The 5 Best Curved TVs of 2019

Say goodbye to the old and boring flat-screen TVs

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Curved TVs haven't quite caught on yet in the marketplace, but there are some definite benefits to having one in your living room. The improved immersion into a movie or program, an enhanced sense of depth through a uniquely different visual perception and a wider field of view are just a few of the reasons why owning a curved TV should be on your radar. And, ultimately, curved TVs just look cooler. Not sure where to start when it comes to shopping for one? Take a look at our list of the best curved TVs to find the perfect one for your home.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Samsung 55-Inch UN65KS9500

Samsung 55-Inch UN65KS9500
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Featuring Samsung’s quantum dot color drive and more than a billion colors for a lifelike picture, Samsung’s 55-inch UN65KS9500 is a gorgeous television. Samsung steps up picture quality with additional features such as Triple Black Technology (this makes for some of the best black color reproduction available today) and HDR 1000, which offers a contrast and vivid picture the way Hollywood intended. Add in Samsung’s smart TV functionality and the Smart View app for your smartphone and there’s a slew of options beyond your cable provider.

Beyond smart features, SUHD provides an opportunity to remaster or upscale 720 or 1080p picture quality to analyze the brightness of the existing video and play it back with optimal contrast for the best possible viewing experience. 

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Best Budget: Samsung 49-Inch UN49KU6500

Samsung 49-Inch UN49KU6500
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Don’t let its budget price tag fool you, Samsung’s 49-inch UN49KU6500 curved 4K Ultra HD smart LED TV is an excellent option. While curved TVs typically offer outstanding wide-view angles, the Samsung does degrade a little in the corners (which reflects its budget-friendly price tag), but still far outpaces the wide-viewing of flat TVs.

For the best performance, you’ll want to place it in a dark room because of its high contrast and great black color reproduction. The inclusion of high-dynamic range (HDR) offers better picture depth and color reproduction for an even more enhanced viewing experience. There are a slew of smart features here, too, including Wi-Fi Samsung’s built-in Smart Hub for access to live TV, streaming sources such Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu and YouTube. Beyond its smart features, the Samsung offers an upscaling picture engine for upgrading older programming to near ultra-high-definition for more detail and optimized picture quality. 

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Best Value: Samsung UN65JU6700

Samsung UN65JU6700
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There’s budget and then there’s value, with the latter being a combination of price, features and picture quality. Fortunately, the Samsung UN65JU6700 is the best combination of the three with its curved 65-inch Ultra HD 4K smart LED display. Featuring a panoramic experience that’s good from every angle, Samsung’s Smart TV offers unique picture-boosting features such as PurColor and UHD dimming, which helps make the overall picture experience both vibrant and crisp. The 3840 x 2160 4K resolution helps offer true-to-life image quality with four times the resolution of Full HD that offers lifelike image detail.

Samsung’s Smart TV function includes a wireless connection to your Samsung Galaxy smartphone for additional streaming and content sharing all navigated from an intuitive remote control. Additionally, there’s plenty of live TV, video on demand, streaming sources, various apps and social media connectivity options all within the easy-to-browse navigation-friendly experience.

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Best Smart Functionality: Samsung UN55KU6600

Samsung UN55KU6600
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Samsung’s line of curved TVs are industry leading for good reason and the UN55KU6600 helps continue that trend with a combination of great pricing and smart features. Featuring 4K UHD content directly from Amazon video, the 120Hz motion rate is designed with gamers in mind for low input lag offering an excellent overall gaming experience. Beyond input lag, Samsung’s Smart Hub-connected HDTV system offers bright and colorful tiles across the bottom of the television with included apps such as Amazon Instant Video, Netflix and YouTube. Additionally, there are local news stations, the WWE network and various sports leagues’ streaming services alongside the bevy of games Samsung has included.

The curved television excels at contrast and brightness levels and color accuracy for its price point, and there's plenty of depth no matter where you sit in a room. The included remote control is a curved black wand that’s easy on the buttons with a focus on minimalism and less distraction.

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Best for Gaming: Samsung UN65KS9800

Samsung UN65KS9800
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The Samsung UN65KS9800 is a superb curved gaming television with a 4K display. The company's quantum dot color technology offers up a wide spread of colors that helps provide a lifelike picture experience. Perhaps one of the best aspects for gamers is the ability to activate a game picture mode when playing with a high dynamic resolution that allows input to remain at a manageable 30ms. This combination will please gamers who want to find the ideal combination of low input lag and HDR excellence all without sacrificing picture quality or features.

Beyond gaming, the Samsung display continues to excel with Triple Black Technology and HDR 1000 for a high contrast and vivid image that’s best-in-class at this price point. The universal remote control can make the switch from live TV to streaming on Samsung’s smart TV menu easy and painless. Add in the capability of remastering non-SUHD content utilizing Samsung’s unique intelligence picture engine and your old movies and video will play on this display with optimal contrast making it look and feel like new.

What to Look for in a Curved TV

Value - Samsung is the primary manufacturer of curved televisions, so you don’t have many choices when it comes to brands. However, the company makes a wide range of curved TVs, so it’s important to balance price, features, and quality to get the best television for your budget.

Picture quality - The quality of curved televisions can vary like any other TV you buy, but there are extra considerations to take into account with a curved display. Making sure the quality is consistent across the display and into the corners maximizes the viewing angle, one of the main benefits of a curved TV. On some of its displays, Samsung offers quantum dot color technology, which produces incredible picture quality, but at a steep price.

Smart TV features - If you’re going to use your display to stream from Netflix, Hulu, and other services, you want a TV that has those apps built in with an interface that isn’t clunky or frustrating.