before ponying up some cash for one, including price, portability, design, speed and more. Want some help finding the right one for you? From budget-friendly to splurge-worthy, and from fast to slow, we've found the best electric scooters to buy right now.

Best Overall: Glion Dolly Adult Electric Scooter

Featuring a highly durable aluminum frame that's resistant to corrosion, the Glion Dolly foldable lightweight adult electric scooter is a great choice for everyday riding. The built-in 6.6Ah lithium-ion battery pack and 250-watt motor offer 15 miles of range on a single charge, with 3.25 hours of recharge time from zero to full. Capable of traveling around 15 miles per hour, the Glion offers a smooth ride, thanks to its eight-inch honeycomb, never-flat airless rubber tires. The handlebar-mounted battery indicator helps riders track battery life, while the controls are water resistant and easy to learn and use. Weighing only 28 pounds, the Glion adds a retractable handle and roller wheels that allow it to be transported like a suitcase and the foldable design means the scooter can stand up on its own in a closet or behind a door for easy storage.

Best Budget: Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter

With a price tag that's sure to please riders of all ages, the Razor Power Core E90 adds an easy way to jump headfirst into the electric scooter world without spending a fortune. Offering speeds up to 10 miles per hour on a single charge and 80 minutes of continuous use, the E90 has outstanding battery life for a low, low price. With nearly twice the battery life of more expensive scooters, the E90 also receives bonus points as a zero-maintenance electric scooter with no chains or alignment required during use. The retractable kickstand allows easy on and off for riders of all ages, while the kickstart function requires at least three miles per hour before the motor will kick in. The hand operated front brake is complemented by a push-button throttle.   

Best Commuter: Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter

While the design might look more like an electric bike than a scooter, the lack of pedals allows the Razor EcoSmart Metro to stand out from the pack. With its extra-large deck for foot placement and comfort, the EcoSmart has an optional rack on the rear of the scooter that offers an attachable basket for storage on trips to the store. Featuring speeds up to 18 miles per hour and a 10-mile range, the EcoSmart offers more than enough power to head down to the local grocery or convenience store. Weighing 67 pounds, it's not the lightest scooter in the field, but the removable seat reduces the weight and transitions the EcoSmart into a more traditionally styled stand-up electric scooter. Recharging the battery to full takes up to 12 hours and a full charge offers 40 minutes of total riding time.

Best Speed: Super Turbo 1000 Watt Electric Scooter

Featuring a 1000-watt motor and ultra-durable frame, the Super Turbo 1000-watt elite 36V electric scooter is a terrific option for scooter speed demons. The motor spins at 3000 RPMs, which produce speeds that can exceed 26 miles per hour. At that speed, a Super Turbo rider can reach a maximum distance of 18 miles per charge with a six- to eight-hour recharge time between each ride. On flat terrain at full throttle, the Super Turbo can target a range of 9 to 10 miles, while user reviews peg slightly farther distances if you reduce the throttle consistently throughout the ride. The removable seat adds additional comfort for longer rides and a small storage bag is included for long-term care.

Best Battery: Razor E300

Backed by the well-known Razor name, the Razor E300 electric scooter is an outstanding combination of price and battery life. Once aboard the E300, riders can travel up to 15 miles per hour for up to 40 minutes of continuous use before needing to recharge. Beyond battery life, the wider deck and frame make the E300 more suitable for all ages, while still supporting riders up to 220 pounds in weight. What it lacks in safety lights (so it's best used during the daytime) it more than makes up for with a smooth and stable ride, thanks to its 10-inch wide tires and light frame that weighs only 43 pounds. Riding the E300 has twist-grip acceleration and a hand-operated rear brake that makes it the E300 the ideal choice for users of all skill levels. Additionally, a retractable kickstand makes getting on and off the E300 easier than most competitive models.

Best for Kids: Razor E100 Electric Scooter

Recommended for children ages eight and older, the Razor E100 is a solid choice for parents looking to get their kids started with an electric scooter. Featuring an adjustable handlebar for users of all sizes, the hand-operated front brake offers no-frills operation by putting everything the rider needs right on the handlebar for easy use. The hand-operated front brake complements the twist-grip throttle for easy acceleration (and the E100 adds a required manual kickoff to three miles per hour before the motor powers on). Once the motor takes over, riders will find speeds up to 10 miles per hour and a ride time of up to 40 minutes of continuous use. At 31 pounds, the E100 is easily transported, although it lacks a folding design for easier storage in a garage or closet.

Best Lightweight: Cellot Carbon Fiber Electric Scooter

Weighing 14 pounds, the Cellot foldable electric carbon fiber scooter stands out from the rest, thanks to its minimal footprint and easily transported frame. But the Cellot didn't skimp on durability either. The carbon fiber frame feels sturdy and even supports up to 220 pounds of weight on a frame that's just .3 inches thin. The Cellot's handlebar is decorated with an LCD display that keeps riders apprised of speed, battery life, distance traveled and time of day.

With a max speed of 25 miles per hour, the Cellot's five-inch hub motor and lithium-ion battery can power the scooter for up to 12 miles of total range. As an added bonus to the unique motor, the Cellot adds a field-oriented control that introduces nearly silent acceleration, while the electronic braking system doubles as a way to repower the battery during braking.

Best Splurge: Qiewa Q1Hummer Electric Scooter

Featuring an eye-popping range up to 62 miles on a single charge, the Qiewa Q1Hummer electric scooter is a must get if the price is no object. With a two second quick-folding design and 10-inch pneumatic tires for a smooth ride, the Qiewa has a non-flashy frame but chooses to beat the competition when it comes to value. Beyond its outstanding range, the Qiewa adds some extra functions such as a USB mobile charging function and IP65 waterproofing certification for taking on puddles with ease. The higher price tag also comes with the opportunity to add a second rider, thanks to a max load of 550 pounds. Equipped with a disc brake system, the Qiewa gives you extra peace of mind knowing it can stop on a dime, while the solid aluminum frame feels sturdy and durable for years to come.


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