Best Portable Devices for a Long Plane Flight

Leaving on a jet plane? Take these devices with you

If you're filled with dread at the prospect of a long plane flight, wondering how you're going to fill the hours entertaining yourself or your kids, don't panic. Pack a few portable electronic devices and keep everyone occupied and happy. Here are six devices guaranteed to make your extended plane trip bearable and even fun.

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Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Noise canceling headphones, which can make a plane ride more bearable
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Noise-canceling headphones are a simple yet classic solution to filling long hours on a plane, especially for people who have trouble sleeping during a flight. There are many options to choose from, so try them out and find what's comfortable for you in terms of fit, style, sound, and price. For great sound and comfort, consider the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 or read up on great noise-canceling headphones for less than $100.

Consider noise-canceling earbuds if you're not a fan of headphones.

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MP3 Player

Girl enjoying a song on an MP3 player while on a flight
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Affordable and reliable MP3 players offer plenty of listening enjoyment in a tiny package. They also tend to have great battery life, which is a must for travel. While you may typically use a smartphone to listen to music, using a dedicated MP3 player during a long flight saves your phone's battery life for more important functions, such as checking connecting flight info or arranging hotels and rides. Consider the Sony NWE395/B 16GB Walkman MP3 Player or another affordable and portable option.

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Amazon Fire tablet, great for watching movies on a plane

Bring along a tablet and listen to music, read, watch movies, and more. Top contenders include Apple's iPad and Amazon's Kindle Fire line.

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E-Book Reader

Young woman using ebook reader on a plane
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Immerse yourself in a good book using an e-book reader, such as the ​Kobo, Nook, or Amazon's Kindle. E-book readers are lightweight, letting you pack as many books as you want without worrying about weight and space limitations. Unlike tablets, e-book readers are specially designed to be easier on the eyes. Some, like Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite, have a variety of brightness settings.

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Portable Gaming Systems

Nintendo 3DS XL portable gaming system, great for bringing on a plane

Gone are the days when being a gamer meant having to buy an expensive and powerful computer or a console to plug into your TV. These days, there are plenty of excellent portable gaming systems to take on the go. For hard-core or casual gamers, devices such as the Nintendo 3DS and Sony PS Vita are a must-have for long flights.

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Portable Chargers

Plugging in portable battery, a necessary tool for a long flight
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To keep all your electronic gadgets running throughout a long flight, consider a portable charger. Many of the most popular and best portable chargers are USB devices. These usually are on the smaller side so they can easily come along with you in a pocket or purse and extend your phone’s battery life.