The 21 Best Educational YouTube Channels for Kids

Videos that help your kids learn and have fun, too

The Ultimate Guide to Online Learning at Home
The Ultimate Guide to Online Learning at Home

We checked out the best educational YouTube channels for kids. The content on these channels is curated for you so that you don't have to guess as to whether the channel is appropriate.

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Best Overall: Kids Learning Tube

Screenshot from Kids Learning Tube Video depicting the United States of America
What We Like
  • There is a new learning video every Friday.

  • They have videos for every level of learning - from preschool through middle school.

  • Each video has just one concept.

What We Don't Like
  • Coverage of topics only barely scratches the surface. While this is great for younger kids, older kids may be left with a desire for more. 

Kids Learning Tube is a treasure trove of learning videos. From information about countries to the periodic table song, this channel is an amazing resource for parents and kids. Uploads include:

  • "Lunar Eclipse for kids"
  • "Louisiana"
  • "Periodic Table of Elements Song"
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Best YouTube Kids Channel for the Strange Questions Your Kids Will Ask: TED-Ed

Screenshot from TED-Ed video showing a list of words that can be combined into compound words
What We Like
  • ​TED-Ed answers those weird questions kids are likely to come up with.

  • TED-Ed videos cover a wide range of topics, making it a great channel for general learning. 

  • There is a website with further learning activities for each video. 

What We Don't Like
  • Topics covered by TED-Ed can be pretty random. 

From discussing the origins of words to answering the ever-important question, "Why isn't the world covered in poop?" Ted-Ed helps parents and educators out.  Other uploads include: 

  • "What makes a poem...a poem?"
  • "How the language you speak affects your thoughts"
  • "Is It Possible to Create a Perfect Vacuum?" 

While most preteens will love this channel, many of the videos are appropriate for younger kids as well. 

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Best Overall Older Kids YouTube Learning Channel: Crash Course

Crash Course host talking about natural philosophy
What We Like
  • This is an outstanding resource for kids who are in middle school and above, and precocious 8-9 year olds.

  • Not only are topics broken down in easy-to-understand 15-minute chunks of knowledge, but gifted kids and kids with voracious appetites for learning will find new doors of inquiry

What We Don't Like
  • Many of the topics covered would be of interest to younger kids, but the treatment of the topics won't appeal to most 5-10 year olds. 

Theater, media literacy, math, history, sociology, computer science, and much more are covered on Crash Course. Uploads include:

  • "Metals & Ceramics"
  • "The Replication Crisis"
  • "The Presocratics"
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Best Overall Kids' Educational YouTube Channel: Free School

Free School video screenshot depicting a cave
What We Like
  • The videos produced by Free School are informative and well-done.

  • They answer the questions that kids have, but they also anticipate the next question a child watching the video may have.

What We Don't Like
  • Some of the videos only touch on topics superficially, leaving kids wanting more information. 

Biographies, history, geology, oceanography, mythology, are all topics Free School tackles on their kids YouTube channel. Recent uploads include:

  • "Types of Caves for Kids"
  • "All About Whale Sharks for Children"
  • "Biography of the Wright Brothers for Children"

Free School's videos can be used with younger children, but they are best for kids in 3rd-6th grades. 

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Best Overall Kids' Educational YouTube Channel: Homeschool Pop!

Homeschool Pop! screenshot with an animated man and map of the United States
What We Like
  • This YouTube channel organizes their videos by subject and grade, so if you have a child needing to learn more about the 50 states, it's easy to find those videos.

  • They upload new videos several times a month, so there is always new material kids can draw from.

What We Don't Like
  • The holiday videos section could be expanded to include non-Christian holidays (i.e. Hannukah) and federal holidays.

Whether you homeschool or not, Homeschool Pop has a lot of great kids videos. Uploads include: 

  • "Oceans of the World"
  • "Antonyms"
  • "South Carolina for Kids"

Homeschool Pop!'s learning videos are geared toward kids from Kindergarten to 4th-grade level. Precocious preschoolers will also learn from these videos.

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Best Early Childhood Learning YouTube Channel: StoryBots

Screenshot from StoryBots showing two robots with dinosaurs and an easy chair in the background
What We Like
  • They have catchy songs that teach a variety of concepts.

  • They also weave humor throughout their videos.

What We Don't Like
  • Parents may wish to preview videos. Some humor may not be appropriate for all families.

The StoryBots are a lot of fun. Videos uploaded include:

  • "Amazing Discoveries & Inventions in History"
  • "Wild Animal Songs for Kids"
  • "Learn the Planets in the Solar System" 

StoryBots is a great channel for kids from PreK-2nd grade. Some of their videos could be enjoyed by 3rd and 4th graders as well. 

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Best Overall Middle School and Above YouTube Learning Channel: Khan Academy

Screenshot from Khan Academy video illustrating rotation on a blackboard
What We Like
  • ​​Khan Academy provides a nice overview of subjects beyond what's in grade-level books.

  • Khan Academy can help illuminate difficult topics in mathematics and science. 

What We Don't Like
  • While the videos are informative, they're not flashy, which may make them unappealing to some kids.

While there are some videos dedicated to younger kids, Khan Academy is best for kids in middle school or above. Uploads include:

  • "Geometry Early Math"
  • "Chemistry of Life"
  • "American Civics"
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Best Overall Elementary YouTube Learning Channel: National Geographic Kids

NatGeo Kids' video screenshot with an illustration of a rocket and rocket facts
What We Like
  • Because these videos are made by National Geographic, there is some awesome footage. 

  • These videos are very well produced. 

What We Don't Like
  • Most of the videos are very short - five minutes and under - and don't require a long attention span. Nor do they get very far into a topic.

Whether your kid wants to learn about venomous animals or try out an experiment involving baking soda, you're likely to find something on National Geographic Kids' YouTube Channel. Uploads include:

  • "Big Cats Party Animals"
  • "Insectopedia Weird But True Fast Facts"
  • "Hyenas and Crocodiles on Safari!" 

National Geographic Kids is best for Kindergarten-5th grade, though some older and younger kids will also enjoy many of their videos.

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Best YouTube Educational Content for Girls: Amy Poehler's Smart Girls

Danica McKellar is holding pencils demonstrating ways to make 10
What We Like
  • This channel highlights strong women who are doing great things - an important thing for young girls to see,

  • Although geared toward girls, elementary and middle school boys can also get a lot out of watching this YouTube channel.

What We Don't Like
  • Videos aren't uploaded on a regular basis. 

Empowering girls with education is important. Amy Poehler's Smart Girls YouTube channel has a host of shows, including Making Math Fun with Danica McKellar and Women We Love. Uploads include:

  • "Put on Your Math Thinking Cap with Danica McKellar!"
  • "Meet JPL's Systems Engineer Farah Alibay"
  • "How to Regrow Your Leftovers"
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Best PBS Science Education Channel on YouTube: It's Okay to Be Smart

Joe Hanson explaining how igloos keep people warm in front of an illustration of an igloo
What We Like
  • Joe Hanson is engaging.

  • Science is presented in an accurate manner.

  • Videos have a reference list.

  • The illustrations help keep kids engaged with the content.

What We Don't Like
  • Videos are published every-other week even though the "about" page says that they are published weekly.

Part science magazine, part science instruction, It's Okay to Be Smart is perfect for tweens and teens wanting to know more. Uploads include:

  • "Why Do Disney Princesses All Look Like Babies?"
  • "What's the Hottest Hot and Coldest Cold?"
  • "Why is the Universe So Empty?"
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Best YouTube Kids Channel for Science Topic Overviews: Crash Course Kids

Crash Course Kids screenshot showing woman discussing food chains at a desk in front of drawn vines.
What We Like
  • These videos break down complex topics into simple videos with fun illustrations, they're a great match for kids in kindergarten through fourth grades. 

What We Don't Like
  • The last video was uploaded two years ago, so it appears that there won't be any new videos on this channel.

When you need a video to introduce a child to a new topic, Crash Course Kids makes for an excellent resource. Uploads include:

  • "Gotta Eat!"
  • "Fabulous Food Chains"
  • "Defining Gravity"
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Best Kids Science YouTube Channel: Peekaboo Kidz

Dr. Binocs screenshot with Dr. Bionics riding a vespa in front of a cartoon tornado
What We Like
  • The producers upload a video each week, tackling a new scientific topic.

  • Dr. Binocs brings science to life in these entertaining, and short, educational videos for kids. Topics include:

What We Don't Like
  • Peekaboo Kidz doesn't make full use of the power of the playlists on their channel, so parents looking for, say all the videos on body systems have to search through all the videos. 

The Dr. Binocs Show is geared toward kids in elementary school. Peekaboo Kidz' channel has Nursery Rhymes and Alphabet Songs for younger siblings. 

  • "How Smart Are Chimpanzees?"
  • "How Your Urinary System Works"
  • "Animals with Superpowers!"
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Best Kids Science YouTube Channel: SciShow Kids

Jessi of SciShow Kids and her robot rat, Squeaks
What We Like
  • There are new videos uploaded twice a week - on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

  • Squeaks helps draw in younger kids. 

  • Jessi does experiments so that kids can see why things work the way they do.

What We Don't Like
  • Because the videos are short, the information is delivered very quickly. Kids may want to watch videos twice to pick up all the details.

In SciShow Kids, Jessi and her rat robot companion, Squeaks, explain, experiment, and show kids how to arrive at the answers to those questions. Uploads include:

  • "Why Do Planes Leave White Streaks in the Sky?"
  • "How Do Temporary Tattoos Work?"
  • "Diamond, the Super Crystal!"

These videos are best for kids in Kindergarten-4th grades.

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Best Science Museum YouTube Kids Channel: The Brain Scoop

Chair-using man moving through seagulls in The Brain Scoop's
What We Like
  • There are a lot of strange specimens shared on this channel. 

  • You learn a lot of random facts from The Brain Scoop.

What We Don't Like
  • Some of the videos may not be appropriate for children who are squeamish. 

The Brain Scoop is a YouTube channel put together by Chicago's Field Museum. The channel has a lot of fascinating videos that are great for tweens and older. Uploads include:

  • "Get Outside"
  • "Aliens? Demon? Nope, Its Just a Fish"
  • "Sooty Birds Share Dirt on Air Pollution"
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The Best Kids' Physics Channel on YouTube: MinutePhysics

MinutePhysics video screenshot of a drawn illustration of a tower
What We Like
  • MinutePhysics videos are well-illustrated and well-narrated so that the complex topics explained are easily understood.

What We Don't Like
  • Video uploads don't happen on a predictable basis, some months have several uploads, some have none. 

MinutePhysics is a great YouTube channel that's focused on teaching kids about physics. Uploads include:

  • "Is it Better to Walk or Run in the Rain?"
  • "Immovable Object vs. Unstoppable Force"
  • "What Is Gravity?"

This channel is best-suited for kids who are in the 3rd-6th grade age group, but some of the more general videos will be enjoyed by 1st and second graders. 

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Best Science and Math YouTube Channel Using Music to Teach: Mike Likes Science

Mike standing in front of a chalkboard with geometrical illustrations
What We Like
  • Not only are the videos informative, but the content is delivered in a really fun way.

  • Using music to teach sometimes complex concepts presents an additional way to make science appeal to children.

What We Don't Like
  • The songs are very catchy. Be prepared for earworms.

Mike Wilson uses his rap lyrics to teach kids about science and math. Uploads include:

  • "Slope Formula"
  • "The Internet of Things"
  • "Black Scientists Who Changed the Game"

The content of Mike Likes Science's videos is best geared for preteens and above. 

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Best Kids Science and Math YouTube Channel: Mr. DeMaio

Mr. DeMaio talking with a puppet in a large field
What We Like
  • Mr. DeMaio is able to make kids laugh while they are learning.

  • The manner Mr. DeMaio uses to present information to kids helps them to retain that information.

What We Don't Like
  • Parents should be aware that Mr. Demaio's humor is a bit off the wall. They may wish to review videos first. 

Mr. DeMaio and his goofy puppet friend are a kid favorite. His uploads include:

  • "Eartquake Facts for Kids"
  • "Three Times Table Song"
  • "Carnivorous Plant Facts"

Mr. DeMaio's educational YouTube channel is best for 2nd-5th graders.

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Best Middle School YouTube Kids Math Learning Channel: Mathantics

Man talking about measurement units in front of a screen with a man next to a tape measure and a box on a scale
What We Like
  • ​Mathantics offers exercises that kids can complete on their website to help solidify the information that kids have learned. 

What We Don't Like
  • The visual aids in the videos move pretty quickly. That can be a little distracting from what's being said in the video.

​Mathantics is both a YouTube channel and a supplemental math website that aims to help kids with their stumbling blocks in math.Uploads include:

  • "Intro to the Metric System"
  • "Basic Probability"
  • "Subtracting Mixed Numbers"

Mathantics is best for kids starting at about 4th grade and continuing through middle school. 

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Best Kids PreK-2nd Grade Math YouTube Channel: Math & Learning Videos 4 Kids

Two giraffes looking into a corn field behind a lizard driving a vehicle
What We Like
  • This is a great resource for seeing math in action. 

  • There are also some alphabet and phonemic awareness videos in the mix. 

What We Don't Like
  • Kids probably won't notice, but the animation isn't as good as it could be. 

When kids need extra math help and enjoy animations, Math & Learning Videos 4 Kids is a great educational resource. Uploads include:

  • "Perimeter - Finding Perimeter of Polygons"
  • "Multiplication and Division Word Problems" 
  • "More and Fewer Kindergarten Math for Kids"
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Best Social Sciences YouTube Channel for Kids: SoulPancake

Two puppets and a weather stream illustration
What We Like
  • ​SoulPancake broaches a number of topics that others might not be willing to cover. 

  • SoulPancake is honest with kids.

What We Don't Like
  • Parents of young preteens may do well to monitor content if it's a concern.

SoulPancake delivers a host of shows on their channel that mostly focus on the social sciences: history, philosophy, and psychology. This YouTube channel was founded by Rainn Wilson. Uploads include:

  • "Who Won the Space Race?" 
  • Kid President
  • "What Makes You Happy?"

This channel is appropriate for 3rd grade and up. 

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Best Digital Citizenship YouTube Channel: Common Sense Education

Animated character on a scooter moving through a park
What We Like
  • The channel also has education suggestions for parents and teachers.

  • The channel offers information to kids about safety and privacy online.

  • There are links to lesson plans for videos.

What We Don't Like
  • Videos for kids are mixed in with videos for educators and parents. 

Kids are using technology more than ever before, and it's important to keep them safe while online. Common Sense Education has a channel dedicated to teaching elementary aged kids what they need to know to be good digital citizens. Uploads include:

  • "Rings of Responsibility"
  • "Private and Personal Information"
  • "My Media Balance"