The 8 Best Dedicated Server Hosting Providers of 2020

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The Rundown
  • Best Overall: HostGator, "A dedicated server host that strikes a fantastic balance between cost and performance."
  • Best Budget: Bluehost, "Provides a series of dedicated hosting options, all of which are simple and won’t totally blow your budget."
  • Best Batteries Included: DreamHost, "The most complete hosting service you can hope for with a dedicated server."
  • Best for Windows: GoDaddy, "A solid option for Linux, and you won’t find their plans lacking, but it really shines as a Windows host."
  • Best Managed: A2 Hosting, "A wonderful option for entrepreneurs and anyone that wants to focus on things other than server maintenance."
  • Best Complete Web Hosting Package: Liquid Web, "Comes with the most complete set of tools for hosting websites."
  • Best for Hardware Customization: 1and1 Ionos, "The widest range of options and the most cutting-edge components."
  • Best No-Nonsense Solution: SiteGround, "A great service to get your projects online with as little hassle as possible."

Best Overall: HostGator


 Courtesy of HostGator


It’s hard to do it all, which is why it's so remarkable that Hostgator excels both as a general web host and also takes our top pick for the best overall dedicated server hosting provider.

With Hostgator, you get a dedicated server host that not only strikes a fantastic balance between cost and performance; it empowers you with enough choice to configure your dedicated server the way you like, and custom equip it for whichever applications you want to host.

Hostgator lets you choose between a few plans, all of which offer a fair amount of performance for the price. In addition to that, it affords you a choice between several popular Linux distributions and Windows for your server, providing a fantastic level of flexibility. Every server plan comes with several key features, like cPanel or Plesk management, Root access, DDOS protection, and RAID-1 hard drive configuration to prevent data loss.

Hostgator is an excellent option for nearly every situation that calls for a dedicated server, making it our top overall pick.

Best Budget Option: Bluehost


 Courtesy of Bluehost


Dedicated hosting can be costly, and if you’re just getting started or you know your application isn’t going to need that much power, paying for a higher-end plan just doesn’t make much sense. Bluehost provides a series of dedicated hosting options, all of which are simple and won’t totally blow your budget.

With Bluehost, you’ll get just the right amount of processing power and RAM to get your application off the ground. If you need to scale up, you can always take advantage of Bluehost’s multi-server management tools to control your infrastructure across multiple dedicated servers.

Bluehost also comes equipped with convenient management tools, like cPanel, to help you keep everything running without the need to dig too deep into the technical details. They do provide SSH (Secure Shell) access, though, so when you want to handle something the old-fashioned way, you’re free to do so.

This service is mostly geared toward websites, with multiple IP addresses, based on your plan, and a free SSL certificate, to secure your connections. Bluehost gives you enough bandwidth to handle a decent amount of web traffic with all of their plans, and the amount of memory available is also a perfect fit for hosting sites.

Bluehost is an imperfect service that has some issues with pricing and service level at the low end of the shared hosting scale, but don't let that scare you away from their higher end products.

Best Batteries Included: DreamHost


 Courtesy of DreamHost

DreamHost is one of the higher priced services on this list, but it comes brimming with extras and convenient features. When you choose DreamHost, you’re getting the most complete hosting service you can hope for with a dedicated server.

DreamHost’s plans come with everything you could need, already set up, configured, and ready to go. There’s not a ton of choice in what comes with your server, because it comes with everything. All of DreamHost’s dedicated plans run on Ubuntu Linux. They have RAID-1 drives, unlimited bandwidth, SSH and root access, DDOS protection, and a full-featured management panel.

DreamHost is also a dream come true for developers. With popular web languages PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor), Python, and Ruby already configured and ready to go. You won’t just find these popular languages installed, they’re set up in optimal configurations that developers actually use. PHP is sped up with OPcache. Ruby is installed and managed via RVM (Ruby Version Manager). DreamHost even supplies a turn-key Node.js setup.

It's true that you can expect to pay a premium to use DreamHost as your dedicated server host, but you get a massive timesaver in return in the form of a ready-to-use server installation.

Best for Windows: GoDaddy


 Courtesy of GoDaddy


GoDaddy is one of the best-known names in the web hosting world. Even though they tend to focus more on shared hosting and smaller sites, their dedicated server offerings are more than respectable. GoDaddy has a series of plans with varying degrees of server power to fit your application’s needs, and their line of Windows dedicated servers are especially worth a look.

GoDaddy’s plan pricing is reasonable, and their servers come with enough extras, like the fantastic Odin Plesk control panel, Intel Xeon processors, MS SQL, and disk mirroring to make the packages complete. You also get unlimited bandwidth and three IP addresses with their managed and fully managed plans.

While most hosting services treat Windows as a second-class citizen or don’t offer it at all, GoDaddy puts Windows on equal footing with Linux. They offer both Windows Server 2012 and the 2008 version.

GoDaddy is a solid option for Linux, and you won’t find their plans lacking, but it really shines as a Windows host because of the amount of attention they’ve paid to make sure you have access to all the features you could want on both operating systems.

Best Managed: A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting

 Courtesy of A2 Hosting


Not everyone has the time or technical know-how to run their own servers. If you’re not a developer or system administrator with experience working with the Linux command line, or you just have more important things to do, we recommend A2 Hosting's managed dedicated servers. With these fully-managed solution, A2 handles everything for you.

A2 Hosting comes complete with industry-standard servers, and graphical management tools to let you upload your projects and applications. With A2, you’ll receive a dedicated IP address for your server and a free SSL certificate to secure it.  

Choosing managed servers essentially gives you your own IT department that you don’t need to pay or manage. A2’s staff will keep your server updated and fix any security problems that may arise. They’ll ensure that everything is configured and running properly at all times. When you choose managed hosting, you’re free to focus on your application.

If you are a developer or you’d like to be able to access and modify your server every so often, A2 does offer an unmanaged plan directed towards developers that comes with nearly all the benefits of their other offerings, but without the management service.

With A2 Hosting, you can have your cake and eat it too. Their Core plan is fully managed, but it also grants you full root access to the server, meaning you can modify anything at any time.

This is a wonderful option for entrepreneurs and anyone that wants to focus on things other than server maintenance.

Best Complete Web Hosting Package: Liquid Web

Liquid Web

 Courtesy of Liquid Web

There are a lot of reasons why you’d want a dedicated server. People and businesses run all sorts of web-based applications, but the website still reigns supreme. Liquid Web’s package comes with the most complete set of tools for hosting websites of any of the entries on this list, which is why they are our top pick for the most complete dedicated server web hosting package.

To get things off on the right foot, Liquid Web gives you cPanel and WHM with every server. You’ll also receive a dedicated IP address, root access, and DDOS protection.

Liquid Web does do something different, though. They provide a backup server at no extra charge. They also give you access to CloudFlare CDN, which is essential when you’re hosting even a moderate volume site.

Liquid Web also affords a fair amount of choice in your server setup. They offer a range of packages with different server resources and bundled services. You shouldn’t have a hard time finding one that fits your needs. You also have a choice between three different Linux distributions and Windows for your server’s operating system. On top of all that, you can choose varying levels of server management, depending on the rest of your server configuration.

Liquid Web isn’t the cheapest option, but you’ll get plenty of extras to make the cost worthwhile, and you’re guaranteed to have a great platform to host your site.

Best for Hardware Customization: 1&1 Ionos


 Courtesy of 1and1

Do you want a wide range of options for the hardware that powers your dedicated server? If that sounds like your ideal hosting situation, 1&1’s Ionos' dedicated servers are probably for you. They offer what is easily the widest range of server configurations for your dedicated server, which is why they're our top pick for the best dedicated server hardware customization.

1&1’s server options are broken down by hard drive type. You have a selection of servers using traditional disk-based hard drives (HDD), solid-state drives (SSD), and ultra-fast PCI-E based solid-state drives (NVM-e). Each one has a whole list of possible server configurations. You can choose the right amount of CPU cores and RAM for your server, no matter what you need for your application.

1&1 also boasts some of the most current CPUs with DDR4 RAM, which are both factors guaranteed to show a boost in performance over previous hardware generations. As long as other providers keep using older hardware, you’ll definitely have an advantage with the latest and greatest from 1&1.

For developers and anyone looking for a freer form approach to running their servers, 1&1 doesn’t bill monthly. Instead, they bill by the hour. So, if you want to test a configuration or an app, you can spin up a server and only pay for the time you use.

If you want to make sure that your hardware perfectly fits the applications running on it, consider 1&1 for the widest range of options and the most cutting-edge components.

Best No-Nonsense Solution: SiteGround


 Courtesy of SiteGround


Like with anything in the tech world, you’ll hear a lot of buzzwords and superfluous features that are thrown around when you’re looking for dedicated server hosting. If you want to cut right to the point and get a dedicated server that does everything you need, and is set up and ready to use without a lot of hassle, look at SiteGround.

SiteGround’s plans are straightforward and come packed with useful features, especially for hosting websites. Each server comes with WHM and cPanel, SSH access, a dedicated IP, and your choice of a web server. You’ll also get CloudFlare CDN at no additional cost.  

You can choose to have your server automatically set up for WordPress, Joomla!, or Magento. Since these are among the most popular web applications, there’s a decent chance you can get your server up and running directly without any need for additional configuration.

If you’re looking to build something yourself, SiteGround’s servers come with your choice of MySQL or PortgreSQL databases. Then, you can pick between five available versions of PHP. With those options alone, you shouldn’t feel restricted in designing your applications. If you’d rather work with something like Ruby, Python, or Node.js, you won’t have a hard time getting set up on SiteGround’s CentOS servers.

SiteGround is a great service to get your projects online with as little hassle as possible.

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