15 of the Best Dancing Hot Dog Memes

Dancing hot dog memes can be traced back to a Snapchat filter that was released in 2017. The filter allowed users to superimpose a dancing hot dog over videos and pictures taken with the Snapchat app. This was amusing enough on its own, but the dancing hot dog character was quickly incorporated into a wide variety of memes. 

Dancing hot dog
Lifewire / Colleen Tighe

Where Did Dancing Hot Dog Memes Come From?

The first known appearance of the dancing hot dog character online was a Youtube video posted on June 23rd, 2017. The video featured the hot dog character dancing on a man's hand as he pierced someone's nose.

Another early appearance came in the form of an Instagram video of the character dancing on the nose of a sleeping cat.

Although the dancing hot dog filter was removed from Snapchat a few months later, the character lives on in meme form.

Examples of Dancing Hot Dog Memes

Example #1
 A person in a hot dog costume with the dancing hot dog on their hand.
Text line one: Don't ever talk to me or my son ever again.
Meaning: This is an example of a series of memes that typically includes a large person, character, or object with a smaller version of the same thing, and the text, "Don't ever talk to me or my son again." The so-called son is often a photoshopped version of the parent, but in this case, it's a person in a hot dog costume and the dancing hot dog.

Example #2
 The dancing hot dog holding up a defeated Goku by his shirt.
Text line one: This hot dog has gotten too powerful.
Meaning: This is a joke based on the power creep problems in the Dragon Ball manga and anime series. Goku is tremendously powerful, so if the dancing hot dog beat him, it has clearly gone even further beyond.

Example #3
 The dancing hot dog in the background with a cross made of hot dogs in the foreground.
Text line one: The power of Christ compels you.
Meaning: This, and many other dancing hot dog memes, riff on the idea that the dancing hot dog is really there and actually real. This would, no doubt, be terrifying, so people respond in kind.

For even more examples, including links to the originals, check out our full list of the 15 funniest dancing hot dog memes:

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No Problem

Woman in hot dog costume


Just backing away very slowly. 

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Is This From Dragon Ball Super?

Hot dog dragonball z meme


I'm behind. No spoilers. 

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Finally Some Protection

Dancing hot dog the power of christ compels you meme


The light, it burns.

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It Didn't Work

leave my family alone, knife and hot dog meme


This is getting too real. 

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I Love You, Dancing Hot Dog, You're My Best Friend

Bill Clinton and hot dog meme at a bar


This is how you tell when you've had too much to drink.

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We All Float Down Here

Dancing hot dog meme in a pool


 This is quickly changing from funny to terrifying.

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Too Strong

I am you but stronger hot dog meme


Please nerf. 

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Need a Fresh New Look for the Summer?

Steal his look hot dog and donald trump

Know Your Meme

Dancing hot dog has you covered. 

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Guy Fieri

Guy Fieri eating dancing hot dog


Devourer of worlds. 

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You're Winning Me Over, Dancing Hot Dog

Dancing hot dog dance competition meme


But most important, he a real good snac

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When You Don't Have a Crew

My crew hot dog meme


Snapchat filters to the rescue. 

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This Is Getting Too Real Again

Expectation vs reality hot dog meme


 Last time I ever order a dancing hot dog online.

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Stop Shaming Hot Dogs

Real vs fake photoshop hot dog meme


 No. Stop. Too Real.

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No Jury Would Ever Convict

Murdering the hot dog meme on staircase


Sorry dancing hot dog, it had to be this way.

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Asking the Important Questions

Do you think god lives in heaven because he fears what he's created on earth hot dog meme


It's pretty clear at this point that the internet was a mistake, right?