The 21 Best Dog Memes

funny brown dog laying on its back

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There's a lot of truth to the old saying about dogs being man's best friend. Funny dog pictures are right up there with funny cat pictures in terms of internet popularity, and dog memes are more prevalent now than they ever have been before. 

What Do Dog Memes Mean

Dog memes can mean a lot of different things. They can make you laugh, invoke a feeling of sadness or melancholy, and a sudden urge to call your dog over for some head pats, or boops, in the language of dog memes, is a common side effect.

How Are Dog Memes Used?

Some dog memes are simply used to get a laugh, while others are used as reaction images. When used as a reaction image, a dog meme will usually compare the behavior, or state of mind, of a dog with that of the user. Dog memes are also a celebration of dogs in general.

Examples of Dog Memes

Example #1

Image: A stoic dog with spaghetti on its head.

Text: "arms weak, paws are sweaty, masters home, hair spaghetti"

Meaning: This is a variation on the Mom's spaghetti meme, which is derived from Eminem's song Lose Yourself. The lyrics are twisted slightly to reflect the thoughts of a dog whose master has arrived home to find spaghetti on his head. This meme could be used to convey the feeling of having been caught red-handed.

Example #2

Image: A dog bursting through a wall.

Text: "When you hear her calling someone else a good boy."

Meaning: The dog was so overwhelmed by his master praising another dog that he broke through the wall. The term good boy is commonly used in dog memes to refer to all dogs because all dogs are good boys. This meme could be used to convey the feeling of jealousy when a significant other pays attention to someone else.

Example #3

Image: A wild-eyed dog with its tongue extended to cover its nose.

Text: "When you're only allowed two borks a day, but you accidentally bork a third time and overdose into maximum borkdrive."

Meaning: In the world of dog memes, bork means bark. So the dog is limited to barking only twice each day, but he barks a third time and is no longer able to control himself. In addition to being funny on its own, a meme like this could be used to convey a state of uncontrolled excitement or agitation.

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Don't Worry, Doggo, You Got This

Hair spaghetti dog meme

Hold perfectly still, and nobody will be able to tell that isn't your real hair.

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Where We're Going, Good Boys Don't Need Doors

Dog running through wall meme

Good boys totally Kool-Aid Man their way through walls, right? This is fine.

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When You Have No Mouth, and You Must Bork

Borkdrive meme


What's a few extra borks between friends?

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That's a Nice Collections of Corgos You Have There

Dog mocked by stuffed animals meme

 Never talk to me or my son or my other son ever again.

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When You Finally Figure out This Whole Climbing Thing

Dog bought you a drink across the bar meme

And you hear the back door open.

Just act natural, and nobody has to get in trouble. Only us good boys out here.

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Interview Over

Dog in interview meme

You're hired, doggo. Can you start on Monday?

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Look at This Rebel

Dog on keep off sign meme

They asked him, "What are you rebelling against?"

He answered, "How do I get down from here this is terrifying."

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Not Sure That's How It Works, but We'll Allow It.

Puppy biting laptop meme

Running disk cleanup would probably be more effective, though.

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Hello, Dog

Headset on dog meme


This is phone. 

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Hello, Water Dog

Seal, water dog and dog meme


 Not sure where this is going.

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Nine Weeks Later

Dog as a seal meme

Oh, that's where it was going.

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Who Is Going to Tell Him He Can Just Look out the Window?

Grumpy dog meme

Dear Dog,

I can't use my door when it is full of your face.

Sincerely, Cat.

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Best Friends Forever

Little girl and dog poop meme

Don't tell mom.

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What a Weird Coincidence

Dog with hamburger meme

My spirit animal is a hamburger that's being eaten by a small dog.

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No, That's Okay

Ghost dog meme

 We totally didn't want to sleep ever again. Don't worry about it.

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What Did You Expect?

Sleeping dog meme

This is what happens when you buy the cheap batteries from the dollar store.

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Careful, Boat Dog, Remember What Happened With Your Buddy and Water Dog

Dolphin and dogs meme

That path only leads to heartbreak.

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When You Suddenly Become a Long Boy in the Middle of Your Zooms

Two huskies, I forgot how to dog meme

Don't worry, it'll come back. It's just like riding a bike, right?

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So Close to Getting This Figured Out

Dog walking on back legs meme

So maybe this whole dog thing is actually harder than it seems.

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Please Send Help

Dogs on doghouse meme

In their defense, that's clearly an igloo. Who expects three smol puppers to figure out an igloo?

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Finally, This Doggo Has It Figured Out

Winter is coming dog meme

Not exactly sure what he has figured out, but there's clearly something going on there.