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Cloud storage and selective file sharing

The US government shut down in early 2012. Accused of racketeering and various other crimes, the Megaupload site was a major tool for file sharers who wished to distribute their large digital files to friends. In the wake of the shutdown, there are some online storage sites that offer similar services. For as long as they last, here are cyberlocker sites that are worth trying, if you plan on storing sharing large files online... 

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Like other cyberlocker services, you can choose to pay a nominal fee each month for more storage space and features. But if you choose to stay with the free FilesAnywhere account, you do get 1 GB storage space. You can also send email notifiers to the people whom you wish to share with.

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Dropbox is perhaps the most 'luxurious' of cyberlocker services. This website integrates directly into your PC file folder system, so your cloud storage appears as if it were a regular folder on your desktop computer. You can drag-and-drop files, copy-paste, and all the regular file management routines... it just takes 10 minutes for it to sync and transfer with the cloud hard drive. You get 2GB maximum hard drive storage space (but can get more if you convince your friends to join), and you can easily transfer files to your friends without having to log to a website. Definitely, try Dropbox to see how convenient online file management can be...

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While the price is right, you will have to wait for upload and download queues, and your files only live for 30 days before they are removed. There is also a daily limit of 5 gigs per day downloading. But you don't have to log in, and the download speeds are consistent and rapid.

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Mediafire has no limits on bandwidth, downloads, total disk space used, and you don't have to log in if you don't want to. Unfortunately, individual files must be 200MB or smaller. If you are looking to share files that are smaller than movie-sized, then do consider

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