The 9 Best Drone Accessories of 2019

Keep your device safe with these smart add-ons

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The Rundown

Our Top Picks

DJI High Capacity Intelligent Flight Battery

DJI High Capacity Intelligent Flight Battery

Courtesy of Amazon

DJI’s High Capacity Intelligent Flight Battery is designed specifically for the DJI Phantom 4, a wildly popular drone that offers some of the best performance on the market. The battery is a high-capacity pack that allows for maximum charge and extends the time in which you can fly. The battery pack comes with enough charge to let you fly for 30 minutes and if you take it out, it’ll quickly recharge and keep your drone in the air.

The intelligent side of the battery means it’ll provide insight to the DJI Go app on how much time it has left on its charge. Once it reaches a minimum safe point as determined by DJI’s software, the drone will return to its take-off point, ensuring your device doesn’t get lost or plummet unexpectedly.

Homga Drone Landing Pad

Homga Drones Landing Pad

Courtesy of Amazon

Homga’s Drone Landing Pad is a handy solution for anyone who wants to have a landing competition or wants to pinpoint an exact location to land a drone without any obstacles. The landing pad is quite affordable and measures 30 inches across. It’s designed for any drone, so whether you’re using a DJI Mavic Pro or opting for another RC drone, you’ll be good to go.

The landing pad comes in two colors: blue and orange. There are also reflective strips on the pad that will make it easier to see at night. Just in case you want to land in windy conditions, you’ll also be able to use nails to tack it down and keep it in place.

Case Club Drone Wheeled Case

Buying a case for your drone is always a good idea. It generally keeps your drone safe, ensures your batteries are where you need them, and keeps your propellers in tip-top condition. The Case Club Drone Wheeled Case is one of our favorite options as it's heavy duty, dustproof, and waterproof. Sure, it’s a little on the expensive side, but its hard shell and military-grade interior foam afford your drone unsurpassed protection. It’s specifically designed for the DJI Phantom 4, but you can also use it for similarly sized drones.

In addition to storing the drone, the case will hold up to five batteries, the controller, your propellers, and an array of other small accessories. Best of all, it’s airline-approved for checked luggage and you can padlock it. If you’re concerned about carrying it around, don’t be: it has wheels, so you can easily travel with it.

Powerextra Waterproof Carrying Bag

Another great storage option, the Powerextra Waterproof Carrying Bag offers sound protection for your drone of choice and has a sleek backpack design that lets you throw it over your shoulder for easy carry. The case features a light design and aside from the main compartment for your drone, it also has some additional pockets throughout for storing accessories like batteries, chargers, propellers, and controllers. Though it was designed with the DJI Phantom series in mind, it can accommodate similarly sized drones from other companies just as well. The bag measures 18.9" x 14.5" x 8.3" and is available in black.

TOZO Antenna Signal Range Booster

If you feel like your drone could use a little more range than what it offers out of the box, consider going with the TOZO Antenna Signal Range Booster. The affordable device can easily be added to the controller of your favorite drones. The boosters (there are two in a pack) use foil copper to take the signal from the antennas on your controller and beam them farther than the signal would usually go.

TOZO doesn't say exactly how much extra range you can expect from the boosters, but they do say that they “significantly increase” the connection between your controller and drone. According to the company, you won’t need any additional tools or modifications to get the signal boosters up and running.

CamKix Landing Gear Extenders

CamKix Landing Gear Extenders are designed for one thing: to make the flying and landing experience on your DJI Phantom 4 (or other DJI Phantom drone with the same size specifications) a bit safer. The extenders are essentially stabilizers that connect to the bottom of your drone. When the drone is on the ground, the extenders are designed to keep your it safe and maintain the health of your drone’s legs. When it’s flying, the drone will benefit from improved stability and far less rocking which should ultimately provide for a smoother overall experience. CamKix’s Landing Gear Extenders also protect your camera and gimbal from damage from impact or dust and debris from the ground. It’s a win-win.

Neewer Filter Kit

If you’d like to change the camera experience on your DJI drone, the Neewer Filter Kit is the way to go. The kit includes six different filters that can attach to the camera on your drone to create a variety of effects. Some of the filters will brighten the photos and videos you capture from your drone, while others will make them significantly darker. Depending on the look you’re going for, the filters should help you get the job done.

In order to use the Neewer Filter Kit, however, you’ll need to remove the stock filter on your drone, so beware of that requirement and how to do it before you move forward with a new filter. FYI the filters are surprisingly affordable, so you may want to pick up a set for yourself and a friend.

DJI Genuine Props

There are many ways your drone's flight can go awry. You may hit something mid-flight or take a wrong turn landing and damage your device. But that’s precisely where the DJI Genuine Props come in.

The props are essentially replacements for the props that come with your drone. So, if you somehow damage the ones your drone came with or they simply erode over time, you can install these to get your device back to working the way it should. The DJI Genuine Props come in two pairs, so you should be able to fully replace the props on your drone one time around with your purchase. Be aware, however, that the props only work on DJI drones.

SummitLink Prop Guards

If you’re concerned about the propellers on your drone and don’t want to buy new ones, consider the SummitLink Prop Guards. As their name might suggest, the guards are designed to attach to the propellers on your drone. Once installed, they’ll absorb any impact or damage that might occur if you bump into hard objects like trees, walls, roofs, or other obstacles. The props are designed for Phantom 1, 2, and 3 drones and are quick to install as they don't require any tools. Their pop-on, pop-off design also means they're easy to detach and pack away in a case for easy transport. They measure 10" x 6" x 2" and weigh 4.2 ounces. The one downside is that the added weight can slightly reduce your battery and flying time, but we'd say it's well worth it considering they can protect your device from major damage.

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