The 7 Best Custom Kodi Skins

Personalize your viewing experience

Best Kodi Leia Skins

Having the right Kodi skin with a solid layout can make all the difference between having a positive media experience and total frustration. These Kodi skins can help make watching your media easier and look great in the process.

Installing a skin on Kodi is extremely simple. From the Kodi home page, select Add ons > Download > Look and feel > Skin. You'll see a long list of available skins, which you can download and install like any other Kodi add-on.

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Aeon Nox Silvo

Aeon Nox Silvo Kodi Skin
What We Like
  • Simple navigation

  • Clean interface

  • Customization options

What We Don't Like
  • No background images by default

  • Finding add-ons could be simpler

Aeon Nox has been a popular theme for quite a while. The Silvo variant is the latest iteration that supports Kodi 18 Leia. In addition to Leia support, Aeon Nox Silvo includes a few additional enhancements and tweaks.

Aeon Nox Silvo looks and feels somewhat similar to the previous default Kodi theme, but enhanced. Aeon Nox offers more customization than the default. It also moves system tasks out of the way and replaces them with more media categories and options in the home screen.

Aeon Nox Silvo is an excellent option for nearly any screen size or setup. The interface is free from clutter, and it’s simple to navigate with a mouse and keyboard or remote.

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Amber Kodi Skin
What We Like
  • Visually appealing

  • Simple to navigate

  • Great layouts

What We Don't Like
  • Takes time to customize

Amber is another more traditional theme based on older Kodi designs, featuring a ribbon of options to scroll through and locate your media. In fact, Amber features multiple different ways to lay out your media, making it extremely simple to navigate.

The skin makes excellent use of the media related to your library, like screenshot and album art, to create a visually appealing experience. You can adjust sizes, positioning, and layouts to tailor your media display, and see the information you want about your library.

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Pellucid Kodi Skin
What We Like
  • Minimal design

  • Crisp visuals

  • Easy navigation

What We Don't Like
  • May hide too much by default

Pellucid is a departure from the norm. It’s beautifully minimal and puts your library front and center. With Pellucid, most of the screen motion, extra animation, and large graphics are removed in favor of a simple menu on one screen, highlighted by a large background image.

Add-ons, programs, and system settings are conveniently stored under one menu in Pellucid. It displays your options in a grid, and you can quickly pick what you need. That’s not to say it doesn’t look good. The layout is well designed and features smooth minimal animations to spice things up.

Pellucid is another great option on just about any screen. In fact, its more minimal layout makes it an excellent option for smaller devices.

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Box Kodi Skin
What We Like
  • Simple navigation

  • Great customization options

  • Convenient layout

What We Don't Like
  • Really plain by default

Box takes a more minimal approach by condensing your library options to one area of your screen. It relies on a tiled layout to make efficient use of that screen space and position library options in a convenient way.

By default, Box offers three media screens for music, movies, and TV, but it can be customized. You can cycle thorough them by moving from side to side using your mouse, keyboard, or remote. The fourth screen is occupied by settings and add-ons. The default Box configuration is rather plain. There are no background images, and the library screens look incomplete and empty. When you start customizing and add in your library, things get much livelier.

Box is another great option on all screens. It makes efficient use of screen space and offers multiple ways to navigate.

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Eminence Kodi Skin
What We Like
  • Simple one screen layout

  • Quick navigation

  • Direct layout

What We Don't Like
  • Clumsy settings menu

Eminence takes a different approach than plenty of other skins. It keeps all of your options on the same screen in one sleek menu bar. Simply select the type of media you want and go from there. Eminence also puts the options for your system settings and program add-ons front-and-center to make it as easy as possible to play your library.

While most of the controls and options in Eminence are simple and direct, the settings menu isn’t great. The user experience could use some work to make some settings more accessible. Managing add-ons is a great example where the settings section falls short.

That all said, Eminence makes a browsing and watching your media a breeze, and it’s a great option on medium and large screens.

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Revolve Kodi Skin
What We Like
  • Quick and responsive

  • Easy to find everything

  • Simple navigation

What We Don't Like
  • Mouse doesn't really work

Revolve takes a radically different approach to a Kodi. With this skin, your menu literally revolves around a circle to the left of the screen. It may sound awkward, but navigation is actually smooth and snappy.

Revolve is designed to be used with a keyboard or remote, rather than a mouse. With either method, you can zip thorough your media library, moving easily through each level of navigation. It’s an unusual layout, but it’s surprisingly effective.

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fTV Kodi Skin
What We Like
  • Familiar layout

  • Super simple navigation

  • Great media integration

What We Don't Like
  • No mouse support

  • Really plain without a library

fTV may not be much like the default Kodi layout, but it should still look familiar. With fTV, you get a layout clearly inspired by previous Netflix designs, giving it a look and feel anyone who uses streaming services should feel at home in.

Like the popular streaming platform, each category unfolds into a series of rows in the right portion of the screen. Each row represents a different way to sort and categorize your media. Moving around in fTV is dead simple, and you shouldn’t have any trouble adapting.

There is one catch. fTV doesn’t work with a mouse, at all. It actually gives you a warning telling you to disable your mouse, should you try to use it. As a result, fTV is best suited for media PCs that you’ll control with a remote or Bluetooth keyboard.