The 8 Best Disney Games for Kids on Google Mini

Great games to adventure with your favorite Disney characters

Sometimes parents just need a break. If you have a Google Home or Google Home Mini, you've got a Disney-powered surprise just waiting for your kids. Here are the best Google Mini games and activities for your little ones to play with their favorite Disney characters.

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Mickey Mouse Magic Show: The Mouse who Started it All

What We Like
  • Provides simple either-or choices for kids.

  • Excellent voice work, easily recognizable as Mickey.

What We Don't Like
  • It's a simple structure that won't be very interesting to kids beyond kindergarten.

Mickey Mouse is one of the first characters that kids learn to recognize. Your younger kids will be delighted to help Mickey make it to his magic show as they make choices about transportation and assist in his magic tricks!

Ready to help Mickey make it to his show? Say "Hey Google, play Mickey Mouse Magic Show!"

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Belle's Castle Adventure: Help Your Favorite Bookworm Princess

What We Like
  • Areas are interesting, including the ballroom, stables, and a mildly spooky tower.

  • Belle is encouraging and adventurous, just like little princesses expect her to be.

What We Don't Like
  • It's a simple game aimed at younger kids, so older Belle fans will likely get bored.

Belle has lost her books! This is unacceptable, so your little ones will help Belle explore the castle and use clues to locate her precious books.

If Belle is your little one's favorite princess just say "Hey Google, play Belle's Castle Adventure!"

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Star Wars Trivia: May the Force Be With You

What We Like
  • Questions are all movie-based, so you don't have to be a cannon fanatic to play.

  • Starts with Episode IV: A New Hope and then moves through the films.

  • Questions are challenging enough for adults to play along and have fun.

What We Don't Like
  • If you have a younger kid who is more into the cartoons like Clone Wars then they probably aren't ready for this game quite yet.

Disney isn't just about princesses and mice. Is your kiddo an aspiring Padawan? Try Star Wars Trivia to see how well they know the movies!

Ready to take on the Dark Side? Say "Hey Google, play Star Wars Trivia!"

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Toy Story Freeze Dance: Groove Along with the Toys

What We Like
  • This game encourages physical activity and creativity.

  • Lots of replay value, as moves can be made up differently each time.

What We Don't Like
  • Not much of a penalty for not freezing.

With Toy Story's universal appeal, this one is a sure hit with kiddos. Woody and friends will call out dance moves like "Do the Dinosaur!" and you can dance along however you please. But watch out, when Sarge yells "Freeze!" you better stop before Andy comes!

Ready to get your groove on with Andy's favorite toys? Say "Hey Google, play Toy Story Freeze Dance!"

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Disney Princess: Adventure or Read with Royalty

What We Like
  • With five princesses to choose from, there's lots of replay value.

  • The option to hear a story is a nice quiet time activity, requiring less feedback from the listener than the adventures.

What We Don't Like
  • Some of the voices for princesses are more accurate than others, but they're all reasonable enough that your little princess probably won't protest.

Disney Princess lets you choose from five princesses: Belle, Ariel, Tiana, Jasmine, or Cinderella. Once you've picked the princess you want to talk to she'll offer to take you on an adventure, or read you a story.

Ready for some time with royalty? Say "Hey Google, play Disney Princess!"

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Cars Adventure: Cruise Radiator Springs with Lightning McQueen

What We Like
  • Characters throw in fun moments from the movie, like Frank the combine harvester.

  • Includes characters from Cars 3.

What We Don't Like
  • The race at the end isn't as exciting as it could be.

Lightning and Mater are playing "drive and seek" with their friends, asking you where to go to search next. Players will choose directions and locations, finding the residents of Radiator Springs before heading out for a race.

Ready to hit the road? Say "Hey Google, play Cars Adventure!"

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Maui's Music Game: Adventure with Maui...You're Welcome!

What We Like
  • Maui is full of personality, encouraging kids to make funny faces and play along.

What We Don't Like
  • Some of the songs seem to be recorded by someone else, not from the movie soundtrack, but they're pretty close.

Maui, in all his confident glory, will take your kiddos exploring around the islands. Their search will end with the chance to listen to shells to discover songs from the movie, Moana.

Is the ocean calling you? Say "Hey Google, play Maui's Music Game!" You're welcome!

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Mickey Mouse Space and Sea: Adventure with the Main Mouse

What We Like
  • Guides players to help invent a fun story.

  • Decision-based and simple to play for young kids.

What We Don't Like
  • Limited choices mean limited replay value.

Need a little more time with Mickey? He's ready to help you explore the ocean or outer space, complete with mermaids, treasure, aliens, and new planets!

Ready to help Mickey dive in the ocean or launch off in a rocket? Say "Hey Google, play Mickey Mouse Space and Sea!"

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