Top 26 Favorite Easter E-Card Sites 2017

Send greetings for a happy Easter from the best e-card sites on the net.

Happy Easter in E-Cards

Easter bunny, religious joy, Easter eggs, Spring flowers, Easter ham, and so much more. Whatever best conveys the happiness of Easter for you, chances are you can send it with an email greeting card.

Here are my favorite sites to compose and send Easter e-cards.

Jacquie Lawson - Easter E-Cards

Jacquie Lawson - Easter E-Cards.
An Arcimboldesque Easter hare and a pop-art chicken straight out of the egg make for most picturesque and festive Easter greetings at Jacquie Lawson.

2 - Easter E-Cards - Easter E-Cards. AGCM, Inc.
Paying members of can select from one of the best and biggest collections of Easter greeting cards.

Paperless Post - Easter E-Cards

Paperless Post - Easter E-Cards
Paperless Post - Easter E-Cards. Paperless Post
Not only Easterly greetings but invitations as well come meticulously designed and set in stunning typography with the Paperless Post.

Ojolie - Easter E-Cards

Ojolie - Easter E-Cards. Ojolie
Easter Bunny delivers! Mother duck gets a well-decorated surprise, and you can send a lovely Easter greeting card.

JustWink Easter Cards

JustWink Easter Cards
JustWink Easter Cards. AGC, LLC.

Whether you just wink or rather stare, these cards just work: justWink not only offers pleasantly drawn cards and the clever words to go with them, you can also add your own images (and words, of course)—and even send your Mother's Day greeting as a physical card.

Katie's Cards - Easter E-Cards

The bright and beautiful spring colors in Katie's Easter greetings bring happiness, for sure, and hares and rainbows; and flowers; chickens,...

7 - Easter E-Cards

Some of the high quality cards at are decorated not only with happiness, but with nice Flash animations, too.

Vintage Postcards - Easter E-Cards

Easter is beautiful and glorious in the vintage greeting cards you can send from The cards even include original handwritten notes.

9 Easter Cards

If you did not send any e-cards during Lent, splurge for Easter with cards that make fun of Easter (and Lent and everything else) in style from

Kisseo Easter ecards

Cards of varied styles—from funny and exuberant to solemn and reflective—, but always in style and good taste can be sent from Kisseo. Many work on smartphones as well.

CrossCards Free Christian Easter eMail Greeting Cards

CrossCards combines religious messages with uplifting imagery for profoundly Christian Easter e-cards.

Plaxo - Easter E-Cards

Send greetings both beautiful and inspiring to your Plaxo contacts — or anybody else with an email address.

JibJab - Easter E-Cards

How's Easter for Easter eggs? Find out at JibJab, where you can send this story and other funny, rich and neatly animated Easter cards.

14 - Easter E-Cards

There's a wonderful card for everyone in's large Easter collection. You have to be a paid member to send them, however.

15 - Easter E-Cards

Few holidays are so joyful as Easter. Celebrate with colorful cards, great greetings and religious recreation from

Victorian Trading Co. - Easter E-Cards

Very green, very happy and very lovely -- that's what these Victorian Easter and Spring greeting cards are.

Care2 - Easter E-Cards

Send cute bunnies, chickens and eggs (and much more) as wonderful Easter greetings, and do something for them at the same time: Care2 sponsors environment organizations.

1001 Postcards - Easter E-Cards

Among the literally 1001 postcards at this site are also great and especially bright cards that celebrate Easter and Spring. Many even add animation to the celebration.

GreetingSpring - Easter E-Cards

Regular Easter greetings feel a tad flat? GreetingSpring aim at three dimensions in their cards, and at a little Easter fun.

20 - Easter E-Cards

Send Easterly images and greetings; they may be simple, but they're sweet — and from the original site.

21 Easter eCards

If the Easter you wish upon others is sunny and bright and happy and—yellow, then is a place to visit for Easter e-cards.

123 Greetings - Easter E-Cards

As easy as 1-2-3. That's what sending a funny, religious or floral (or a funny, religious, and floral) Easter greeting is with 123 Greetings. The selection is not the biggest, but there are some very fine cards in it.

Hi! Easter eCards

Say Hi! to Easter and bunnies and eggs and more sweet, typical imagery you can easily send as an Easter e-card from

Sloppy Kiss Cards - Easter E-Cards

Sloppy Kiss Cards's charming dogs have travelled all around the world to wish a very happy Easter. (Sloppy Kiss Cards has cats, too.)

Free Web Cards - Easter E-Cards

Choose from a selection of diverse images for your Easter greetings at Free Web Cards.

carlsenCards - Easter E-Cards

Wish an Easter as happy as dinosaurs were big with carlsenCards's Easter e-cards and saurian eggs and dancing chickens.